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Study Says All the Young, Wealthy, Hip People Are on Twitter

conquer-the-world-1-1058111-mEarlier today, we talked about how the whole world is using Facebook for some reason or another, but a new study says that if you want to reach the young, wealthy, hip people – you’ll find them on Twitter.

Frank N. Magid Associates just published some notes from a new research study that shows the teen population on Twitter is growing.

Teen users of Twitter grew from 39% of 12-17 year-old social media users in 2012 to 44% in 2013.

Counter this with all the talk about teens abandoning Facebook. Facebook says it isn’t so but if you’re looking for influencers and engagement I’d put my money on Instagram and Tumblr over the big F.

Facebook Celebrates 10 Years of Service: How Many Times Did You Hear the Word Today?

Facebook birthday sorryIn honor of Facebook’s 10th anniversary, I conducted my own (totally unscientific) study and the results were startling.

On average, the average person hears or sees the word Facebook 123.5 times a day. (Disclaimer: I totally just made that number up.)

Pew Research says that 57% of all adults are on Facebook and 64% use the site daily, which is up from 51% in 2010. But that’s not the whole story. My family isn’t all that computer savvy and yet, in any given day, someone utters the word at least once. My husband mentions a new David Bowie photo that he saw in a group on Facebook. My mother says she found out that Susie had a baby because someone else saw the photos on Facebook. My friend and I are talking, we want to ask a third friend a question so she says, “let me see if she’s on Facebook.”

Pinterest Updates Acceptable Use Policy And Cracks Down on Paid Pins

mXWhqTUI’d guess that 99% of the people who use a social media site don’t bother to read the Terms of Service. They’re long. They’re legal. They’re often contradictory, so I get it. Plus, it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission, right? But when money is involved, people have a tendency to get. . . shall we say. . . creative and that can lead to a poor user experience for everyone else.

Pinterest uses the word “authentic”, meaning they only want Pins that would naturally occur based on someone’s enthusiasm for the subject matter. In order to keep the site more “authentic,” they’ve clarified a few points in an update to their Acceptable Use Policy.

Social Media Super Bowl: Did We Break Any Records?

Technically, this weekend’s Super Bowl (#SB48) broke the Twitter record but not by much. Tweeters sent 24.9 million messages about the game or the half-time show during the three and half hour telecast.

Super Bowl Tweets 2014
Last year’s number? 24.1 million. Wow, that’s closer than the game ever was!

Even though the game wasn’t as exciting as last year’s, there were still a few stand-out, exceptionally Tweetable moments.

(*TPM = Tweets Per Minute)

  • @Percy_Harvin 87 yard kickoff return for a TD to open 3rd quarter (8:32pm EST): 381,605 TPM
  • Jermaine Kearse (@chopchop_15) 23-yard TD pass From Russell Wilson (@DangeRussWilson) with 3:11 remaining in 3rd quarter (9:03pm EST): 271,775 TPM
  • Malcolm Smith (@MalcSmitty) 69-yard interception return with 3:36 remaining in 2nd quarter (7:39pm EST): 244,889 TPM

Facebook Releases a New Reader App That Makes Their Own App Look Clunky

Paper from FacebookRemember when we used to write actual letters and mail them to people or create stories by typing on a typewriter? Well, none of that is coming back, but Facebook wants you to feel the nostalgia for a moment before you launch Paper, their new “storytelling”  app.

Paper is the first app to come out of Facebook Creative Labs and it’s a beauty. At the core, it’s a curated news reader and so, I suppose, is Facebook. But Paper is elegant and bold and simple and intuitive. It’s about content not clickables. As I writer and reader, I couldn’t be more pleased.

I’ll tell you what Paper does, but you really need to see it in action to appreciate the beauty of this app.

Facebook iPhone Update Includes Option to Hide Posts

In the US, 78.9% of Facebook’s daily users access the site via a mobile device – and Facebook just gave a lot of them a way to easily hide your posts.

IMG_0786(Forgive me Regal, this was only a test.)

The “What’s New in Version 6.9.1″ notes on today’s updates says you can now “Choose whose posts you see in News Feed.” We’ve had this ability on the web for awhile but I guess it wasn’t available on the app until now. I didn’t notice, mostly because I rarely bother “hiding” posts.

When you click the little arrow on a post you can choose “I don’t want to see this.” And if you don’t understand that, Facebook includes an explanation below the prompt: “Hide this post from News Feed.”

Facebook is the Most Visited Social Network; Twitter and Google+ Tied for 3rd

Forrester surveyed 60,000+ US adults to find out which social networks are popular with different generations.


The follow up question should be, “Which of the following websites do you intentionally visit at least monthly?” I’m looking at you, Google+!