Yahoo Updates Toolbar, Adds Bookmarks

Yahoo’s launched a new version of their toolbar today and adding some cool new bookmarking options. Chris Sherman has the full details.

Yahoo has also made it easier to organize your bookmarks with this new version. “If you have a huge list of bookmarks, the new version of Yahoo bookmarks allows you to organize those in a very convenient fashion,” said Tomi Poutanen, Yahoo’s director of product management for social search.

The bookmarking feature uses folders as an organizing scheme. You can save a bookmarked page directly into an existing folder, or create a new one on the fly as you’re saving a bookmark. You can also manage your bookmarks later and create as many new folders as you like.

Can Google Grow Larger than Microsoft

The Boston Globe has a quick observation – Google could be larger than Microsoft by 2010.

Meanwhile, SEO Black Hat looks at whether Google could up like Atari. Post is worth reading just for the last image…”moohoowahaaa”. ;-)

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Blogging Scholarship for Students

Aaron points to a new blogging scholarship being offered to hard-up students that have a passion for blogging.

Yo Dog! Wanna Buy Digg?

TechCrunch believes Digg is close to closing around $5m in second round financing soon, as the company has failed to find a buyer willing to pay their asking price.

…Digg has been in recent acquisition discussions with a number of companies, including News Corp., according to multiple sources close to the negotiations. However, the company was unable to land an offer in the price range they’re looking for – at least $150 million – and will likely close a Series B round of financing instead.

If they get $150m, that would be a nice increase on the $30m Yahoo was rumored to be offering back in January.

Click Fraud Threatens…Yawn

There’s a reason I didn’t blog the Washington Post article on click fraud, this past Sunday. There wasn’t really anything new in the piece and it just felt like another opportunity to keep the “the search engine sky is falling” flame fanned.

Anyway, it did occur to me that you – my dear, beloved reader – may not have seen it, so I’m posting it just in case you missed Business Week’s take last month.

Mark your calendar for November 22nd – which will likely be the date of the next big “expose”. ;-)

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New Look for YPN Web Site

Jennifer Slegg – who I had the pleasure of finally meeting last week, and is wonderfully pleasant – points out a new look for the Yahoo Publisher Network web site.