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Google, Diet Coke & Mentos – the Perfect Menage a Trois?

Google just sent me an example of how their Google Video sponsorship’s can work. The video is very cool, with 200+ diet Coke bottles and a bunch of Mentos used to create a domino-effect display. The sponsored ad – which is assumed to be courtesy of Coke – comes at the end.

And you thought the fountains at the Bellagio were cool.

Now, here’s a question for you. Is a viral video, really viral if Google has to use its PR team to spread the word? :-)

Update: More at the official Google Blog.

GreedTube Offers Revenue Sharing Alternative to YouTube

Sid has details of GreedTube which looks almost exactly like YouTube, except it offers those submitting videos the chance to share in AdSense revenue.

The service is simple. It asks for your usual information like title and description, and also for your embed code for the video on YouTube and AdSense ID. Once you’ve submitted it, your video goes onto GreedTube — which does look awfully a lot like YouTube — and you get to share 50% of the revenue made on the AdSense clicks.

Needless to say, it’s attracting videos that are a little risque.

Google Reveals Master Plan for Video AdWords

Over at the Inside AdWords blog, comes news that Google is launching video ads for AdWords. Now, don’t go getting all excited about running video ads on Apparantly, running video ads on the Google network would devalue the user experience, but running them on Google’s AdSense network, well, those people don’t have any self-respect so they’re fair game. ;-)

What exactly are we getting from the new video ads?

First, as with all AdWords ad formats, video ads will compete for placement on sites in the Google content network with other text, Flash and image ads — and, as with our other image ad placements, you can choose to bid on a CPC or CPM basis.