Welcome New Pilgrim Partner – Best of the Web Directory

Time for one quick post to welcome the latest Pilgrim Partner and sponsor, Best of the Web Directory.

I’m excited to have such a great company represented on Marketing Pilgrim. BOTW is the internet’s oldest web directory and one of the most authoritative. If your site, or your client’s, is not already listed, you should head over there immediately!

If you’re a blogger, they have a directory just for you too.

We have just a couple of ad slots left, so email me if you’re interested.

Gearing up for Election 2008: the PPC Campaign

Presidential hopefuls for 2008 have already started campaigning online. With websites, blogs, vlogs from everyone from John Edwards to Sen. John McCain, the Internet is beginning to be inundated with ’08’s hopefuls—except in one area: pay-per-click.

Daily Kos reports Sunday on the pay-per-click race so far:

Republicans seem to be first out of the starting gate in the paid search arena.

[Mitt] Romney is clearly the most aggressive advertiser with his name displaying on searches for himself and five other candidates. I wonder if his neglect of the rest of the field (including Gingrich) is a clue as to his opinion of their competitiveness or likelyhood [sic] of entering the race. Romney and McCain are the only candidates to advertise on competitor’s search terms.

The most striking observation is that none of the leading Democrats are advertising at all. Obviously, it is still early, but these ads aren’t expensive and they can generate traffic and help to channel prospective supporters. Republicans are in this game by themselves. [emphasis added]

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CBS Turns Down $50m Booble.com Super Bowl Ad

Do you remember the adult search engine Booble.com, which originally launched with a logo that looked very similar to Google’s?

Not only is the site still around, but it offered CBS $50 million to air a Super Bowl ad. CBS – not looking for any fines – turned them down.

Booble claims that their commercial is far “tamer” than the GoDaddy add which ran in 2005, and says their commercial is pretty funny (which Super Bowl ads are not?) and features a woman catching her husband trying to secretly check out a few adult sites (I don’t think many wives would think that’s funny, would yours?). Booble credits the tight commercial restrictions to the Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction” a few years ago.

Would You Trust Your Social Security Number to a Search Engine?

StolenID Search is a new search engine that claims to tell you if your personal information has been stolen or shared on the web. An offering of TrustedID, StolenID Search scours more than 2 million pieces of information, to see if you’ve been compromised.

Here’s the problem I see with the service. Go and check it out for yourself. All you have to do is enter your credit card or social security number and let StolenID Search do the rest.

Are you frickin kidding me?

Do you seriously think I’m going to enter my SSN into a search engine I know nothing about. Even AOL and Google have a hard time keeping personal data safe, yet you expect me to trust you with my data?

MyBlogLog Straining Under the Load?

You may have noticed that I have again removed the MyBlogLog widget.

Over the weekend, I noticed – as did others – that MP was taking far too long to load. After a quick analysis using the nifty OctaGate SiteTimer, I managed to isolate the offending item. The MyBlogLog widget.

Here’s a snapshot showing the widget taking almost six seconds to load.

I email the MyBlogLog team to see if a server had gone down again, but have not heard back as of yet. I’m not the only one that appears to be affected, TechCrunch was having the same issue and Michael Arrington has removed the MBL widget too.

LinkedIn Raises Another $13m, What Are They Planning?

Michael Arrington has news that business social network LinkedIn has secured another $12.8 million in financing.

LinkedIn has seen great growth, with $10 million in revenue in 2006 – impressive for any social network – and the successful launch of LinkedIn Answers. So, the question is, with that type of success, what do they need the money for?

Clearly they have plans to roll-out new features but would they need $13m for that? Maybe they’re looking to make an acquisition, which is what my money would be on.

Not All Google Referrals Are Search Related

Although the new Marketing Pilgrim Job Board is only a few hours old – awww, look at him, he has his father’s eyes – I’m already digging into the referral stats.

One thing I’ve noticed – and had noticed before with this site – is that not all Google referrals equate to search engine traffic.

I use both web logs and Google analytics to keep track of my traffic, but GA is the one I use for drilling-down into data. When looking at referral traffic for Google, I often see “google” sending me a lot of good traffic numbers. Over the past few months, I’ve also noticed an increase in the number of visits from “google.com”.