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The Data Is In: Consumers Like :30 Pre-Rolls?

A study released yesterday by the Online Publishers Association revealed that consumers actually favored 30 second pre-roll ads to 15 second pre-roll ads. The OPA also found that companion banner ads had a positive effect: “To lift brand awareness the combination of a pre-roll and a companion proved to be most effective.”

The study looked at ad length (15 or 30 second), ad placement (pre- or post-roll), companion banner ads (with or without), and whether the content was original to the Internet or a repurposed TV commercial.

While they apparently didn’t actually ask if the 1400+ consumers surveyed liked the ads, After the 1400+ participants viewed the ads, the OPA asked whether they liked the ads, whether the ads were relevant and whether the ads improved the consumers’ perception of the brand. Surprisingly, the ads did improve brand perception, even if the consumers’ perception of the brand before viewing the ad was negative–but the 30 second ads more so.

CNN Gets It: Streaming Video to be Free

CNN has long held out with its paid video subscription model, especially for its streaming “Pipeline,” started in 2005 and priced at $25/year.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

There are several reasons to give up charging. For one, it is has become much cheaper to deliver video, Martin said. “Today, bandwidth is much less expensive than when CNN Pipeline launched, and online news consumers are streaming broadband video at a much greater rate.”

Moreover, it appears CNN was unable to overcome the popular notion that, like butterflies, clicks are free. Figuring the Net-consumer might simply prefer smaller bites, CNN added variations on the pricing, offering monthly access for $2.95 and even a 99-cent day pass.

Google Starts Test of In-Stream Video AdSense

ClickZ is reporting on Google’s limited test of in-stream video ads using AdSense.

According to Google, participating sites within the network will test using each publisher’s Flash player, instead of on YouTube or Google Video-hosted executions. Ad creative will be less than :30 and made skippable for users. Publishers will be able to select which videos to monetize, and track their performance using AdSense. Publishers can also choose where the ads will appear within the videos. Akin to standard AdSense deals, ad revenue will be split between the website publisher and Google.

Fooooo’d for Video Search

By David Vogelpohl

Japanese video search engine “Fooooo” has recently launched several multilingual versions of its popular search engine including support for English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

What does Fooooo Do?

Fooooo powers its search engine by indexing videos from all across the web. Search results include links directly to the page hosting the video or a “Quick Start” link which activates a Flash based popup where you can view the video directly. The Quick Start option is available for most videos with the notable exception of MySpace videos.

Not surprisingly, the majority of the results are either YouTube, Google Video, or MySpace videos.

Single Index

Time to SEO Your Video

UPDATE: Video results now appearing in universal SERPs. See Search Engine Land.

With yesterday’s announcement of a new universally integrated Google SERP, it’s doubly important to optimize your non-text content for Google. After all, if some of the top 10 spaces are taken up by images, news, products, or video, it’s just another challenge for Internet marketers, right?

blinkx, the video search engine, anticipated the need to SEO video. They published a whitepaper on video SEO and published the same content on a wiki (although there have been virtually no changes since then).

When the report came out, Richard McManus of Read/WriteWeb summarized the whitepaper and wiki’s contents:

  • Cleaning and conversion of metadata
  • Optimizing titles, description and filenames
  • Leveraging sitemaps
  • Utilizing media RSS

MySpace Launching Branded Video Channels

It looks like News Corp. isn’t taking the chance that its planned YouTube competitor – a joint venture with NBC – will be enough to take on the video sharing giant.

News Corp.’s MySpace (technically a division of Fox Interactive) has announced the launch of a new section within MySpace Video featuring premium content from National Geographic, The New York Times, Reuters and many others.

“The upcoming branded channel launch continues the growing momentum of MySpace Video,” said Jeff Berman, General Manager of Video and SVP of Public Affairs for MySpace. “We’re empowering our partners to customize their own video channels and use them as hubs to create a niche experience for users. Today’s announcement is a sign of things to come for MySpace Video.”

ChaCha Finds Its Niche with Blinkx?

Could it be that human-guided search engine ChaCha has found its niche in a new partnership with blinkx?

ChaCha is a human-guided search engine. If you can’t find what you want using the search engine, you can be connected to a live human guide who will basically search for you. They began hiring guides in September (totally missed out on hiring me, guys!).

They received a new round of funding in January to the tune of $6M. Wonder if there’s some relationship between the funding and the development of this partnership.