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So you think you know social sharing . . .think again [Infographic]

Most content sharing occurs via social networks like Facebook and Twitter. We all know that, right. . . . ? RadiumOne says, “wrong”. They have a new infographic called “Six Myths of Social Sharing” and I have to admit, even I believe a few of the myths on the list.

For example, “most content sharing occurs via social networks”.  Here are the real facts according to RadiumOne:

RadiumOne Myths 1

Copy and paste? That blows my mind. An enormous amount of internet content comes with built in social or email sharing buttons but folks are still using Ctrl+C to share! Since the majority of these shares are coming from IOS devices, I think there’s more to this than meets the eye. (Excuse me Transformers for borrowing your slogan.) I’m thinking about how I might share a photo on Instagram. I find it on the internet. Save it to my photos then reupload through Instagram. Does that count as copy and paste?

Does your marketing gel with your social customer service team? [infographic]

Not since chocolate met peanut butter has a partnership been as important as marketing and customer service. With social media playing an increasingly important role in customer service, does your marketing team work closely with your customer service folks?

 social-customer-service-marketersVia Sentiment Metrics


Facebook strongly encourages app designers to rethink how they share

share FB photoSharing, be it on the web or a mobile device, is a good thing – until it isn’t. Games that create a social media post every time you achieve a new level, apps that want to post your status every time you touch them, websites that want to announce to the world that you’ve been here and done that. . .

For me, it’s not about privacy. I don’t care if people know that I’ve conquered Level Six of Where’s My Perry. But I prefer not to alienate the followers I have by loading my social media stream with meaningless drivel. I want them to pay attention when I post. I want my followers to know that if I’m posting something on Facebook, it has meaning; it’s interesting, funny or helpful.

Beyond the lazy factor, are social logins are a good thing?

Login choicesI hate logging in to anything. More often than not, it’s a painful process and the more secure the website the greater the pain. I don’t understand it. We can teach a car to park itself but I can’t log-in to shop online without 5 tries and 2 password resets! It’s no wonder hackers dedicate their time to hacking user data – it’s revenge for time wasted!

All of this could be avoided if everyone would just implement a choice of social logins. (Or one, because a choice causes all new issues.)

A new report from Forrester says that 90% of consumers who are given the option, will use a social login. They don’t like. They don’t trust it but they do it because it’s easy. Because they don’t have to fill out a page full of little boxes and the next time they come to the site they won’t have to struggle with the username and password.

Facebook adds audio match: Media companies reply with smiley

Facebook just added a new way to quickly post about your favorite TV shows, music or movies. Or not your favorites – just whatever you happen to be listening to at the moment. (I wonder if it picks up elevator music. . . )

Once you activate the tool, it’s always on and it will use the mic in your mobile device to detect any media playing in the background. If it finds a match, it gives you the option of adding that information to your post. This all happens while you’re typing whatever your typing so it can be the point of your post or not.

Facebook Audio Identifier
If you want to add the details, you have to click the smiley icon at the bottom of the post blank which takes you here:

What can Pinterest do with $200 million?

Pinterest is $200 million dollars richer today but they claim to the be the same, loveable, image sharing site they’ve always been. But it makes me wonder, what are they going to do with all that money. . . .

johnnybag_of_moneyInvest in Social Commerce

Pinterest should be a great place to shop. It’s already like a giant catalog with everything from cute party straws to island vacations. It’s getting there. Lots of pics have pricing information and links to buy but it’s not fully realized.

Part of the issue is the fact that Pins can last longer than the product itself. I clicked through on an adorable Batman costume for a puppy and landed on a “product is no longer available” page. That’s frustrating, but at the same time, it’s impossible to remove an image with a dead link. The originator can take it down but what about all the repins? Plus, old images are still good search engine fodder.

If it’s Thursday, it must be fashion – Pinterest catalogs content by the day of the week

Pinterest WeekIt’s Thursday so the fashion Pins are going wild on Pinterest. Why? Who knows! But Pinterest says it’s true. They sifted through mountains and mountains of data and came up with a list of the most popular categories based on the day of the week.

I’m going to share this information with you mainly because we (human beings) love to find patterns in data. There’s something reassuring about patterns – it makes us feel like we’re in control of what’s happening. We’re not. But if it makes you feel better, here’s what you should be posting on each day of the week.

Monday: the week starts with good intentions in fitness