Display Ads and Search a Winning Formula?

Kevin Newcomb (happy birthday Kevin!) has details of a new study from Atlas Institute that suggests running display ads (must be a fancy name for “banner ads”) can help improve the results from a search marketing campaign.

The study, which looked at 11 direct response advertisers, found a 22 percent lift in conversions when users were exposed to both search and display ads from the same advertiser

Ok, so us marketers are encouraged to consider display ads alongside search, but don’t go rushing out to buy those fancy skyscraper ads just yet. Here’s some things to note…

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Invest in 37Signals

Congrats to the guys at 37Signals as they announce Jeff Bezos has made a personal investment in the company.

Here’s the scoop from the 37Signals blog

Since we launched Basecamp we’ve been contacted by nearly 30 different VC firms. We’ve never been interested in the typical traditional VC deal…We don’t need their money to run the business and our little black book is full. We’re looking for something else.

What we’ve been looking for is the wisdom of a very special entrepreneur who’s been through what we’re going through. Someone who sees things a little differently and makes us feel right at home. Someone with a long term outlook, not a build-to-flip mentality. We found a perfect match in Jeff. Jeff is our kinda guy.

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The Chris Pirillo Show Interviews Andy Beal

Thanks to Chris Pirillo for asking me to join him for the latest edition of The Chris Pirillo Show.

Listen to the podcast
as I discuss:

- the search engine optimization industry
- Google’s dominance of the search space
- why did Google send us aspirin?
- why do new Google products generate initial buzz then not live up to expectations?
- Fortune Interactive’s SEMLogic technology

Google Doubles Profit

In stark contrast to Yahoo’s 78% Q2 drop (compared to 2005), Google announced it more than doubled it’s earnings.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based company said it earned $721 million, or $2.33 a share, for the period ended June 30, up from $342.8 million, or $1.19 cents, a year earlier.

Sales surged 77% to $2.46 billion as the company placed more ads alongside its search results.

So, Google earned $721 million, or $2.33 a share and Yahoo earned $164.3 million, or 11 cents per share.

I predict an increase in Google’s PPS and a further reduction in Yahoo’s – I know, I know, I’m a genius! ;-)

Barry Schwartz Now a Looney-Tune?

So Barry Schwartz (aka RustyBrick) feels his current blogging outlets don’t really allow him to express his inner-self, so he’s started a new blog – The Cartoon Barry Blog.

He’s promised to disagree with Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Watch, so that in itself is worth a subscription! ;-)

When Raleigh Bloggers Attack!

If you live in Raleigh (and the Triangle area) and are interested in learning how to monitor blogs/forums and how negative media can impact your company’s reputation, feel free to join me on Tuesday July 25th.

I’ll be presenting at the lunch meeting of the Raleigh Public Relations Society (RPRS), here’s the details:

The meeting will take place from 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Bogart’s in downtown Raleigh. If you would like to attend the meeting, please RSVP via e-mail to rsvp@rprs.org by 5 p.m. on Friday, July 21. Reservations are needed to ensure that adequate seating is available. Cost to attend is $12 for members and $15 for guests and is payable at the door.

Hope you can join me!

Google Settles Scholar Trademark Suit

CNET reports that Google and American Chemical Society have settled their trademark lawsuit over Google Scholar.

“The ACS is pleased at the outcome of its lawsuit against Google,” an ACS representative said in response to a query from CNET News.com. “The settlement includes a confidentiality clause and as such the ACS will have no further comment.” A Google spokesman said the company was also “pleased that the case has been dismissed” but provided no further comment.