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4 Amazing Startups Marketers Need to Watch in 2014

At the end of the year, Venture Beat posted an article titled “26 amazing startups you need to watch in 2014“. I’m a big fan of start-ups, so I read the piece and was struck by how many of these ideas could be the next big thing for marketers. So I’m here to boil down their list to my picks for what could be the next Instagram, Vine, or Pinterest of 2014.


This iPhone app is the bridge between Vine and full-blown video editing. You’re still working with six second clips, but instead of looping, Cameo let’s you string those clips together to make a two-minute movie. They want you to tell a story with a beginning, middle and end. To help you, they have preloaded themes and trendy music that’s free to use.

Be Prepared to Waste the Day: Vine is Now on the Web

vine chickenYou know how it’s hard to eat just one potato chip? Or two. Or six. . . good luck turning away from the next generation of Vine – Vine on the Web. (Which I really want to call Vine on the vine even though it makes no sense).

When you login at you can view your home feed. You can also like, comment and share videos from the page. When you “revine” a video it adds that video to your home page profile, which you can also access via the web portal. If you want it to show up on Twitter, that’s a different button.

Video Playback Problems? Most Consumers Blame it on the Brand

YouTube watchersVideo buffering feels like a thing of the past. Staring at your screen for three minutes watching nothing but a line slowly crawl across the screen. It’s frustrating and it’s still happening. Happened to me while using my iPad to access YouTube just yesterday.

According to a study by Brightcove, 75% of all YouTube watchers sometimes experience buffering or freezing. 33% said it happens on half of all the videos they try to access.

And what happens when this happens? One third of viewers give up and move on. Given that people watch an average of 6 billion hours of video on YouTube every month. . . well, you can do the math. . because I can’t.

App Marketers: You Can Now Add Video to Your Facebook App Center Page

To download or not to download? That is the question consumers ask when they see a new app or game. Even if the download is free, no one wants to waste their time with a poorly made or boring game. Written text is fine but screen shots are usually the ingredient that pushes them one way or the other. But what’s better than a screenshot? How about a video that shows the app in action?

app videos

Facebook just gave app developers the ability to place a video trailer above the fold on their app’s page. Just like video ads in the newsfeed, app center videos will begin to play as soon as someone hits the page. The sound will be muted until the person clicks the video which is actually a little confusing. I can see consumers everywhere switching their headphones on and off wondering why they can’t hear anything.

What Are We Watching?! Mobile Video Views Double in Under a Year

disneycollectorbr I read the craziest thing on TubeFilter today. They just put up a post listing the top 100 Most Viewed Channel on YouTube for November 2013. Most of them are channels dedicated to popular singers like Katy Perry and Rihanna. There are some comedy channels, IGN and Minecraft makes the list and then there’s DisneyCollectorBR.

This channel came in 5th with 164 million views in November. It’s Disney, right? So why the surprise? Because it’s not Disney. It’s not even what it sounds like from the title. It’s a collection of unboxing and toy review videos dedicated mostly to Play-doh and Surprise Egg sets. That’s it. And this person is raking in the traffic. How insane is that?

Facebook Rolls Out Autoplay for Paid Video Ads. This is Only a Test

facebook video adsAttention! Attention! This is a message from the Facebook Marketing Alert system. This is only a test.

Starting right now, some people, when scrolling through their newsfeed on their PC or mobile, might see some video ads that start to play automatically.

Facebook tested the idea first with videos that were shared from person to person. When the videos started automatically they saw a 10% increase in engagement.

For marketers, this is a good thing. Not only does engagement increase but at the end of every video ad is the option to watch several more video ads. All the marketer needs to do is create a video captivating enough to leave people wanting more.

Live From Your Computer! It’s YouTube Events!

YouTube Live LogoYouTube has angered a lot of people lately with their forced Google+ comment update and their overly-aggressive copyright sweep. Today, they took a step toward getting back in the good graces by launching live events for (almost) every account.

Right now you’re probably saying to yourself. . . wait. . I thought YouTube already had live events. And you’d be correct-ish.

In the past, YouTube allowed favored channel owners to run live events. Many of these were tied to big concerts, video game releases and sports. You could also host a live event on Google Hangouts which would automatically show up on YouTube.

Now, it’s easier: