Marketing Pilgrim Praise

We hope that you’ve already discovered that Marketing Pilgrim is the only resource you need to keep updated on the latest marketing news. In case you needed further convincing, here’s what others are saying.

“Andy Beal is one of the Web’s leading search experts — dare I call him a pundit? He is always out ahead of the market in his understanding of search trends. I read Marketing Pilgrim through my Bloglines reader all the time, and have referred him many clients.” Jim Lanzone, former CEO,

“With Marketing Pilgrim, Andy Beal set the standard–illustrating and documenting the use of web-based marketing techniques that have a significant impact on the bottom line.” David L. Sifry, Founder and Chairman, Technorati, Inc.

“…they have fantastic ideas on marketing, blogging and provide some very interesting reviews of the latest and greatest in SEM. Andy’s blog is one of the few “out of industry” blogs that I read because of the product highlights and new features.” Automotive Housewife

“…MP gives me a fair bit of confidence that I will catch anything really important going on in our industry…I like the tone and style of Andy’s writing as well as his contributors…” Distilled

“…One of the biggest reasons that I’m a loyal MP reader is because Andy always responds. He is a huge name in the industry and even though I’m sure he’s swamped with a million tasks he takes the time.” Alibi Productions

“I often get the buzz from Marketing Pilgrim days before I hear it elsewhere on the net.” She’s Right

“…it’s one of the best, most well written marketing blogs I’ve come across…I find myself getting most of my industry news from their website first…They’re also not afraid to give their opinion.” Print This

“These guys think outside of the box – in fact, they broke the box down and took it out back and burned it, so there’s really no box any more.” SEO Service Provider

“…Marketing Pilgrim also keeps me in the loop on the latest happenings on the web that may affect marketers positively or negatively.” Cyberpartygal

“The Marketing Pilgrim folks are challenging, insightful, and witty.” Blogging with Cents

“…I have been one of your readers for over a 18 months and read every one of Marketing Pilgrim’s posts because they’re damn good – they give excellent analysis of both marketing and web analytics…” Web Metrics Guru

“…Marketing Pilgrim, is a must read that I’ve been subscribed to for quite some time…Andy’s perspective is different from mine and I’m able to learn much from it” The Marketing Technology Blog

“The reason I use is because they tend to cover stories quickly and deviate just the right amount from your standard search marketing publication.” WebConnoisseur

“Andy does a great job of keeping his content very fresh with the latest trends and occurrences in the Internet Marketing world…Andy inspires me as a blogger mainly because he is creative. He knows how to really think outside the box.” Brian Chappell

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