More Praise for SEO Business Consulting

I can’t tell you just how much satisfaction I get from helping a company understand its potential and benefit from my experience.

The icing on the cake, comes from feedback like this…

“I hired Andy Beal regarding a very specific set of problems my team was having… Within about twenty three minutes Andy spotted a few even bigger problems that I did not see, and within an hour Andy had a solution for each and every issue. Andy also gave me one subtle tip that will dramatically increase our profits!”

– Brett T. Smith, President, World Wide Internet Publishing Ltd.

Thanks Brett!

If I can assist your agency in developing its marketing services (search, blogging, CGM), please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Congrats to Jennifer Laycock!

Congrats to Jennifer on the birth of Emmitt Charles Laycock. My best wishes to you and your family!

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PayPerPost Gets $3m for Turning Blog Tricks

Marketing Pilgrim readers will no doubt remember the subtle jab I gave PayPerPost when they launched their service back in June.

It seems the service is doing well enough that an investment group just gave them $3m, according to TechCrunch.

Ask Upgrades Sponsored Listings and Bloglines has given users a twofer to start off their Monday morning.

First, the company has upgraded their Sponsored Listings program.

A new dashboard interface, bulk management tools, and an available application programming interface (API) simplify management of ASL for advertisers and agencies managing multiple campaigns.

Second, comes news that Bloglines has added some Ajax features to its navigation.

Google Buys Garage Where it all Began

The Google boys have come a long way since their start-up days in a rented garage. AP reports Brin and Page have purchased the home (and the garage) where the company first started.

So how much did they pay and do they plan to use the house as the latest datacenter? ;-)

Google declined to reveal how much it paid for its original home, but similar houses in the same neighborhood have been selling in the $1.1 million to $1.3 million range.

Google may use the home as a guest house, but nothing definitive has been worked out. “We plan to preserve the property as a part of our living legacy,” said Google spokesman Jon Murchinson.

$5,000 Search Marketing Scholarship Contest

I’m delighted to announce the Marketing Pilgrim Search Engine Marketing Scholarship contest.

We’re asking you to submit an article on search engine optimization, PPC advertising or social media for a chance to win a grand prize package that includes a four-day pass to Search Engine Strategies in December.

You can view the press release here and read full details of the scholarship and contest rules here.

SEO Community Announcements

Two announcements that you should consider…

1. Eric Ward has just launched a new newsletter. THE WARD REPORT will be published monthly and include a “Trend Watch” and “What Works” columns, along with other articles and how-to content.

2. Jill Whalen has a two-day seminar and workshop coming-up on October 19th in Dallas. MarketingPilgrim readers can enter “PILGRIM” for a 25% discount!