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Now Twitter adds language targeting

Yesterday, we talked about how LinkedIn has added language-based targeting options to their Company Pages. Now Twitter is here to say, they speak your language, too.

Twitter doesn’t mention it in their intro post but according to Mashable and Statista, 78% of Twitter users are based outside the US. Since 2010, international growth has way outpaced US growth 745% to 390%.

Let’s take a moment to think about 745% growth. Insane. But it makes me wonder why Twitter didn’t mention that on their blog. Are they worried that the US-centric advertising audience won’t like that the vast majority of players are living on the other side of the ocean?

Promoted Tweet Languages

Is Facebook gearing up to force businesses to pay for all promotional posts? (screenshots)

This is total speculation, but could Facebook be getting ready to force businesses to pay for any post that is blatantly promotional in nature?

While enjoying my normal morning browsing of dog photos, family updates, and tennis controversies, Facebook slipped in a small request for me to take a brief survey. Sure, why not?

Here’s what happened next:

Facebook Survey

And this:

Facebook Survey 2

Another one:

Facebook Survey 3

In total, Facebook asked me to look at 14 different posts–some from companies I didn’t follow, some from Pages I did, and others from friends. With each post, I was asked to rate whether I believed it was an ad or not. Interesting, huh?

Now, here’s my speculation on why Facebook is doing this:

Want to reach a young audience? Snapchat might be the next big thing.

SnapchatWhen you’re a marketer, it’s up to you to find out where the people are so you can reach them with your message. It was the newspaper, then radio, then TV, the internet and now social media – especially the mobile kind. If you’re trying to reach potential customers under the age of 30, then it’s an even tougher job because by the time you discover the next big thing. . . it isn’t anymore.

Here’s my tip of the day: Snapchat.

Snapchat is a mobile messaging app with one very unusual feature. Unless one party takes a screengrab, the text and images disappear when you’re done chatting.

Perfect for teens with parents who routinely check their text logs or unfaithful partners worried about getting caught.

Doing business outside the US? LinkedIn adds language tools to company pages

Globe in the Grass mE3JWMASixty-seven percent of LinkedIn’s 300 million users are located outside of the US and the site is available in 22 languages including Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, and English (both British and US?).

I knew the site had a global audience but didn’t realize that it was such a large part of their business model. If global is part of your business model, you’ll like these new features LinkedIn just added to Company Pages.

First, is language preference targeting. When you post a company update, you can now target members based on their selected language.

Facebook expands video stats as long as you upload not link

Facebook video metricsFacebook wants to be your everything. They want your posts, your ads, your photos and now they want your video. Not a post with a link to your YouTube video. They want you to upload your video straight to Facebook. If you do that, they’ll reward you with better audience metrics so you can see what’s working and what isn’t.

It’s not a bad plan because we’d all be happy to use Facebook as our everything platform if we knew there was a benefit to doing so.

Facebook announced today that the new video metrics are coming soon and they include “video views, unique video views, the average duration of the video view and audience retention.”

Amazon invites you to go shopping via Twitter

We’ve seen a dozen other attempts to allow people to shop via their Twitter feed but this might be the best one yet. It’s #AmazonCart and it’s a simple way to capitalize on our need to buy things the moment we see them.

amazon cart

Here’s the pitch: you’re enjoying all of the fun and interesting tidbits on your Twitter feed when you see a Tweet about your favorite movie coming on on DVD. Gotta have it. There’s an Amazon link to the product on the Tweet which you could click, but then you have to log in to Amazon and go through the trouble of clicking the “Add to Cart” button. Then you have to go back to Twitter to finish reading.

There must be a better way!

Is Twitter a hot spot or burning out? Depends who you ask

Twitter branded mentionsTwitter has a new study called “Discovering the Value of Earned Audiences — How Twitter Expressions Activate Consumers”. It’s proof that Twitter is great for branding and that it even pushes people to take action in regard to the brands they see.

They collected data by examining the primetime Tweets of 12,000 people – both male and female across all age groups and devices. An excellent sample.

The first thing they found out was that 80% of users mentioned a brand at least once during the measurement period. Nice. Oh wait, the measurement period was September 2013 through March 2014. That 80% doesn’t sound quite so good now.

50% of the Tweeters mentioned a brand more than 15 times in that 7-month period. 99% of Twitter users were “exposed” to a brand Tweet in January.