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The Beal Deal with Lee Odden (@LeeOdden)

And we’re back!

Considering I have a habit of starting things and then getting bored, you should be amazed that The Beal Deal has made it to week 3! ;-)

lee-oddenThen again, how could I not keep it going when I have the honor of interviewing my long time industry compadre Lee Odden. Lee and I both started our blogging journeys back in 2003 and have spoken at numerous conferences together. If you’re not reading his excellent TopRank Online Marketing Blog, you are doing yourself a disservice.

For those of you that are not familiar with Lee (where have you been?) then this will be a great primer for you. If you remember when Lee was fresh-faced and clean cut, then hopefully you’ll enjoy these six probing questions.

The Beal Deal with Scott Stratten (@Unmarketing)

Well, it appears y’all liked last week’s inaugural Beal Deal interview with Lisa Barone, so let’s keep this going, shall we?

scott-strattenIn the hot seat this week is someone with perhaps the best Twitter bio you’ll ever read: “Author, Speaker and kind of a big deal on a fairly irrelevant soc media site which inflates my self-importance.” I’m talking about none other than Scott Stratten aka Unmarketing. When Scott’s not authoring best selling books, he’s helping businesses to avoid looking like social media buffoons.

In case you don’t know the drill, I ask six questions that are designed to challenge, educate and entertain. So, let’s get to it!

Q1. Twitter is such a great fit for you and you have 140k+ followers that agree. What in the world did you do before you discovered Twitter?

The Beal Deal with Lisa Barone (@LisaBarone)

I know what you’re thinking and no, your eyes do not deceive you. This is a post by Andy Beal, and it is on a Saturday.

You’re witnessing history today.

OK, that may be an exaggeration, but you are witnessing the launch of a brand new Saturday morning series called “The Beal Deal” (you can thank Frank Reed for that name). Each Saturday I plan to interview some of the smartest folks in the internet marketing world and, hopefully, ask them questions that they’ve not been asked before and/or reveal something you didn’t already know about them.

lisa-baroneThis series kicks off with Lisa Barone, VP of Strategy for Overit–or as she’s lovingly known in the industry, The Lisa. Lisa gets the dubious honor of going first because, a) she misses Cup of Joe, and b) she wanted to see something different from me. So kids, let this be a lesson to be careful what you wish for! :-P