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Branded Olympic Tweets Lead to a Social Media Minefield

McDonalds Olympic TweetsWe’re on Day Five of the Olympics and Twitter is out in front with visualizations that attempt to capture the full scope of their related social media postings. They have an interactive map that shows which countries are creating the most Twitter Olympic buzz. They have a full-page grid that shows the most-shared Olympic photos. And they have a completely crazy web that shows which Olympic athletes follow other athletes and which don’t.

Over on the branded side of Twitter, things aren’t running so smoothly. Several Olympic sponsors have had their hashtags co-oped by angry Tweeters who want to make a statement.

Marc Jacobs Fans Line Up to Exchange Social Media Nods for Gifts

Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop RulesEarlier this week, Pinterest made it clear that it was against the rules to pay people to pin. Twitter doesn’t have any such issues. If you’re in New York for Fashion Week, you can stop by the Marc Jacobs Daisy Tweet Shop right now and exchange your social media cred for a sweet gift.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this concept. Kellogg’s did it last year in London and it’s really the manifestation of two trends – social media payment and pop-up stores. And technically, you’re not really “buying” anything, you’re getting a free gift, which legally, they probably have to hand you anyway if you just ask for it.

Pinterest Revamps Mobile Site Due to High Volume of Daily Traffic

IMG_0324More than 75% of Pinterest usage takes places on phones and tablets. When I saw that number this morning, I thought it was a mistake and in a way it was. Some outlets are reporting a clarification on this notation saying that it’s not 75% of users on mobile, it’s 75% of usage.

When talking about social or any site that requires registration it’s usage that matters not users. As we all know, plenty of people sign up for a service, use it once or twice then never or rarely return. As marketers, those people don’t count. What we want are those folks that sign in at least a few times a week and are active on a service. On Pinterest, these folks are mighty mobile.

Twitter Teeters Between Informed Users and Government Censors

Twitter transparency tweetRunning a giant social media company is tough. You’re responsible for keeping a member’s secrets secret but you also have to respond when the government and law enforcement come knocking. In order to satisfy both sides, companies comply with legal requests but then disclose these requests in broad terms to users. They call it transparency but it’s more like a foggy window pane and the fog is getting thicker.

Both Facebook and Twitter released their latest transparency reports this week but as far as US data goes, they’re not very informative. And this comes on the heels of an agreement by the US Justice Department that allows social media sites to disclose “more” information. They can now report the number of National Security Letters (NSLs) and Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) separately but only in groupings of 1,000.

Study Says All the Young, Wealthy, Hip People Are on Twitter

conquer-the-world-1-1058111-mEarlier today, we talked about how the whole world is using Facebook for some reason or another, but a new study says that if you want to reach the young, wealthy, hip people – you’ll find them on Twitter.

Frank N. Magid Associates just published some notes from a new research study that shows the teen population on Twitter is growing.

Teen users of Twitter grew from 39% of 12-17 year-old social media users in 2012 to 44% in 2013.

Counter this with all the talk about teens abandoning Facebook. Facebook says it isn’t so but if you’re looking for influencers and engagement I’d put my money on Instagram and Tumblr over the big F.

Facebook Celebrates 10 Years of Service: How Many Times Did You Hear the Word Today?

Facebook birthday sorryIn honor of Facebook’s 10th anniversary, I conducted my own (totally unscientific) study and the results were startling.

On average, the average person hears or sees the word Facebook 123.5 times a day. (Disclaimer: I totally just made that number up.)

Pew Research says that 57% of all adults are on Facebook and 64% use the site daily, which is up from 51% in 2010. But that’s not the whole story. My family isn’t all that computer savvy and yet, in any given day, someone utters the word at least once. My husband mentions a new David Bowie photo that he saw in a group on Facebook. My mother says she found out that Susie had a baby because someone else saw the photos on Facebook. My friend and I are talking, we want to ask a third friend a question so she says, “let me see if she’s on Facebook.”

Pinterest Updates Acceptable Use Policy And Cracks Down on Paid Pins

mXWhqTUI’d guess that 99% of the people who use a social media site don’t bother to read the Terms of Service. They’re long. They’re legal. They’re often contradictory, so I get it. Plus, it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission, right? But when money is involved, people have a tendency to get. . . shall we say. . . creative and that can lead to a poor user experience for everyone else.

Pinterest uses the word “authentic”, meaning they only want Pins that would naturally occur based on someone’s enthusiasm for the subject matter. In order to keep the site more “authentic,” they’ve clarified a few points in an update to their Acceptable Use Policy.