New Layer of Comment Spam Protection

As of today, if you decide to comment on any post at Marketing Pilgrim, you’ll see a new layer of spam protection. As long as you know basic math, you should have no problem posting your comment – and if you don’t know basic math, well…

This has already cut down automated comment spam to virtually zero, and should help me better identify false-positives in Akismet. However, as it’s new, please let me know if you find any bugs, or your comments don’t appear.


V7N Enters the Link Buying Business

Peter da Vanzo on V7N’s SEO blog announced Wednesday that V7N is entering the link buying field. No, they’re not buying links for themselves—they’re offering a service similar to Text Link Ads. But, of course, different.

V7N boasts that their Contextual Links system is superior to any other link buying because the links they’re selling are completely “unmarked” and undetectable as paid links to Google or anyone else. The links are also better because they’re one-off payments of $20 per link. Best of all, as “contextual” links, they occur in sentences. V7N says that “For SEO purposes, contextual links are unbeatable.”

The links are permanent, and presumably one-way, links. Publishers, who earn $10 per link, are not required to make any comments or endorsements. It doesn’t appear that publishers are required to disclose the relationship at all. V7N says most of their publishers are blogs.

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Calling Ex-MarketSmart Interactive Employees

Guys/Gals, I’m working on a better way to put you in touch with prospective employers (stay tuned). In the meantime, I have a few opps to pass on.

Email me : andy.beal AT

Please include, areas you have expertise in. For example copywriting, PPC management, SEO, sales etc. A resume is even better. An attached photo helps me remember you too! (I’m great with faces or URLs, not so much names) ;-)

I’ll then send you the opportunities that have been sent to me.

MIVA Launches New Ad Solutions for Publishers

Publishers and bloggers, looking to monetize their site, have a new option to consider with today’s launch of MIVA MC. Any publisher in the U.S. or U.K. can apply for a MIVA MC account, and if accepted into the program, can display a wide array of ads on their site, including:

  • Content Ads: keyword or contextually targeted Pay-Per-Click Ads displayed in fully customized implementations beside site content.
  • MIVA InLine Ads: Pay-Per-Click Ads that appear when users mouse over hyperlinked keywords within actual site content.
  • Search Ads: Pay-Per-Click Ads displayed in response to specific typed-in search queries.

North Carolina Desperate to Lure Google

Yesterday’s print edition of the Raleigh News & Observer has a huge piece on what NC is doing to try and convince Google to build a server farm in Lenoir (which is located in the west of the state).

Lenoir and Caldwell County are in dire straits, especially since they relied heavily on a now defunct furniture industry. It’s so bad there that Caldwell County Economic Development Commission and Duke Energy have bought up 150 acres just in case Google selects Lenoir. In addition, state and local governments are willing to forgo real estate taxes for 30 years, worth $100 million, in a desperate effort to attract the $600 million operation and the 210 related jobs.

Busy Morning, Lots of News

I had the pleasure of grabbing coffee with PR diva Cindy Akus this morning. She’s the one who helped us get many media mentions for WebSourced and Fortune Interactive, and is now available for your company via Crossroads PR.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t leave a lot of room for blogging this morning – maybe this afternoon I’ll have time. So, in the meantime, here’s what’s hot on Pilgrim’s Picks today:

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Acquisition Timeline

Pete Abilla has put together a neat timeline of acquisitions by Google, Yahoo and Microsoft using Ajax.