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Twitter Tests But Will Tweeters Really Click to Call?

Twitter HQTwitter is getting serious. Serious about growth. Serious about ad dollars. Serious about reinventing themselves.

Driving the bus down these new roads is former YouTube executive Baljeet Singh. He’s the man who invented the skippable pre-roll ad on YouTube, so let’s all bow down and give him thanks. (I know this is a marketing blog and I should be pro-advertising but those pre-roll ads make me crazy.)

Now he’s tasked with bringing some of that YouTube revenue juice over to Twitter.  The Verge says he’ll be working on adding more video to the Twitter feed and ways of making video more discoverable. He’ll also be working to sell more Promoted Tweets with video and maybe even pre-roll video ads on every Tweeted video.

New Facebook Page Design Lets You Watch (Spy) on the Competition

Last week, Facebook rolled out a new, streamlined design for your personal Facebook news feed. Now they’re carrying those changes over to branded Pages with a few additional tweaks.

Here’s an example of the new layout:

2014 Facebook Page Design

The biggest shift is a return to the old way of doing things. It’s back to a single, top to bottom timeline column on the right side of the page. Yeah! Let me make myself clear. YEAH! The two-column option put more posts above the fold but was horribly confusing, especially when you post dated material such as events and sales. It also created a mess when you pinned or featured a post.

Pinterest Gets Transparent for the Very First Time

Pinterest warrantsFrom July to December 2013, Pinterest received 7 warrants, 5 subpoenas,  1 civil subpoena, and 12 local or federal requests for information related to a user account. Aww. . .our little social network is growing up so fast.

Pinterest just published their very first transparency report. It’s not something people like to see, but it’s actually a very positive sign of growth for the all image social network.

The bigger you are, the more chance you have of attracting negative attention, right?

The majority of local requests came in from California (4), followed by Florida (2), Utah (2), New York (1), Oregon (1), and Wisconsin (1).

In three cases, they were not allowed to inform the account owner that the request had been made. They turned over the requested information in all but one case.

Look Out Below! Facebook’s Organic Reach Plummets Toward Rock Bottom

Best guess off the top of your head – is your organic reach on Facebook half of what it was a year ago? A third? Even less? Are there days when you think you might actually hit rock bottom – or Facebook Zero?

Social@Ogilvy thinks it’s a real possibility and before you say they’re rabble-rousing, take a look at this chart:

Organic-Reach-ChartWe’re looking at a 49% decline from the peak period less than a year ago! This has nothing to do with the number of active Facebook users, it’s all coming from the changes Facebook made in the newsfeed algorithm in regard to Page posts.

I thought that was bad enough, then I read this in Social@Ogilvy’s report:

“Facebook sources were unofficially advising community managers to expect it to approach zero in the foreseeable future.”

Facebook News Feeds Get a Face Lift

(Not so) Big News! Your Facebook news feed is about to undergo yet another transformation. Are you ready for the big reveal?


Facebook Updated News Feed

Let’s play a game. What’s changed?

Frankly, not that much but it’s still visually very different. First, the page now has a light blue background which makes the left sidebar pop because it’s not widgetized. The central feed and right sidebar are made up of white boxes on the blue background. It’s a little tight for my liking. I wish they’d put more space between the two.

The big change is in the post layouts. Before, the profile icon was off to the side of the post and there were no boundary lines marking the edge of the post. The photos are larger – much larger but Facebook says this won’t change how ads are handled so there’s no need to rethink your creative.

Yahoo Says Goodbye to Facebook, Google Log-Ins and Hello to Vizify

Yahoo signinOver the past year, Yahoo has been working hard to regain their spot at the top of the internet food chain. It hasn’t been going so well but they keep trying. They created colorful new native ads and they recently began testing new options for mobile advertising. Today, they took another big step and this is one that could either make them or crush them – they decided to remove the Facebook and Google log-in options from all of their sites.

One by one, Yahoo will start requiring users to create a Yahoo ID if they want to gain entrance. This includes several Fantasy Sports games and. . . wait for it. . . Flickr. It’s as if they’re trying to drive people away!

New Report Shows Social Media Leads to Coupon Searches

Today, I am Old Mother Hubbard – my cupboard is bare. That means I must make a trip to the grocery store and since I’ve been well-trained by the two chains I visit, I’ll first visit the web to add digital coupons to my loyalty card. I do it so automatically anymore that I forget how new this concept is. A year ago, I was heading to the store with a fist full of not-so-carefully cut bits of paper. Now I click and go.

The newly released Valassis Shopper Marketing Report shows that digital couponing is a growing trend, especially with Millennials. 40% of shoppers surveyed said their coupon usage has increased over the past year. 24% said that their use of a smartphone to get deals has also increased.