Spammers Force MyBlogLog to Update Features

I feel bad for the guys at MyBlogLog. Ever since being acquired by Yahoo, they’ve not exactly had a comfy ride. Things escalated this weekend, with reports that spammers had found an exploit that allowed them to add themselves as “co-authors” on as many communities as they wished.

Saturday evening, a member discovered an exploit where you could send someone a request to join their community as a co-author and then automatically approve the request.  In other words, someone (dare I call them a jackass) could force you to be a co-author of their community.  I have no idea why they would do this, other than a negligible bump in marketing, but who ever said jackasses made sense?

How to Go Viral and Get Famous

MarketingSherpa’s boasting a case study on how to get famous with viral marketing in one year (available free for a limited time). The subject of the case study isn’t the type of company I think of when I think “viral marketing success”—Arbor Networks is an enterprise security software company. But they made a goal for 2006 to be their “Big Year of Fame,” and created a comprehensive viral marketing strategy to accomplish their goal.

They set three ground rules for the campaign:

#1. Don’t blow your budget on a single campaign
#2. Don’t rely entirely on one single media
#3. Look different from the rest of the pack

To comply with Rule #1, Arbor diversified their campaign to attack in various forms, including podcasting, blogging, and an online game, while still maintaining the output of their popular white papers.

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Testing New Plugin to Reward Top Commentators

A few people have given me flack for my “Nofollow me to Wikipedia” campaign, suggesting that those in “nofollow” houses, shouldn’t throw stones. They’re referring to the fact that all links in the comments at Marketing Pilgrim have the nofollow command applied.

While others are testing removing nofollow from all comment links, I’ve decided to try another option. At the bottom of the sidebar, you’ll notice a new section labelled “top commentators”. Using this plugin, I’m allowing the Top 10 commentators each month, to have a sitewide backlink, without the nofollow attribute.

Cool huh?

Now, I can filter out any commentator I wish, so I’ll be watching for the “me too” comments in an effort to make the list, and the list will reset each month – so others have a chance to make it.

Google’s Search Results Defined Anna Nicole Smith’s Reputation?

This is sad to read. It appears Anna Nicole Smith paid a lot of attention to the search results associated with her name.

“She always had a laptop and she Googled her name, and she would read these articles that spoke badly about her,” said the bodyguard, who goes by the name of Big Moe. “She was just, was sad about that.”

It’s amazing how, in just a few short years, the public perception of someone can be greatly influenced by what appears on the first page of Google.

AdSense Arbitragers Using Free Domain Names Thanks to Loophole

It’s always satisfying to learn something new about an industry, and today brings to light a marketing practice, I never knew existed.

AP explores a loophole with domain registration, which allows anyone to return a registered domain name within 5 days and get a full refund. This has led to hundreds of thousands of domain speculators and search arbitragers registering domain names, testing which ones do well for type-in traffic, and getting a full refund on any duds.

During the grace period, the entrepreneur puts up a Web page featuring keyword search ads and receives a commission on each ad clicked…Addresses likely to generate more than the $6 annual cost of domain name are kept — not a high threshold given how lucrative search advertising is these days…The rest are thrown back into the pool on the fourth or fifth day, only to be grabbed by another group of domain name tasters.

Did-It’s Bill Wise Resigns as CEO

Why is it I get a strange sense of déja vu, while writing this news that Bill Wise has resigned from his position as CEO of Did-It?

Wise, who has worked with Did-It since January 2005 after being hired away from Ask Jeeves’ sales department, said his departure stemmed from a fundamental disagreement about the direction of the company. “I wanted to take the company in one direction. As CEO, and as a guy who really, really helped scale and create the brand that it has in the marketplace, that’s what I wanted to do,” said Wise

Well, considering founders Lee and Pasternack seem intent on attacking SEO and have a strange affection for comical frogs, I’m putting my money on Wise having the best idea for taking the company forward.

Google Testing Tabbed Adsense Ads?

Stanley Shilov is reporting the sighting of a new tabbed ad format for Adsense. The ads have three tabs for searches, web pages, and videos.

Screenshot #1
Screenshot #2
Screenshot #3

The ads are different in two distinct ways:

* They are tabbed. The three tabs deliver different content, titled Searches, Web Pages, and Videos.
* Two of the tabs have links that lead to Google search results and to Google’s Videos page, as opposed to the standard contextual ads that lead straight to the advertiser’s page.

From the looks of the ads, they may be a replacement for the default charity ads shown when Google decides it has no relevant paid advertisements available to show. As these don’t seem to be PPC links the question becomes, will Google pay for these clicks?