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Facebook explains why the decline in organic reach is a good thing. Really.

nB1o7G4_mimwickett_RGBFacebook posted the most interesting piece of . . . . content. . . I’ve seen on the web in a long time. It’s the internet equivalent of a vaudeville song and dance routine coupled with the fancy patter of a snake oil salesman.  When I saw the post, I thought it was going to be a lengthy denial. What do you mean organic reach is down? It looks fine from over here. . . . But, they didn’t deny so I have to give them massive props for being upfront about the issue.

Having said that, I still stand by my original evaluation of the value of the post. Seriously, it’s a tap dance to rival any number by the great Ann Miller.

Facebook opens new (old looking) design to all pages owners worldwide

As of next week, every one of Facebook’s 30 million active small business users will have the option of upgrading their page to the new design. You know the one. . . it looks like the old Facebook page design. . .

To be fair, there are some new features that will help your visitors find information faster but that’s as far as it goes.

Facebook 2014 Page Design

The new design is a return to the single column updates with a static sidebar. Like a blog. Newest information on top and you work your way straight down. No more of this crazy zig-zagging across the page to read multiple entries. As simple as it is, it takes some getting used to. I’ve converted a few pages and I still keep looking to the left for most posts.

Facebook gets proactive with small business bootcamp tour

Facebook FitRecent changes to the Facebook algorithms makes it seem like the social media giant isn’t interested in helping small businesses get ahead. But just because they’re keeping 90% of your posts from your fans doesn’t mean they don’t care. To prove it, they’ve launched a five-city summer tour called Facebook Fit which is all about helping small business owners be all that they can be.

First off, I dislike the name intensely. Maybe it’s because I have a natural aversion to fitness and all that it implies (diet, exercise, healthy habits. . . ) But I get it. It’s that whole “bootcamp” training mentality – “Making your business stronger!”

The tour began today in New York City. Next it’s Miami then Chicago, Austin and Menlo Park, California.

52 percent of social users say it’s different platforms for different interests

140 Proof Networks 1107 million us adults belong to at least 2 social media networks. Of those people, 73% belong to 3 networks, 56% belong to 4 and 23% have accounts with 7 or more social networks. (I’ll bet most of you can’t even name more than 7 social networks in 30 seconds!)

Why so many accounts? 72% of users say it’s because certain platforms are simply better suited to different interests. Because of that, 60% connect with different types of people and brands on different networks.

You’ll find this data in a new whitepaper from IPG Media Labs and 140 Proof called “A Network for Every Interest: How People Actively Manage Their Social Profiles Across Multiple Platforms.”

So you think you know social sharing . . .think again [Infographic]

Most content sharing occurs via social networks like Facebook and Twitter. We all know that, right. . . . ? RadiumOne says, “wrong”. They have a new infographic called “Six Myths of Social Sharing” and I have to admit, even I believe a few of the myths on the list.

For example, “most content sharing occurs via social networks”.  Here are the real facts according to RadiumOne:

RadiumOne Myths 1

Copy and paste? That blows my mind. An enormous amount of internet content comes with built in social or email sharing buttons but folks are still using Ctrl+C to share! Since the majority of these shares are coming from IOS devices, I think there’s more to this than meets the eye. (Excuse me Transformers for borrowing your slogan.) I’m thinking about how I might share a photo on Instagram. I find it on the internet. Save it to my photos then reupload through Instagram. Does that count as copy and paste?

Does your marketing gel with your social customer service team? [infographic]

Not since chocolate met peanut butter has a partnership been as important as marketing and customer service. With social media playing an increasingly important role in customer service, does your marketing team work closely with your customer service folks?

 social-customer-service-marketersVia Sentiment Metrics


Facebook strongly encourages app designers to rethink how they share

share FB photoSharing, be it on the web or a mobile device, is a good thing – until it isn’t. Games that create a social media post every time you achieve a new level, apps that want to post your status every time you touch them, websites that want to announce to the world that you’ve been here and done that. . .

For me, it’s not about privacy. I don’t care if people know that I’ve conquered Level Six of Where’s My Perry. But I prefer not to alienate the followers I have by loading my social media stream with meaningless drivel. I want them to pay attention when I post. I want my followers to know that if I’m posting something on Facebook, it has meaning; it’s interesting, funny or helpful.