Yahoo, Microsoft and AT&T Sour Grapes in Google, DoubleClick Deal

What is the best way to act, when you’ve been out-bid for DoubleClick by Google. You walk away with your head held high and at least keep your dignity, right?

Not if you’re Yahoo, Microsoft or AT&T you don’t. According to CNET, having lost out to Google, the three jilted-suitors are starting a campaign to push regulators to examine the $3.2 billion purchase of DoubleClick.

Although the companies have yet to file any formal objections with regulators in the U.S. or Europe, they are beginning to publicly voice their concerns, according to a source close to one of the companies…If the deal goes through, Google would account for 80 percent of the ads served up on the Internet, the source said.

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Live Video Streaming Coming At Us Fast!

Wow, where did this come from? Over the past 24 hours I’ve watched live video streaming become the next hot topic on the web.

First, inspired by, Chris “I live on the lunatic fringe” Pirillo decided to start a live internet video stream of him at his computer. Bringing in (the live video technology) Skype, Twitter, chat rooms and a whole host of other technology.

Then Robert “PodTech” Scoble decided to live stream his road trip, thanks to a wireless laptop and a video camera.

Up next, both Scoble and Jeremiah “Web Prophet” Owyang announce they plan to stream live video from the Web 2.0 conference.

This is cutting edge stuff. Question is, how can it be leveraged?

Google Wants You to Disclose the Paid Links it Can’t Find

UPDATE: Google now wants you to use the “report spam” form to snitch on any site that you feel might be selling links!

Ok, so we know that Google frowns on paid links. We know that they gave us “nofollow” for one reason, then used it as a backdoor to weed out paid links. Fair enough, it’s their search engine, they can make the rules.

Now, Matt Cutts is suggesting that webmasters disclose all of their paid links. Yep, he wants you to help Google find the links they should discount.

The other best practice I’d advise is to provide human readable disclosure that a link/review/article is paid. You could put a badge on your site to disclose that some links, posts, or reviews are paid, but including the disclosure on a per-post level would better. Even something as simple as “This is a paid review” fulfills the human-readable aspect of disclosing a paid article.

A Few Tips for Exponential Blog Growth

After last week’s blog promotion idea contest (and winner), here are a few more interesting tips on blogging today from around the net:

As I sometimes like to say, “blog on wit’ yo’ bad self.”

Google Acquires DoubleClick for $3.1 Billion

After much speculation, Google has indeed acquired advertising network DoubleClick for $3.1 billion.

DoubleClick, founded in 1996, offers a digital marketplace that connects advertising agencies, marketers and Web site publishers seeking to place online ads. It has more than 1,500 corporate clients.

As the NYT points out, the acquisition gives Google firm footing in display advertising and a ready made list of client relationships.

“Google really wants to get into the display advertising business in a big way, and they don’t have the relationships they need to make it happen,” said Dave Morgan, the chairman of Tacoda, an online advertising network. “But DoubleClick does. It gives them immediate access to those relationships.”

USA Today Make Over a Success?

It’s been over a month since USA Today launched their new social-network-influenced redesign. The initial response was extremely negative; within a few days there were hundreds of comments on the announcement story, and over 90% were negative.

Today, MediaPost reports that USA Today’s online registrations are up 380% since the makeover. (It doesn’t mention how much of the 308% increase was created by visitors who registered for the sole purpose of complaining about the redesign.) Also up is their unique visitors (increased 21% since February, according to Nielsen//NetRatings). Last month they had 40,000 comments on the site.

So is USA Today’s social make over a success? If those numbers were our only indicators, I’d say yes.