Search Spending Growing

Google’s not the only one growing. MediaPost reports that the entire search marketing industry is poised to grow as well.

Jupiter Research finds that 26% percent of companies with annual revenues of $50M or more “plan to increase spending on search engine marketing by more than 25% this year.” Another 28% of those companies will increase their SEM spending by 11% to 25%.

Reasons cited for the budget increases include rising keyword costs.

MediaPost also got comments on the findings from search marketers at SES this week. Unsurprisingly, most of them, like me, insisted that search is important and that large companies are beginning to see that. In fact, two people interviewed blamed the creative side of marketing agencies for holding the industry back:

Google Still Growing

Hitwise’s latest numbers indicate that Google, already the clear leader among search engines in the US, is still growing at a pretty healthy rate.
Hitwise search engine market share

All the other major search engines have declined in the last year. Google, on the other hand, now drives 64% of US searches—10% growth over last year.

I like the statement that Search Engine Journal quotes after the chart:

Yahoo! Search, MSN Search ( and each received 22, 9 and 3 percent respectively. The remaining 48 search engines in the Hitwise Search Engine Analysis Tool accounted for 5 percent of U.S. searches.

So, not only did Google grow 10% over last year’s numbers, but now we’re measuring 103% of all searches performed. Cool.

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Sitemaps Autodiscovery

Threadwatch reports the latest development in sitemaps: autodiscovery.

That’s right, not only can autodiscovery be useful in helping search engines find your FeedBurner feed, but now they’ll also be able to find your XML sitemap more easily. Back in November Google, Yahoo and MSN agreed on the XML sitemap standard. Together, they then launched to promote the standard.

Once again, Google, Yahoo, and MSN (and Ask) have agreed on the standard for sitemap autodiscovery. Google’s Webmaster Central Blog carries the announcement today.

So how do you get your sitemap autodiscovered? Include the following line in your robots.txt file:


(Of course, you’ll have to use the correct URL for your sitemap.)

Optimizing Your FeedBurner Feed

We all appreciate FeedBurner for giving us user-friendly subscribe links, manageable feeds, feed statistics and site statistics.

Of course, FeedBurner isn’t just about fun and handy features. Because they basically republish your blog content through their site, there has been some concern about duplicate content problems lately. Additionally, there’s a possibility that your feed might appear in search engine results or even outrank your blog.

There are a few solutions to this dilemma. Daniel at Daily Blog Tips recommends nofollowing your links to your FeedBurner feed. He suggests that this solution would decrease the likelihood that your feed page will outrank your actual blog or incur a duplicate content penalty.

FeedBurner’s official blog is also addressing the issue of SEO’ing your FeedBurner feed this week. Among the more interesting tips:

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Google Releases Detailed Content Network Reports

Google has released a new type of report named “Placement Performance Report.” With this report you get detailed statistics of where and how ads performed on sites within the content network. From Google:

Google is testing a new report type called the Placement Performance report so advertisers can view performance metrics for ads that may be running on URLs or domains within our content network.

Google has always provided full online statistical, conversion, and financial reporting for the Google AdWords program. Now with the Placement Performance report, you can gain greater transparency about your campaigns’ performance on the content network for the first time. This report is intended as a tool for you to make informed decisions on improving your campaign’s return on investment.

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British Government Asks Google for Help Fighting Cyber Bullying

The British education secretary, Alan Johnson, is using the media to try and convince Google to re-consider its decision not to join a government task force to stop the cyber abuse of teachers.

The search giant, whose YouTube subsidiary has been accused of allowing pupils to post humiliating clips of teachers in their classrooms, had previously turned down a place on the group….Mr Johnson said he would re-invite Google to join because he wanted to “talk through the issue” with the company and find a way that video-sharing sites and social-networking companies could give teachers victimised by anonymous persecutors a way to “seek retribution”.

Google states their decision is based purely on the lack of YouTube personnel in England. Meanwhile Johnson is wagging his finger at Google for not living up to its “social responsibility and moral obligation” to curb online bullying.