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Esurance Wins the Super Bowl

Let’s be honest, the reason why brands spend so much time and effort on their Super Bowl ads, is because they hope they will “go viral.” They’re even willing to spend $4M just to have it aired.

That’s why the Esurance ad is marketing brilliance.

Instead of spending $4M and hoping your ad will go viral, save the cash, and get everyone tweeting like crazy!


YouTube Makes a Show of Teasing Super Bowl Ads

364 days a year, TV viewers go out of their way to avoid watching commercials. On Super Bowl Sunday it’s the other way around. That one day a year, TV viewers make a point of staying on the couch so they won’t miss a single 30 second spot. Then, they Tweet about it, rewatch the ads online and share them on Facebook.

On Super Bowl Sunday, the adman is king.

This year, YouTube is trying to extend the Super Bowl Commercial experience with a teaser channel they call Ad Blitz.

YouTube AdBlitz

Right now, you can log on to watch teaser clips from what will hopefully be the best Super Bowl Ads ever. You’ll see Don Cheadle and a llama sharing the screen for Bud Light. Pepsi stages a halftime show in a snowy, small town and Doritos invites you to vote for the ad that will win the big prize.

NBC Ramps Up Digital and Social Content for the Sochi Olympics

Sochi OlympicsNext month, the whole world will be watching the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi and here in the US, NBCUniversal is manning the control room. It’s a huge job made even more difficult by the time difference. I’m writing this at 1 in the afternoon on Friday but it’s currently 1 in the morning on Saturday in Russia.

In the past, NBC dealt with the time difference by airing the events on a tape-delay. They’d run the lesser known competitions throughout the day and save the big ticket events for the primetime hours. A nice solution as long as you stay off the internet. These days, it’s hard to avoid seeing Olympic news pop up as it happens. Winners are congratulated via Twitter. Video of career-ending falls end up on YouTube. And there’s NBC pretending it didn’t happen until they go to air 12 to 24 hours later.

YouTube Folds Under the Pressure: Puts Comment Moderation Back the Way it Was (Sort of)

Google notificationsA few months ago, YouTube did an inexplicable thing; they took all of the comment notifications out of the inbox and put them in the Google+ notifications system.

Huh? YouTube has a perfectly good Inbox and some messages still show up there, but not all messages and not usually the ones you need moderate. You know “moderate” – meaning, I need to see this so I can publish or delete it or respond to it like a good YouTuber should.

Needless to say, but I’m going to say it anyway, the response to the change was not pretty. The Bob Army came out in full force leaving a deluge of violent ASCII art in their wake. YouTube’s initial response was to create a better filter that kept those comments from showing up on the page. Seriously.

4 Amazing Startups Marketers Need to Watch in 2014

At the end of the year, Venture Beat posted an article titled “26 amazing startups you need to watch in 2014“. I’m a big fan of start-ups, so I read the piece and was struck by how many of these ideas could be the next big thing for marketers. So I’m here to boil down their list to my picks for what could be the next Instagram, Vine, or Pinterest of 2014.


This iPhone app is the bridge between Vine and full-blown video editing. You’re still working with six second clips, but instead of looping, Cameo let’s you string those clips together to make a two-minute movie. They want you to tell a story with a beginning, middle and end. To help you, they have preloaded themes and trendy music that’s free to use.

Be Prepared to Waste the Day: Vine is Now on the Web

vine chickenYou know how it’s hard to eat just one potato chip? Or two. Or six. . . good luck turning away from the next generation of Vine – Vine on the Web. (Which I really want to call Vine on the vine even though it makes no sense).

When you login at you can view your home feed. You can also like, comment and share videos from the page. When you “revine” a video it adds that video to your home page profile, which you can also access via the web portal. If you want it to show up on Twitter, that’s a different button.

Video Playback Problems? Most Consumers Blame it on the Brand

YouTube watchersVideo buffering feels like a thing of the past. Staring at your screen for three minutes watching nothing but a line slowly crawl across the screen. It’s frustrating and it’s still happening. Happened to me while using my iPad to access YouTube just yesterday.

According to a study by Brightcove, 75% of all YouTube watchers sometimes experience buffering or freezing. 33% said it happens on half of all the videos they try to access.

And what happens when this happens? One third of viewers give up and move on. Given that people watch an average of 6 billion hours of video on YouTube every month. . . well, you can do the math. . because I can’t.