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Censorship Issues Continue for Digg

It’s been almost two weeks since the latest Digg fiacso. Quick review: stories with HD-DVD encryption codes being censored, Diggers strike back by creating, posting and digging new stories with the codes, Digg’s Kevin Rose conceded.

However, it appears that Digg’s censorship issues are far from over. Rising stories are disappearing after being buried not by the community of Diggers, but by Digg employees (or, possibly, a specific algorithm targeting sites from specific URLs or types of sites). Neil Patel and Andy Hagans have seen this happening to stories that they’ve followed, as have others.

Facebook Launches Classifieds Marketplace, What Happened to Oodle?

Just days after Facebook announced a partnership with online classifieds aggregator, Oodle, the social networking site has rolled-out a seemingly different classified solution.

Facebook’s new “Marketplace” takes a lot of cues from popular classifieds site, Craigslist, and CNET took it for a test drive.

When you post a listing, you first have to select whether you’re listing something or listing that you want something. Then, within that, you can select a category (items for sale, housing, jobs, everything else) and a sub-category within that category. In the “For Sale” category, for example, it’s divided into college-student-friendly sub-categories of books, tickets, electronics, furniture, and everything else. You can add multiple photos, too.

Image via CNET 

Book Authors Turn to Video and Podcasts for Promotion

ClickZ looks at two new initiatives, designed to help book authors promote their books and get in front of more potential readers.

First, is rolling out podcasts for authors… has begun using podcasts to help promote its media property offerings, including books, music and movies, by providing free interviews with the authors and artists themselves.

Next up, Simon & Schuster is using video…

On the publishing of the business, Simon & Schuster is turning to online video spotlights of its authors to help promote new works and keep the buzz about already released books alive.

If you take a look at recent popular books, you’ll see their promotion is loaded with online interviews, blogs, podcasts, web conferences, search marketing and social marketing.

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Odeo Acquired by SonicMountain

Back in February we reported that Evan Williams had decided to sell-off podcast service Odeo, in light of the success of Twitter.

TechCrunch is now reporting that the deal is done, and Sonic Mountain has acquired the brand and technology for a sum north of $1 million.

Facebook Partners with Oodle for Classifieds

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but Facebook is about the only social network I can stand. (Aw, you saw through me. This is a shill to get you to add me as a friend on Facebook—Jordan F McCollum.)

Okay, so there was some news that brought this on. Facebook has traditionally featured few advertisements. On my alma mater’s network, there was usually an ad running in the sidebar, called a “flyer,” often placed by a student. Now they’ve made it easier for students to sell things through their site by partnering with Oodle to provide classifieds. Oodle already featured the ability categorize classifieds by college, it seems like a partnership with Facebook, which was once exclusively for college & high school students, was quite natural.

More Rumors of eBay Purchasing Stumbleupon

Tech CEO’s are a tricky bunch. Whenever asked about deals or new products, their speech is littered with words such as “no plans” or “not currently.” That’s usually enough to send journalists packing or get bloggers talking (especially this one).

So when in April eBay CEO Meg Whitman dismissed the rumors they were acquiring Stumbleupon with the statement that eBay “had nothing on the docket right now,” that pretty much killed rumors.

Well, today those same rumors surface thanks to a report by the Wall Street Journal.

EBay Inc. is in advanced talks to acquire StumbleUpon Inc…according to people familiar with the matter…the potential price for a deal is in the range of $75 million, these people say. One of the people said that no final agreement has been reached and the talks could fall apart. An eBay spokesman said the company doesn’t comment on “rumors or speculation.”