Final Chance to Enter to Win the $6,000 SEM Scholarship!

While you may have missed out on your chance to enter weeks 1, 2 and 3 of our Search Engine Marketing Scholarship contest, today marks the start of week 4.

This is the final week for your entries. If you’ve been waiting for the last minute, this is the time to submit your great article and become our 4th finalist.

Please be sure to read all the rules and you have until 6pm Saturday ET October 28th to get your entry in.

Good luck!

SEM Scholarship Week 2 Winner Announced

Week 2 of our SEM Scholarship contest has concluded and we have our second finalist.

Congratulations to Ryan Bell who wins the second round with his entry – “Instant PPC Success for the Hometown Hero“. Ryan’s entry carried the most unique views of all our entries in week 2, with a total of 108 unique views to his page. The number of unique views, for entries, was down this week, which suggests the entrants didn’t focus on spreading the word about their article – a tip for future entrants, perhaps. ;-)

Ryan wins a copy of “Search Engine Optimization: An Hour a Day” and “Please Ring Bell for Service” and qualifies as one of four finalists, who will face our expert panel of judges, to determine who will win the $6,000 grand prize package.

Week 3 entries are now published
and we’re accepting entries for Week 4 (the final week), so get your creative hats on and submit your article!

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Search Engine Marketing Scholarship Contest Entries – October 23rd

We’ve uploaded the third round of our SEM Scholarship Contest entries and after a slow start, you guys came through with a lot of great content.

The following entries qualified for the week and we’ll track the traffic to each article over the next week. The most popular post of the week will secure the author one of four finalist positions for our grand prize giveaway.

Here’s the full list of article entries:

10 Ideas to Smooth Out Even Rough SEO/SEM Projects

SEM Seeks Compatible Organization For Long Term Relationship

My Site ranks better than yours…

Excuse my French: How to choose keywords for your regional market

Most SEOs are Virgins

SEO 2.0: Marketing, Analytics and the Evolution of the Industry

11 Steps to Becoming a Profitable, Self-Employed SEO

By Jeff Carey

In my opinion, few events are more exciting than putting a client on page one of the search results. A year ago, when I was just getting started and knew next to nothing about search engines, I discovered how to create basic PPC campaigns that amazed my customers, and paid my rent. Equipped with a new marketing tool, one campaign quickly turned into ten. A few months later I was managing nearly 50 campaigns and I made the decision to put aside my web design business and focus entirely on search. These are the eleven steps I took to become a profitable, self-employed SEO.

10 Ideas to Smooth Out Even Rough SEO/SEM Projects

By Scott Clark

Many of us have converged on Search Marketing from other disciplines, be it media marketing, advertising, web development or programming. This diversity is one of the reasons it’s so much fun to mingle compared to any one discipline.

But moving into SEM from other disciplines is not always easy. With web design and programming, the results are usually visible – there are phases of release and visible outcomes. The client nods approval while looking at a screen or printout and everyone moves down the project path. The ads run on the selected media property at the selected time. The ad proof is approved by the client before hitting the magazine. The client can be lazy in their review – they feel they’ve covered the bases by seeing something on the screen or in print. But you can’t “demo�? SEM results – there is no way to “beta�? a Google rank.

SEM Seeks Compatible Organization For Long Term Relationship

By Todd Mintz

“…I Know There Just Gotta Be A Better World Somewhere.�? B.B. King

Over the last several months, I’ve read multiple threads that noted the explosion in the number of SEO job listings. In these postings, people speculated whether this meant Corporate America was finally recognizing that Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has become an essential core competency that needed to be brought “in-house�?. I’ve also read a very funny article about the SEO hiring process from the employer’s perspective. However, I have yet to see any experienced SEO/SEM veteran write openly about their experiences looking for a new position. So, I figure that I have an opportunity to write one of the few SEO articles that has yet to be written:.)

My Site ranks better than yours…

By Julien Raby

The early days…

Do you remember when you first got into SEO? Personally, I was studying general Web Design when I first heard about it. My teacher was trying to explain us the value of a link and why Search Engines gives so much importance to it. He used the “courtyard metaphor�?. “In high School, there is the “Alpha Beta�? gang (Revenge of the nerds copyrights) and the nerds itself. Typically, the guys in the football team get more advantages and attention than nerds. But, if one of the big guys starts hanging with a nerd, it won’t go unnoticed. The nerd will suddenly become more popular. That’s the same thing with Websites and links. If you get a connection with the established ones, your popularity will grow�?. Although it was a questionable choice of metaphor to use in front of a bunch of apprentice programmers, we did understand well the value of a link.