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Facebook is the Most Visited Social Network; Twitter and Google+ Tied for 3rd

Forrester surveyed 60,000+ US adults to find out which social networks are popular with different generations.


The follow up question should be, “Which of the following websites do you intentionally visit at least monthly?” I’m looking at you, Google+!

Facebook Launches Custom Audience Ads to Promote Mobile App Engagement

Facebook app mobile adFacebook just launched an ad customization tool to help mobile app owners keep their users engaged. With a few simple clicks, a marketer can design a campaign that speaks to a very specific sub-set of users nudging them to complete or continue a desired behavior.

There are probably a hundred different ways to mix and match the available data but you’re mostly looking at four types of actions; registration, purchase, app opens and rewards.

For each campaign you create a new “custom audience.” Let’s say we want to nudge people who haven’t made a purchase in awhile to come back and buy again.

Facebook Leads Revenue Per Visit but Tumblr is Number 2

Hear that? That’s the sound of a massive Tumblr rolling right at you. While you’ve been busy with Pinterest and Instagram, this beast has been slowly gathering mass and and now it’s too big to ignore.

According to Adobe’s just released Q4 2013 Social Media Intelligence Report, Tumblr’s RPV (Revenue Per Visit) rose 340% year-over-year making it the fastest growing network. But the real proof is in the dollars.

Adobe 2014 social_rpv_yoy

Let me clarify some of these numbers for you. Blue bars are Q4 2013, gray bar is Q4 2012. On the left we have Facebook rising from $0.71 to $1.22 (72% growth). On the far right we have Tumblr jumping from $0.25 to $1.10.

Twitter and Pinterest both come in under $1 RVP but they both showed impressive growth – 244% for Pinterest, 131% for Twitter.

Pinterest Steps it Up Again with Pinterest Interests

New pinterest interestsPinterest is already one of the fastest growing social media networks on the web but they’ve got their sites set even higher in 2014.

The site is so simple, it doesn’t seem like they could do much to improve it and yet, over the past few months, they’ve added features that make it better and better. Or more accurately, they’ve added features that make it more accurate.

Today’s update is the best one yet, a new explore option that looks at your images and suggests options you might enjoy. But there’s more to it than that. The suggests are grouped by sub-categories so the response is more specific (and specific is good.)

Pinterest Generates Four Times More Money Per Click than Twitter

CoxBlue Pinterest 1Pinterest can generate you four times more money per click than Twitter and 27% more than Facebook.

How’s that grab you? Before you rush off and start pinning, I’d like to remind you that your results may vary and probably will because unlike Twitter and Facebook, Pinterest has a very specific audience.

QuickSprout would like to help you succeed in this area, so they’ve put out an infographic called “How to Increase Your Pinterest Engagement by 275%.” (And that’s a very specific number.)

The graphic begins with the usual info; Pinterest is 80% women and moms are more likely to pin than the “average American.’ Proving the point that moms are anything but average!

Testing, Testing, Facebook Tests Their Own Mobile Ad Network

Facebook app screenAfter telling businesses that their Pages aren’t engaging enough to make the grade, Facebook announced a feature that’s aimed directly at businesses on Facebook. Big difference? The first one was free, the second one is paid.

Starting right now, Facebook will begin testing ads in the mobile app.

As mobile continues to move to more app-based experiences, advertisers want to reach people spending their time in apps and developers need new ways to make money.

All true.

To improve the relevancy of the ads people see, provide even greater reach for Facebook advertisers and help mobile developers better monetize their apps, we’re running a small test to show Facebook ads in mobile apps. Our aim is to demonstrate even greater reach with the same power of Facebook targeting for advertisers both on and off Facebook.

Facebook Bumps Page Content From News Feeds Again

nlf0nHMOnce again, Facebook is changing the news feed to pump up the volume of personal updates vs branded Page updates. At least this time, they’re being honest about why they’re making the shift.

Usually, they play the “we’re just giving you what you want” card which never made any sense. I follow Pages for a reason, yet Facebook assumes to know what I want better than I do.

This time they’re admitting that it’s all about the numbers:

Through testing, we have found that when people see more text status updates on Facebook they write more status updates themselves. In fact, in our initial test when we showed more status updates from friends it led to on average 9 million more status updates written each day. Because of this, we showed people more text status updates in their News Feed.