Our "Not-Made-For-Digg" Pledge

I know this is going to sound like linkbait, but it’s not.

I’m getting tired of reading blog posts that are simply pandering to Digg users. You all know the format: catchy title, top 10 list, praising Digg, Google, Apple, etc. The very fact that I’m now able to pick these posts out, suggest it won’t be long before the majority start recognizing the same pattern.

While I’ll admit Digg sends a lot of traffic, and I’m always happy to see a post here make the Digg homepage, I don’t want to fall into the trap of writing posts that attract Diggers and don’t appeal to our regular readers.

We Need Your Blogging Advice for a Local NBC Affiliate

Earlier this week, I had the chance to join a group of bloggers for lunch at the studios of NBC 17. They were kind enough to invite us out, feed us and provide a tour, in exchange for our thoughts and feedback on blogging and consumer generated media.

They’re still trying to figure out how consumer media could help them strengthen their #3 position in the local market (they’re behind the local CBS and ABC news affiliate), and so were open to all suggestions.

Of course, it’s hard to make recommendations, when the station itself is not sure of their end goal, but here are a few things I suggested:

Channel Sponsors

Another MyBlogLog Hack?

Just when MyBlogLog plugs the hole on one exploit, Jeremy Schoemaker finds another one.

Want to browse other blogs as Scott Rafer, Jason Calacanis or Jeremy Zawodney? Head over to Shoemoney to learn how, before MBL makes the fix.

On one hand it’s funny, on the other hand it’s somewhat concerning that MBL has so many “easter egg” vulnerabilities.

UPDATE: And it’s fixed. Those guys work fast!

How (& Why) to Break into Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is so popular that it’s gone mainstream—or at least gotten mainstream media coverage. Today’s Boston Globe features an article on mobile marketing (via MarketingVOX). I think it gets at the heart of the issue, accurately explaining why it’s such an attractive and controversial potential advertising platform, in these quotations:

“We’re calling the phone ‘the brand in your hand’ — you’re never more than a foot away from it, 24 hours a day,” said Fareena Sultan, associate professor of marketing at Northeastern University’s College of Business Administration. The challenge, Sultan said, will be to produce an advertisement for the phone “that excites the person holding it.”

Portland Search Marketers Head to SEMpdx SearchFest

If our readers ask us nicely, and we think it’s appropriate, we’re happy to give a shout-out for conferences and events.

This one goes out to all Portland (and pacific north-west) search marketers looking for an event in their neighborhood.

SEMpdx is hosting SearchFest 2007, a full-day search engine marketing conference.

Pilgrim’s Picks for Wednesday

It’s already a busy week for me – preparing for my gig down-under – and today I speak at TIMA’s seminar on reputation management.

Just in case I don’t get time to blog all the good stuff from the day, here are quick links to what’s buzzing…

The Best SEO Video Ever?

If you’ve been following Gareth Davies ECommerce Rocks video series, you’ll already know that he produces some fantastic stuff.

I recently worked with Gareth on a new video that has just launched. In it, I discuss recent developments with keyword suggestion tools and then discuss some basics of keyword research.

Now, I may be biased, but wouldn’t you agree this is one of the best produced SEO tutorial videos ever? (emphasis on the “produced”).

Enjoy and please share.

BTW, Gareth’s looking for more experts to join him on future videos and is also providing his video producing talents to clients, looking to “jazz-up” their content. Contact him, if you’re interested.