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Advertisers Moving Ad Dollars from TV to Online Video Options

The shift to online spend from traditional media (in this case TV) has been steady across the board as advertisers are starting to more fully understand the value of being in both places vs. taking a “one or the other” approach. It only makes sense.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has taken a keen interest in this shift (hmmmm, I wonder why?) and has provided some ‘evidence’ as reported by eMarketer. The following data does not address the percentage of spend that advertisers are looking to shift but with the large percentage of advertisers doing it the dollars will start to grow.

Shifting TV to Digital Dollars

NBC News Buys Stringwire and Gives Power to the People

stringwireNBC News has acquired a new user-generated, live video service called Stringwire which they’ll use to help gather on-the-scene coverage of breaking stories.

The company’s name is probably a combination of two terms commonly used in news journalism – stringer and wire. A stringer is a freelance journalist or photographer who sells his content to a news “wire” for distribution to a variety of news outlets. It’s a grand old system that has been around since newspapers began and it works because you can’t have a reporter standing by in every city waiting for news.

Stringwire takes that concept a step further with a system that turns every person with smartphone into a news producer.

Here’s how the New York Times explains it:

Instagram Adds Ability to Import Video But MixBit Steals the Digital Show

oscar short filmYouTube elevated the lowly home movie to a work of art. Vine taught as that amazing things can come in small packages. Now, two other companies are pushing the power of home-made video and they’re not stopping until someone wins an Oscar.

Don’t laugh. It could happen.

We begin with the latest upgrade from Instagram, dramatically titled 4.1.

Back in June, Instagram, everyone’s favorite photo filter app, added the ability to create tap and shoot videos. This put them in line with the current king of mini-movies, Vine.

But yesterday’s upgrade arrived with a game-changing feature — the ability to import and edit video from your mobile library.

That means you can take those two hour videos of your dog chasing seagulls on the beach and cut it down to only the very best, 15-second moment.

Record Broken: Americans Viewed 20 Billion Video Ads in June

star trek TVIt’s time to check in with comScore Video Metrix to find out how many people watched online videos in June.

Drum roll. . . .

183 million Americans watched more than 44 billion online content videos.

They also watched more than 20 billion video advertisements popping up from only 15.8 billion in May. And people say the internet is dead in the summer.

Google Sites (YouTube) retained their crown with 158.3 million unique viewers. They also had the top “most minutes per viewer” number by far with 500.1 minutes. Every other service came in under 89 minute mark.

Facebook came in second with 61.6 million unique viewers. A year ago, they were fifth with 46,437, so they must be doing something right. AOL maintains the third slot which they claimed a year ago with 51 million.

Were You Planning on Buying Hulu? Too Late! It’s No Longer for Sale

Not-for-saleI was thinking about buying Hulu. I’m a big fan of classic TV and I love streaming shows on my iPad so I thought, why not? I know the company isn’t making a profit but I figured that with my love of television, I could turn that around. Stock the place with old Lost in Space episodes and run 50′s b-horror movie marathons on the weekend – the subscribers would come running with fistfuls of cash.

Alas, my dream of being Hulu’s next CEO are over because Hulu is no longer for sale.

I don’t feel too bad, because it’s not like they sold the company to someone else. Nope. The owners decided to keep it after all. They even agreed to dump more cash into the site – a full $750 million – in order to “propel future growth.”

Instagram Enables Photo and Video Embedding

Instagram-logoIn a bid to get its content spread across more of the Internet, Instagram has announced that it has enabled video and photo sharing.

The Verge reports

Instagram has just announced that all public photos and videos posted by its users are now embeddable anywhere on the web where HTML is supported, a move that should make Instagram content far more visible across the internet. When viewing an Instagram photo or video through the web interface, you’ll see a new “share” button that pulls up an embed code you can drop into any site that supports HTML. Instagram says only publicly-shared photos will have the “share” option, and the embedded content links back to the original photographer’s Instagram page.

Video: The NBA Draft Through Google Glass (Sort Of)

I was alerted to this video by Greg Matthews and thought it was interesting enough to pass along to everyone.

The basic premise is that the NBA’s second pick in the draft, Victor Oladipo, was going to wear Google Glass to record the entire process of being drafted by the Orlando Magic. Let’s just say it didn’t go as planned since Glass creates some issues for some organizations. The best laid plans …….

The experiment was conducted by Nilay Patel who is managing editor at The Verge. He has some pretty strong feelings about Glass as reported in this article over at Fast Co.Labs

“Glass, I think, is pretty useless for normal people,” says managing editor Nilay Patel at the Verge. “It just doesn’t add value to your everyday life. But as a media person–someone who makes stories–it’s a head-mounted Internet-connected camera that celebrities want to wear. It is a narrative tool unlike anything else.”

The full Verge article is here.

The video is here.

Patay’s assessment of the sum total based on his vision was as straightforward as his opinion of Glass for the everyman.