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Why YouTube Must Offer Hi-Res Videos

image CNET has word from YouTube co-founder Steve Chen that the online video company is testing streaming videos at higher resolutions.

Although YouTube’s goal, he said, is to make the site’s vast library of content available to everyone, and that requires a fairly low-bitrate stream, the service is testing a player that detects the speed of the viewer’s Net connection and serves up higher-quality video if they want it.

I find it interesting that YouTube would take this step, especially when you consider most of the videos currently uploaded are low-res and wouldn’t look any better anyway. So why is YouTube making the move to offer higher quality videos? The way I see it, services such as Joost and Hulu–while not direct competitors–will start to change our expectations of online video quality. The more high-res videos you watch online, the more you begin to find YouTube’s video quality to be unacceptable. Don’t believe me? How many of you have HDTVs? How many of you now think non-HD signals look like a YouTube video? I know I do.

BlogWorld: Video Service Viddler; Leo Laporte Discusses CPM Rates

There were two interesting things–among many–that I learned from attending Leo Laporte and Justine Ezarik’s session at BlogWorld.

First, from Justine, I discovered a new video player from Viddler that has the cool feature of allowing you to tag and comment on segments of a video.

Second, Leo is getting $35 CPM from advertisers because they know his audience buys whatever he recommends.

Hmm, if there was only a way to bring both these items together…

Hulu Integrating with MSN, AOL

You’ve got to give the just-barely-in-time-to-be-called-an-October-launch Hulu private beta launch some credit: they’re trying really hard. With legal video sharing and embedding, they certainly have some positives going in their direction. And now they’re hoping content deals will bring their new site the traffic—and eyeballs—needed to justify it.

Hulu has partnered with MSN and AOL to provide video on a subdomain of each site. MSN TV will be showing some of Hulu’s content, including full-length television shows and movie clips. Hulu’s content is well-integrated with the rest of MSN TV’s content, but the Hulu logo appears in the upper left:

MSN Hulu screen shot

Hulu also has its own channel on AOL (with its logo in the upper left this time; via):

AOL Hulu screen shot is Ready for Failure Launch

image After months of hype and positioning, NBC/News Corp-back is ready to launch–and we assume ready to fail.

Hey, we’re not suggesting the YouTube and Joost online video rival is going to be bad, but even their CEO warned us to expect failure. Fortunately, they also expect to "fail fast"–something Mike Moran would approve of.

As part of today’s beta launch, Hulu has announced new deals with Sony Pictures and MGM Studios. According to Reuters…

…Hulu will offer about 90 TV shows from the four companies and smaller partners ranging from current prime-time hits such as "Heroes" and "The Simpsons" to vintage shows "Miami Vice" and "The A-Team."

It will also make about 10 feature films available including "The Breakfast Club" and "The Blues Brothers."

Blogging for Business Conference–Gary Goldhammer Keynote

How to Measure Social Media Effectiveness

Gary Goldhammer, Edelman Interactive

The hidden reality: there is no way right to measure social media. We’re all figuring this out. Nielsen is measuring time spent, interactions.

We respect what has happened—things that are visible, tangible. We honor the established solutions.

But we ignore the things that could have happened. We need to look beyond. That’s where innovation thrives. It thrives in the places that aren’t visible, aren’t tangible. We like to rely on others to write the case studies for us.

Low predictability = large impact

Forget everything that you know. Put it out of your mind. What you know about communications is irrelevant and insignificant compared to what social media has to offer. What you absolutely know about communications is a barrier to social media. The past is not always significant. What we know is less significant than what we don’t know.

NBC Leaves YouTube in Favor of Hulu

Frankly, NBC is just all over the map online. They’ve declined to renew their iTunes contract, started offering their shows on Amazon, and offered free show downloads from NBC Direct. They’ve hyped Hulu, their YouTube killer, and then said they’re ready to fail with it. They’ve attacked Google and YouTube on copyright infringement issues—while maintaining a content partnership with the company.

Well, that last contradiction is no more, according to several reports earlier this week. After 16 months, NBC has reneged on its agreement for a channel on YouTube in favor of Hulu, due into private beta this month (T-minus seven days, guys!).

Meanwhile, CNET’s Don Reisinger offers encouraging words on Hulu’s prospects:

Nielsen to Provide Demographics for Google TV Ads

image Google has partnered with the Nielsen Company to help the search engine better understand the demographics of those who view its Google TV Ads, reports the NYT.

The multi-year deal will start of small, but will likely grow as Google expands beyond the rather limited network of just 13 million viewers provided by its partner DISH Network.

Google TV Ads are already more sophisticated in their reporting than most TV commercials.

Google…analyzes the data from set-top boxes to determine exactly which ads were watched or skipped, with a second-by-second breakdown…The reports from Google can pinpoint the moment when viewers most commonly changed the channel, potentially helping marketers shape the creative work on their commercials. For instance, if viewers are turning the channel after seven seconds, the agency might revisit the opening of the ad.