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The Beal Deal with Kim Kopp Krause Berg (@kim_cre8pc)

Good Saturday morning Pilgrims!

Kim Krause BergToday’s Beal Deal guest has gone by many names in her career–including Dancing Thunder at some point–but we lovingly know her as Kim Krause Berg. You know those people that you can’t help smile and want to hug every time you see them? Yeah, I feel that way every time I see Kim. She has a kind heart and a mind for usability that is pretty much unmatched in my humble opinion.

I reached out to Kim to ask her about the sale of her forum, her passion in life, and why usability is critical to any marketing campaign.

Pour your morning java and enjoy!

1.    You built Cre8asiteforums into an awesome resource. What was the key to its success?

The Beal Deal with Dharmesh Shah (@dharmesh)

Here’s something a little different for this week’s Beal Deal. Someone I admire from afar, but have never actually met in person. How’s that for an endorsement!

dharmesh-shahIf you’re not already digesting everything that Dharmesh Shah tweets, posts, or publishes, then you are doing your business a disservice. A serial (successful) entrepreneur, Dharmesh’s current project is a little software company you may have heard of…HubSpot!

If you’re running a startup–or have aspirations to build a startup–then you should be following Dharmesh. Here’s a glimpse at what you’ll get.

1. At HubSpot, you’ve raised an impressive $65M. How different would your company look without that venture capital?

The Beal Deal with Matt McGee (@MattMcgee)

The internet marketing blog space can get a little crowded, but fortunately–for the most part–we’re all good friends. That’s why it’s a non-issue that our next Beal Deal interviewee is the Editor-in-Chief at Search Engine Land and Marketing Land.

m2That’s mostly because Matt McGee is simply a great guy to know. In fact, part of the reason for inviting M2 (his rapper name…I kid) to take part in the Beal Deal is because I think you’ll enjoy getting to know Matt as much as I have. So, with that in mind, let’s jump straight in with Matt’s 6 questions!

1. You’re the Editor-In-Chief of both Search Engine Land and Marketing Land, you consult, you speak, you teach–where do you find the time?

The Beal Deal with Jill Whalen (@JillWhalen)

Spring is in the air! Can you feel it?

Jill WhalenSpring is the picture of new life and growth, so let’s ask a few questions of someone that practically gave birth to the concept of SEO copywriting.

(How’s that for a cheesy segue?)

Today’s guest is one of the matriarchs of search engine optimization–none other than Jill Whalen. Jill has been in this business for almost 20 years and has been consistent in her messaging about the importance of great copywriting in SEO. And, it’s not an exaggeration to say that she practically invented the niche.

Let’s ask her how she got her start, who hires her, which up-and-comer she respects the most, and how she’s developed a thick skin. Onwards!

The Beal Deal with Joanna Lord (@JoannaLord)

We’re back with another Beal Deal interview.

joanna-lordWith this one, I’m going to have to insist that you grab a cup of your favorite coffee while you read along. Not that it matters to me, but our guest this week would likely be dismayed that you read her awesome answers without a cup of java in one hand. Of course, I am talking about SEOmoz’s evangelist and fashionista–heck, let’s just call her an evangelista–Joanna Lord.

So, let’s learn about her proudest moment, her biggest setback, how she likes to work, and…how she almost joined the circus!

Q1. What’s been your proudest moment in your career and what has been your biggest setback?

…I think my proudest moment will be coming in the next few months when SEOmoz executes on something we’ve been working on for a while.

The Beal Deal with Dave Snyder (@DaveSnyder)

Good Saturday morning!

Aren’t you glad it’s the weekend? Aren’t you glad there’s another edition of The Beal Deal to go along with your morning coffee? Thank you for inviting me into you home this morning–you even tidied up for me! I’m honored. :-)

dave-snyderThis week’s interview is big. I know, using “big” around Dave Snyder is hackneyed, but I’ve known Dave for many years and the guy doesn’t do anything unless it’s big! The guy has overcome big challenges, made big moves in the industry, and has made a big name for himself in marketing circles. So, with that, let’s ask Dave some big questions.

Q1. It seems in the blink of an eye you went from BlueGlass, to SteelCast, to Copypress. What was the toughest thing about that transition?

The Beal Deal with Matt Siltala (@Matt_Siltala)

Hey, you’re back!

I guess you’re enjoying the Beal Deal series of interviews with marketing industry rock stars! Well that’s good, cos this week I get to interview one of my very best industry friends, Avalaunch’s Matt Siltala.


If Matt were a world champion fighter, his tagline would be, “Looks like a viking, hugs like a puppy!” He is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met and also capable of taking everything in his stride. Oh, and he’s a brilliant marketer!

So, let’s get to Matt’s six questions, shall we?

Q1. Let’s dive right in with the meaty questions. “Mat” or “Matt” and why is it that even you can’t seem to make up your mind how to spell it?