Damn you Andy! How to win Marketing Pilgrim’s Search Marketing Contest

By Eric Hebert

Before I begin my rants on how to win this contest, I want to give a shout out to Andy Beal the Marketing Pilgrim for putting us up to the challenge in the first place. I have never in the three plus years of watching this industry been offered a better opportunity to make a name for myself amongst a rouges gallery of judges, and I think so far that I’ve done a pretty good job. I mean, c’mon, I’m doing great in the article department. My articles have been engaging from the get-go by having descriptive titles that not only featured keywords but also featured clever words to entice the reader to read further. These were probably obvious things to be aware of right from the get go. Aside from writing decent articles with proper grammar and paragraph structure, I was set to begin celebrating my victory.

SEO is Nothing but Karma

By Steven Bradley

Yep karma. Not the spiritual “Law of Karmaâ€? central to Eastern Philosophy, but the Americanized version of karma practiced by Earl Hickey every Thursday night. Do good things and good things happen. That’s really all it takes to succeed as an SEO. Karma. And maybe a little hard work.

“Ok you new age hippie freak. I’ll bite. How is karma supposed to help my site get more search traffic?”

By building a website that’s useful and usable. Give people something they want and give it to them for free. Maybe it’s information or some web tool that makes someone’s life easier. Give away something entertaining. You’ve been dying to star in a video anyway. Just make it something of value. Add to the web instead of creating more noise. That’s all good wouldn’t you say? Create something of value. Do good things.

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Aaron Says…

By Aaron Smith

Let’s face facts our customers only care about SEO if it brings them business.

There are many times that we SEO’s get hung up on search engine position and the ensuing traffic that should generate from a top spot. This is all fine and good and is great for our own personal satisfaction but what does position and traffic really do for our clients? The answer to this question is simply, absolutely nothing.

I have worked on many sites that I was able to get listed is some really choice positions in several large search engines. This position also generated quite a bit of traffic for each one of these sites day in and day out. The only problem with this comes with the statement “If I have all of these hits, then why doesn’t anyone buy from me?” This is the point that I had a revelation; SEO doesn’t mean squadoosh without appropriate marketing strategies being implemented on the site.

Do you still optimize your site for the search engines?

By Yuri Filimonov

It is been a while search engine optimization has entered the mainstream and everyone and their mouse has started offering SEO services. But what is it about search engine optimization that should site owners care about?

What is SEO?

By definition, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is optimizing a site (or a page) for the search engines (some may view it as optimizing the search engines themselves, but that’s another story). When optimizing a site, the following factors may be taken into account:

  • site crawlability (how easy the site is spidered by the search engine bots)
  • using the right keywords after the keyword research
  • placing the keywords right
  • having links from topical websites
  • having links with relevant text in the link (anchor) text

Shhhh!….the dirty little secret about sem seo certification

By David Temple

Back in the 20th century Danny Sullivan, a guy who seems to get ‘it’ long before most of us know what ‘it’ is, wrote an article about sem seo certification entitled “Promoters Call For Certification“. In that article he describes an open letter from Beyond Interactive, Mercury Seven, US Web and Web Ignite to the major search engines. These four firms were calling for the establishment of a certification program for optimization professionals from the search engines. After Danny gave his reasons why he believed certification wouldn’t be viable, he added, “Given this, it may make sense for the major search engines to consider experimenting with the GoTo model and accept paid links, especially for competitive terms”.

Tip # 1 – Whenever Danny Sullivan speaks, listen. Whatever he writes, read.

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

By Matt O’Brien

Oh those famous words heard a thousand times by countless kids everyday. So what did you say when you were asked? A Doctor? A Lawyer? What about a search engine marketer? The first two maybe but search engine marketer no way. I wanted to be an archeologist myself (thanks to Indiana Jones of course), but I never even heard of a search engine marketer before.

How non Techies Can Win In SEO

By Harmit S. Kamboe

If you are some one like me who has not written a line of code, but understand how critical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is, then fret not. Help, is at hand.

I have had the good fortune of stumbling across and being a part of the SEO industry and have found that SEO is more to do with good, logical thinking than any secret coding tricks.

Maximizing SEO return has two basic components:

1. Know the problem
2. Solve the problem

Know the Problem

By and large, the problems with SEO are two fold:

1. Search Engine Penetration