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LinkedIn Study Shows Social Media Marketing is Working for SMBs

A small business is one that has less than 500 employees, which doesn’t really sound that small. But of the 28 million SMBs in the US, 22 million are single person companies who are juggling everything from sales to marketing to service. For these companies, social media can be the key to keeping in touch with customers.

LinkedIn conducted a survey of 998 SMBs in the U.S. and Canada and discovered that 81% of SMBs are using social media. Mostly, they see it as a way of maintaining brand presence and for lead generation.

SMB Growth and Social Media

Now we get a little chicken or the egg-y:

True Fashionistas Spend More When Shopping Mobile and Other NY Fashion Week Facts

Katherine Lande snowRalph Lauren, Tory Burch, Vera Wang, Marc Jacobs – forget it! No one put on a bigger show for New York Fashion Week than Mother Nature. Her all-white line was called Cold Hands – Wet Feet and it featured crisp lines, a slight sparkle and intricate lacework.

Unfortunately, most Fashion Week visitors had a negative response to the showing but like good New Yorkers they put rubber boots on over their Christian Louboutin pumps and forged on. Why? Because fashion will not be stopped and that’s why a smartphone is the fashionistas most important style accessory.

A new infographic from Millennial Media shows that 76% of those attending the four major fashion weeks (New York, Paris, London and Milan) were highly engaged with their mobile phone. Only 14% brought a tablet along and even fewer used a different type of mobile device.

Google+ Registration Doubles YoY but Active Users is Another Story

I’ve been using Google+ a lot more lately but mostly because of the forced connection between the social network and YouTube. It makes me wonder if this new connection has anything to do with Google+’s spike in user registration.

We Are Social crunched the numbers and here’s what they found:

Wearesocial GooglePlus Users

In the past year, the site has seen tremendous growth in terms of registration. But in terms of active users, not so much. And note that active means using the site on a “monthly basis”. We’re not even talking about truly regular, daily users. A year ago, 51% of the users were active, now that number has dropped to 32%.

Facebook Advertising Proceeds with Caution

Facebook ad on iPadWhose afraid of the big bad ad unit? Facebook! In the last 24 hours, a number of stories have popped up on the web that show Facebook’s reluctance to ramp up their ad sales. Not that they don’t have good reason to be cautious. An advertising misstep could lead to a user revolt. But who thinks that would actually happen?

People are always saying they’re going to quit Facebook for one reason or another but what would it really take to get even a quarter of them to go?

Could auto-play video ads chase them away?

Facebook Says Love and Chocolates Are the Key to Valentine’s Day Success

Friday is Valentine’s Day and believe it or not, you still have plenty of time to market to young lovers all over the US. According to Facebook, 37% of men are still planning Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day. That number drops to 28% for women, but that means you can make that sale right up to the last day with the proper item and messaging.

Most Romantic time of the year

If your online marketing leads to a local business like a restaurant, spa or retail store, you’re in great shape. If your product is purely online, you’re not out of the game yet. Last minute lovers will be happy to pop for the overnight shipping charge just to prove they didn’t forget the holiday. You can also snag them with creative solutions such as digital gift cards or a downloadable stand-in image for the real gift which is on the way.

Headlines Ripped from Social Media: That’s the New HLN

HLN AdHLN network president Albie Hecht just announced a radical shift in his network’s focus. He’s leaving old school journalism behind in the hopes of turning HLN into the “new TV home for the social media generation.”

Going forward, the shows on HLN will pull their content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Instead of breaking news, they’ll be curating the news – or what passes for the news on the Internet.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Hecht said,

“Younger consumers have a very different perception of what news and information is. For them, news is really made in the palm of their hands, in the iPhone prayer position. But they want every update in real time and nonstop and that’s the space that is not on TV. Our headlines are going to be ripped from social media.”

Branded Olympic Tweets Lead to a Social Media Minefield

McDonalds Olympic TweetsWe’re on Day Five of the Olympics and Twitter is out in front with visualizations that attempt to capture the full scope of their related social media postings. They have an interactive map that shows which countries are creating the most Twitter Olympic buzz. They have a full-page grid that shows the most-shared Olympic photos. And they have a completely crazy web that shows which Olympic athletes follow other athletes and which don’t.

Over on the branded side of Twitter, things aren’t running so smoothly. Several Olympic sponsors have had their hashtags co-oped by angry Tweeters who want to make a statement.