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YouTube to Use Pre-Roll Ads? reports that Google is planning on using 30 second pre-roll ads on YouTube beginning next year according to Patrick Walker, European head of video partnerships at Google. YouTube and “the broadcaster” will share revenue from the ads. also stated:

Walker told delegates at the MipTV conference in Cannes that broadcasters have been enthusiastic about creating the ads, and predicted that 2008 will see “real money coming in” from video advertising.

Google “youtube preroll” and you’ll see what we all already know—YouTube users don’t want pre-roll ads. ClickZ reported almost six months ago that most marketers say pre-roll isn’t the best way to monetize online video. At the time, Google was only in the process of buying YouTube and according to Daniel Blackman, strategic partner for development at Google Video, they were shying away from pre-roll ads.

Video Podcasting Finally Getting Closer to TV Production Quality

R/WW reveals how a new video podcast network called ON Networks is bringing better production quality to the humble online show. While there are a few well produced video podcasts circulating the web, most resemble a video plucked from the rejected pile of AFV.

ON Networks hopes to bring a little TV magic to your computer screen with 8 well produced shows each with great content and entertaining hosts.

ONN boast a lineup of 8 shows ranging from “Zen Living,” in which an attractive host guides viewers toward a healthier life, to “Raw Golf,” which takes an indy band and films them at a golf lesson, to “Budget Health Nut,” a cooking show that would feel at home on the Food Network.

Local TV Affiliates Threatened by the Internet

Greg Sandoval looks at the growing fear among local TV stations that their livelihood is at risk in part due to the rise of the Internet.

With the national networks pushing more of their content online, and some, such as NBC, Fox and CBS, involved in building their own online video channels.

“Plenty of people are worried,” said Richard Jones, general manager of Bay City Television in San Diego, which oversees the Fox affiliate in San Diego. “It’s still so new nobody knows for sure what’s going to happen. But there is some real concern about shows that have been seen a lot of times on the Web and whether it will affect ratings.”

NBC & News Corp Enroll Comcast as Latest Anti-Google Ally?

OK, if you’ll give me a little slack to speculate here, I’d like to suggest that Comcast will not renew their advertising deal with Google.

The evidence?

The cable giant has just signed a deal with NBC and News Corp. to display their videos on its web properties. In return, Comcast will will distribute its own video content on NBC/News Corp’s planned video portal.

Now, would it make sense for Comcast to make a deal with Google’s competitor, if it had any plans of sticking with Google?

I think not.

Microsoft’s Silverlight to Battle Adobe’s Flash Media Player

How do you get “in” on some of the online video action without actually building another YouTube? Well, if you’re Microsoft or Adobe, you forget trying to build the social network and instead concentrate on the actual video playing technology.

Today, Adobe announces the intended launch of the Adobe Media Player, while Microsoft announces Silverlight a browser based video player that effectively competes with Flash players.

If you can’t win the eyeballs, perhaps you can win the battle for the video player of choice!

Live Video Streaming Coming At Us Fast!

Wow, where did this come from? Over the past 24 hours I’ve watched live video streaming become the next hot topic on the web.

First, inspired by, Chris “I live on the lunatic fringe” Pirillo decided to start a live internet video stream of him at his computer. Bringing in (the live video technology) Skype, Twitter, chat rooms and a whole host of other technology.

Then Robert “PodTech” Scoble decided to live stream his road trip, thanks to a wireless laptop and a video camera.

Up next, both Scoble and Jeremiah “Web Prophet” Owyang announce they plan to stream live video from the Web 2.0 conference.

This is cutting edge stuff. Question is, how can it be leveraged?

Contextual Ads Coming to Naked Videos

Robert Scoble has a video interview with Drew Lanham, Senior Vice President for Nexidia, a company that can match contextual ads, such as AdWords, with keywords from audio files of podcasts or videos.

How’d they do it? They match the phonetics of the audio to a database and display ads that match the phonetics.

Watch the video to see how it works.

I’m guessing this matches up perfectly with Google’s recently expressed thoughts on acquisition targets. ;-)