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Odeo Hopes to Avoid Dead Pool, Up for Sale

When Evan Williams bought back Odeo in October, it looked like the newly formed Obvious Corp, would keep growing the podcasting site. Since then Obvious’ other property, Twttr, has taken-off, so Williams has decided Odeo would be better off in someone else’s hands.

It seems likely Odeo is worth more to someone else than it is to us at this point, so we’re looking for a new home for it. We’ve been having some conversations with potential buyers, and this is our attempt to put the word out more widely in the most expeditious way (and without involving investment bankers and the like). If we don’t get any attractive offers, we’ll continue to run it.

Williams is open to cash or equity deals and is selling off, and all of the code etc.

Digg Threatened by New Yahoo Site?

So, Yahoo launches a new Suggestion Board format for visitors to browse suggestions submitted by users of properties such as Yahoo Autos, and it looks very similar to Digg.

Digg users get their underpants in a wad, and start screaming that the site is a blatant rip-off of Digg.

Diggers even go as far as spamming the new Yahoo Suggestion Board. (allegedly)

Meanwhile, blogger Andy Beal, suggests that Diggers accept that, unless Digg holds a patent for the “voting system”, it’s going to find more and more sites copying its format. When you get something right, others are going to copy you, it’s annoying but it’s life.

Instead of whining – appearing that you’re threatened by Yahoo’s foray into social voting – go back and think of ways to continue to innovate.

Election ’08: the Internet Campaign

We’ve already covered the PPC campaign for Election 2008. The candidates are making more headway in their Internet campaigns every day. From blogs to online video to MySpace profiles to their own social media networks, it’s clear that anyone who’s serious about the presidency in ’08 has hired someone who knows their Internet stuff.

To help us all stay on top of the developments in the Internet campaign ’08, debuted this week. Part of the Personal Democracy Forum, describes itself as a group blog:

that covers how the 2008 presidential candidates are using the web, and vice versa, how content generated by voters is affecting the campaign.

Social Networks Finding New Growth With APIs

Business Week is reporting plans by many social networking sites to open up their network to content developers, in an effort to grow their user base.

[Facebook],, LinkedIn, Friendster, and Google’s orkut are expected to…open their code to third-party developers this year as well—promising to kick off a spurt of innovation in social networking.

Virgin Mobile is among the many company’s licking their chops, at the thought of tapping into these mega-networks. Having access to an API (application program interfaces), many companies will be able to launch mashups and tools that will satisfy the growing needs of many social network members, as well as helping the networks grow their existing user numbers.

Wikipedia on Life Support; Would You Miss It?

Jason “I love SEO” Calacanis brings to light, news that Wikipedia has only enough funds to last 3-4 months. He believes that a few hard-core Wikipedians are being stubborn, by not considering advertising on the site.

I find it really ironic that a certain percentage (and I’m not gonna give percentages anymore) of the Wikipedia core team feel that they should decide for the entire Wikipedia audience the advertising policy….What happen to consensus people…80% of people would opt to see an advertisement and the vocal minority that controls Wikipedia with an iron fist/IRC channel will block it.

Thoughts? Would you be happy to have Wikipedia continue, even if it meant ignoring tolerating some ads? Would you even miss Wikipedia if it went away?

If MySpace Can Block Copyrighted Videos, Why Can’t YouTube?

MySpace has announced a partnership with Audible Magic to identify and screen uploaded videos for copyrighted content.

Audible Magic uses audio fingerprinting technology to identify the audio digital signature in any video file and then looks for matches against a database of copyrighted content.

MySpace said it maintains a database of fingerprints uploaded by content owners. The blocking of unauthorized clips is on a voluntary basis to prevent the exclusion of materials that companies want to be uploaded, such as those by a company’s marketing department.

The process of identifying the audio channel from a video clip is a lot easier than trying to match the video content.

Digg StumblesUpon a New Way to Engage Community

It seems not a day goes by that a new “Digg-clone” pops-up on the radar and everyone chastises them for copying the popular voting model.

Well, according to Business Week, Digg’s about to start copying another popular online community – StumbleUpon.

Later this year, Digg will launch a recommendation tool able to expose members to fellow Diggers who appear to have similar interests, says Rose. “Digg will be smart enough to know what interests you,” says Rose. The site will identify those with like interests in part by the previous stories they have dug and “buried”—the site’s term for voting down a story. “Theoretically, over time, you provide useful information,” says Digg Chief Executive Jay Adelson. “It makes a personal version of Digg more possible.”