Can Textic Talk Help With Web Usability?

Usability diva, Kim Krause Berg, briefly mentions a new tool that reads the content on a web page – yes, it talks to you.

Obviously, the tool has benefits for those visually impaired, but Kim also points to another use – testing your copy to make sure it sounds right.

Unfortunately, my quick visit to the Textic Talk site was less than successful. The tool kepts restarting itself and was very jerky in its audio. It also sounded like it was placing the wrong emPHAsis on the wrong sylLAble. ;-)

Google Market Share Slide Just a Blip

We suspected Google’s recent market share slide was nothing more than an anomoly. Now Bill Tancer confirms that Google regained its market lead and then some.

Google’s market share:

July = 60.23%
August = 59.99%
4 weeks ending Sept 9th = 60.29

Phew, now we can all sleep easy.

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Snakes on a Search Engine

Forget Snakes on a Plane, there’s a bigger problem at Google’s Mountain View offices.

Judging by software engineer, Niniane Wang’s blog, it looks like snakes attacked the campus and brought down Google’s servers!

Someone snapped a photo of the suspected snake and signs point to one culprit…

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Quick Fix: Yahoo Becomes Default Search Engine on Acer Computers

SEW reports

…Yahoo has partnered with Acer, the fourth largest PC manufacturer to set the default search engine to Yahoo Search on those machines.

Quick Fix: 21 SEO Tips from Google’s Matt Cutts

SEO Egghead has compiled 21 top SEO tips from Google engineer, Matt Cutts.

Quick Fix: Track Links from Wikipedia Articles

Add this to your reputation monitoring toolbox. Steve Rubel tells us

Wikipedia has quietly rolled out a special page that lets you unearth all of the pages that link to a particilar Web site or page. It even covers discussion and other miscellaneous pages that are embedded deep inside the site.