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YouTube to block indie labels that won’t sign: Bob’s Tank Army on standby

XL RecordingsThis is one of those stories that sounds so wrong that I thought it was a rumor blown out of portion . . . hard to say since most reports on the subject all lead back to one article from the Financial Times.

Basically, it goes like this. YouTube is about to launch a beta test of their new streaming music service which would compete with Spotify and Amazon’s new music service. In order to offer streaming music, record labels had to sign a licensing agreement but several indie labels say the agreement isn’t fair and have refused to sign.

Facebook adds trending videos and games to iPad app sidebar

Facebook’s latest iPad app update is all about keeping visitor engaged longer by putting all kinds of trending and entertaining content in the sidebar.

The top corner will continue to feature birthdays you should have remembered and events you thought you’d attend but probably won’t. Below that you’ll find the trending topics, just like on the website. Click one and you’ll go to a curated list of posts related to the subject. This is how Facebook keeps on top of hot topics like the Game of Thrones finale even if none of your Facebook friends are posting on the subject.

Below that is where it gets interesting.

Facebook iPad Update

The third segment is “My Games” and it includes easy access links to the games you’ve played.

Edelman survey says consumers want their entertainment selfie-style

Entertainment-in-the-Era-of-the-SelfieMe. Me. Me. It’s all about the me! A new survey from Edelman shows that consumers are taking control over what they watch, when and how they watch, rendering the old TV Guide virtually obsolete.

Binge-watching online is up from 86% to 94% here in the US. In China, 99% of respondents said they’ve binge-watched their favorite shows. 72% do it because they simply want to know what happens next. (This is me, binge-watching old seasons of 24). 57% said they do it to feel “caught up” and a handful simply want to avoid being spoiled by friends who have already seen it, so they hop online and get up to speed.

YouTube removes suspended accounts from subscriber count

mhiy5UU - crowdOn YouTube, subscriber count is one way of measuring a channel’s success. To make sure that number means something, YouTube is going to start removing suspended accounts from the subscriber numbers. This means you’re probably going to see a drop in your subscriber count after June 16 but it’s not like those people were actually watching your videos anyway.

We’ll probably never see the numbers but I’d bet that a few of the more popular channels are going to see a noticeable dip in their subscriber count next Monday. I wonder if there will be an uproar, an outcry, a new version of Bob’s Tank Army running rampant across the network?

Vimeo bobs and weaves as flack flies over copyright match announcement

mfXkBr6A major video hosting service is about to implement a copyright matching system that will block any video it deems unfit. The sites loyal users are angry.

Sound familiar?

Last time, it was YouTube. This time it’s Vimeo and both times people had a point. Here’s where I always have to say, I’m totally against theft. I believe people shouldn’t use other people’s work without their permission. (Photo: brainloc from rgbstock) However, determining what’s infringing and what isn’t is a complicated thing and not something a piece of software can determine with a simple audio match.

For Vimeo, it’s even more complicated because pros often use the site to house work for review by a client. These videos are private but Vimeo’s new system might not care. I say “might” because Vimeo is already backpedaling on their original announcement.

How timing and notations affect your video shares and clicks

Right now there are 673,246 trillion videos online.* That’s either a lot of entertainment or a lot of competition depending on which side of the camera you’re on. If you’re on the maker side, you gotta do whatever you can to give your videos the edge, so here are two studies that might help.

First, let’s talk about the sharing cycle. The lion’s share of sharing generally happens within the first three days of launch. You knew that. But did you know that these first days are even more critical now than they were a year ago? Here’s why.

Unruly mapped the percentage of shares over the days following a launch then compared it to that same type of data from a year ago and here’s what they got:

Looking for power consumers? You’ll find them on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Consumer Buying PowerLinkedIn released an unusual report this week called “Harness the Power of the LinkedIn Pro-sumer“. Unusual, because the topic is shopping – not an activity I usually think of when I think about LinkedIn. But the B2B social network claims that their users have more buying power than visitors to any other social network.

Here’s a graph to prove it —>

Look at LinkedIn, towering over even Pinterest and way over Facebook.

Are we talking about business buying power? Office supplies? Expensive hardware and software? Inventory?

No, LinkedIn appears to be talking about the same kind of consumer goods we all buy.

  • $839 annually on clothing
  • $2000 – $3000 yearly on vacations
  • 41% more likely to have spent over 30K on a new car