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Live From Your Computer! It’s YouTube Events!

YouTube Live LogoYouTube has angered a lot of people lately with their forced Google+ comment update and their overly-aggressive copyright sweep. Today, they took a step toward getting back in the good graces by launching live events for (almost) every account.

Right now you’re probably saying to yourself. . . wait. . I thought YouTube already had live events. And you’d be correct-ish.

In the past, YouTube allowed favored channel owners to run live events. Many of these were tied to big concerts, video game releases and sports. You could also host a live event on Google Hangouts which would automatically show up on YouTube.

Now, it’s easier:

3 Branded Videos Land in YouTube’s Top Trends for 2013

youtube rewind 2013The end is near! The end is near!

The end of the year, that is and it seems to be coming at us faster than usual. Our top lists of 2013 trends continues today with the always joyous celebration that is YouTube Rewind.

Every year YouTube puts together a video that pays homage to artists that made you click to play over and over and over again.

Animals were all the rage this year. We learned what the fox says and how they eat their food. We found out what those NFL guys are really saying when their mics are off and we watched soldiers shake their booty 95,426,415 times.

No Monetization For You! YouTube Goes on an Infringement Claim Rampage

youtube monetizationI don’t post a lot of videos to YouTube but what I do post is almost always related to TV. I post videos of TV show swag, clips of actors at conventions and sometimes I post DVD or website reviews. I don’t use unauthorized clips, photos or music. I monetize my videos like any good marketer should and I’ve never had a problem.

Until now.

Last week I got this email:

We have not been able to confirm your commercial use rights to all the elements of your video.

We may consider your video(s) for further review provided you verify that you are authorized to commercially use all of the elements of your content. This includes all video, images, music, video game footage, and any other audio or visual elements. Learn more

Babies, Familes and Controversial Boxers: What Were 2013′s Most Searched Ads

Though many people go out of their way to avoid commercials, there are a handful that create the opposite reaction. These commercials are so funny, so offensive, or so touching that people actually use a search engine to find them online. What’s the secret to their success? Maybe you can figure it out after you peruse Bing’s Most Searched Advertising Campaigns and Brands 2013.

We start with the top advertising campaigns.

First place goes to Old Spice. This old-school shaving lotion has managed to reinvent itself with a wacky series of commercials that consistently go viral. This year they did it with a buff baby and a watermelon. Baby currently has 10,231,767 views. Here’s a look at the watermelon ad.

YouTube Responds to Comment Backlash By Improving the Bob Filter

youtube bobWhen YouTube switched the entire site over to the Google+ based comment system, I’m sure they thought they were doing what was best for everyone. Or, they didn’t care and they just wanted to increase traffic to Google+ for all sorts of financial reasons.

No, that can’t be it. A site that depends on the continued presence of content providers and users would never put financial gain in front of user satisfaction. . . would they?

Either way, they made the change and the Bob Army arrived – guns a blazing.

YouTube Adds Group Analytics and Warns Users Not to Try Gaming the System

groupsYouTube just rolled out a new analytic tool that allows you to aggregate data on a specific group of videos. For example, if you have both cooking videos and home decor videos on your YouTube channel, you can put them into separate analytic groups to get a clearer picture of how different types of content are performing.

To create a group, just go to your analytics page and click the Group button. From here you can choose to see an overview of the groups you’ve created or start a new one. Name it. Choose the videos that belong in that group and save. To view the stats on a group, use that same button and then select the group from the list.

YouTube Will Advertise Your Channel for FREE with New Fan Finder Program

You don’t often hear about a social network offering free advertising but YouTube is doing just that. They know that if your channel becomes more popular, YouTube will become more popular and that will result in bigger ad dollars from the big boys in the end.

Yes indeedy, this time YouTube is doing something for the little guy.


The Fan Finder program matches your content to viewers who have shown an interest in similar subject matter. Then, it shows them your channel ad – which they can skip – in the hope that they’ll click and subscribe.

The first thing you have to do is create a channel ad. Here are YouTube’s suggestions on that: