Wikipedia on Life Support; Would You Miss It?

Jason “I love SEO” Calacanis brings to light, news that Wikipedia has only enough funds to last 3-4 months. He believes that a few hard-core Wikipedians are being stubborn, by not considering advertising on the site.

I find it really ironic that a certain percentage (and I’m not gonna give percentages anymore) of the Wikipedia core team feel that they should decide for the entire Wikipedia audience the advertising policy….What happen to consensus people…80% of people would opt to see an advertisement and the vocal minority that controls Wikipedia with an iron fist/IRC channel will block it.

Thoughts? Would you be happy to have Wikipedia continue, even if it meant ignoring tolerating some ads? Would you even miss Wikipedia if it went away?

Yahoo Inks Mobile Advertising Deals in 18 Countries; Intel, Pepsi Sign-on

Ok, so unlike the Google/Vodafone announcement, news that Yahoo has signed some big name companies to deploy mobile ads to 18 countries, is significant.

Yahoo said it has signed up major advertisers including Hilton’s Embassy Suites, Infiniti, Intel Corp., Nissan, Pepsi & Co, Procter & Gamble Asia-Pacific and Singapore Airlines will be initial advertisers on Yahoo’s mobile advertising system.

While Google’s making deals to add maps to cell phones, Yahoo’s actually signing deals that will bring an immediate increase to the bottom line. Sure, you can argue that adding Google Maps to Vodafone, will bring greater exposure for Google and could lead to ads on those maps, but Yahoo’s deal will see immediate monetization of mobile content.

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Vodafone Customers Getting Google Maps for Mobile

One of the world’s largest mobile phone networks, Vodafone, has just announced a deal with Google that will see Google Maps integration for European mobile phone customers.

Google Maps for mobile, a downloadable java application, is expected to offer customers in selected markets easy-to-use maps and local listings, as well as local search and navigation capabilities. Customers will be able to enjoy unlimited use of Google Maps for mobile, subject to Vodafone data tariffs.

Ok, so it’s news. I’d assume that our readers would want to know about the deals Google is making, but is it really that big of a deal? It’s starting to feel overkill to keep posting every single deal that Google makes. There’s no financial details disclosed, so we don’t even know if this is a significant partnership or not.

If MySpace Can Block Copyrighted Videos, Why Can’t YouTube?

MySpace has announced a partnership with Audible Magic to identify and screen uploaded videos for copyrighted content.

Audible Magic uses audio fingerprinting technology to identify the audio digital signature in any video file and then looks for matches against a database of copyrighted content.

MySpace said it maintains a database of fingerprints uploaded by content owners. The blocking of unauthorized clips is on a voluntary basis to prevent the exclusion of materials that companies want to be uploaded, such as those by a company’s marketing department.

The process of identifying the audio channel from a video clip is a lot easier than trying to match the video content.

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YouTube’s Integration With Google Search Leading to "NSFW" Content?


That was my response when Barbara Coll shared with me the type of search results we can expect to see, with the integration of YouTube content with Google’s search results.

The “Webmama” searched for the rather innocent “shoes” on Google and discovered content that you wouldn’t expect, and certainly wouldn’t want your kids to see.

The description reads like – well – someone who uses a lot of swear words to get their point across. I hope Google is going to start filtering this kind of content…I don’t think they want the word fuc#!!k to show up in their results for consumer-based words like shoes.

Why in the world would they want to integrate YouTube with regular search results anyway?

dMarc Founders Quit Google; Could YouTube Guys Be Next?

Mediapost is reporting that the founders of dMarc, the radio advertising company acquired by Google last year, have resigned.

It appears the recent suggestions that Google and dMarc were not seeing eye-to-eye, on the best approach for selling radio ads, was more than just a small road-bump. Add to that, the fact that dMarc was unlikely to see the full $1.13 billion payout, as part of the acquisition structure, and you can see why Chad and Ryan Steelberg decided to take their $102 million in cash, and run.

…the two companies apparently differed over the need for a “human touch” in the sales process. Although dMarc was a pioneer in automated radio ad sales, the company still employed human beings to explain the dMarc system to prospective customers and tutor those who signed up. As Google began integrating dMarc’s system into Google AdWords, it pushed to limit the number of product reps. dMarc executives in turn blamed this policy for their sluggish revenue results.