Meet the people behind the news at Marketing Pilgrim.

Andy Beal – Founder & Publisher – all posts

Andy Beal is an award-winning blogger and internet marketing expert. Andy has been the first to publish many exclusive stories on Google, Yahoo, Ask and many other internet marketing companies. You can view Andy Beal’s full bio here.

Frank Reed – Managing Editor – all posts

Frank is an account executive at Peak 10 in Raleigh NC. Peak 10 is a provider of production level cloud services, colocation services and other managed services. He has started a blog providing content about the Raleigh data center market and other local IT information. He also consults as a content producer for high tech companies.

In the past, as an Internet marketing consultant, he has helped companies like Brinks Home Security, Sony, eLearners, Quest Software and others with their online marketing efforts.

You can reach Frank on Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.

He lives in NC with his wife and 3 kids. He is available to talk about business most times and sports at any time.

Cynthia Boris – Senior Contributor – all posts

Cynthia Boris is a freelance writer, social media consultant and a firm believer that content is still king. A former magazine staff writer and book author, she now devotes all of her time to the world wide web.

Joe Hall – Features Writer – all posts

Joe Hall is a bona-fide web head, code poet, marketer, writer, and artist at JOZSOFT. Follow Joe on Twitter today.

Jordan McCollum – Retired 😉 – all posts

Jordan McCollum has worked in search engine optimization with clients including 3M, Little Giant Ladders and ADP. After graduating from Brigham Young University, Jordan joined the SEO copywriting team at the Internet marketing firm 10x Marketing. After 10x closed its doors in December 2006, Jordan became a freelance writer and Internet marketing consultant specializing in SEO. She also has extensive experience with web analytics, conversion rate enhancement and e-mail marketing.

Born and raised in Durham, North Carolina, Jordan now makes her home in Utah Valley with her husband and two children. She maintains a personal blog at MamaBlogga.

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