Strategic Consulting with Converseon

One of the most exciting consulting partnerships I’ve forged over the last couple of months is with a company called Converseon. If you’re not familiar with Converseon, they are the leaders in what is fast becoming known as “Social Media Optimization” or what they call “Search 2.0″. They offer online reputation management solutions, which includes their proprietary SERMA platform; conversation mining; and search engine marketing.

In essence, they are the leaders in helping companies understand what is being said about their company, how to engage the conversation and then manage the results. They tying in “old-school” search engine optimization with fresh ideas and strategies.

ChaCha Starts Hiring Guides

ChaCha hopes to build a name for itself by offering human assistance with your next search query – think Yahoo Answers meets Wikipedia.

When it launched a couple of weeks ago, SEW reported that not just anyone could become a guide.

…you have to be “sponsored” (invited by an existing guide) and work your way up a hierarchy consisting of four levels.

Well, it looks like they scrapped that model already. Here’s a job listing I spotted today on Raleigh’s Craigslist…

Channel Sponsors

Avoiding Google Analytics Snow Blindness

The Unofficial Google Analytics blog offers up a quick guide to getting precisely what you need out of your Google Analytics account and avoiding what can be compared to snow blindness.

The best way to prevent this is to sit down with the appropriate people in your company and figure out what you really want to get out of Google Analytics.

Yahoo Partners with Al Gore’s Current TV

ClickZ reports Yahoo has partnered with Current TV – partly owned by former VP Al Gore – to launch some ad-supported video channels on Yahoo Video.

The Yahoo Current Network launched Wednesday with four channels: Yahoo Current Buzz, Yahoo Current Action, Yahoo Current Driver and Yahoo Current Traveler. Current Buzz showcases the most popular videos rated by users, along with editorially selected and professionally produced clips.

Could Microsoft Help Spread RSS Viruses?

I hadn’t given this topic any thought, but eWeek’s Jim Rapozas asks whether RSS could become a new platform for spreading viruses and trojans.

His reasoning comes from Microsoft’s plans to a integrate RSS support with IE7 and the new operating system, Vista.

While some might suggest we have nothing to worry about and Rapozas is simply looking to spread some FUD, it certainly could happen. When you consider that IE and Windows are constanly the focus of virus and trojan attacks – due to them being so widely used – Microsoft’s adoption of RSS could give cause to make it a focus for attack.

One of the ways RSS could be utilized to spread malicious content is via the RSS enclosure tag.

A Glut of Blog Ad Networks

If you’re looking to make some money from your blog, there’s never been so many advertising options to choose from, as now.

According to ClickZ, FM Publishing, AdBrite and BlogAds are all adding advertisers and publishers at a fast clip.

A special congrats to my pal John Battelle, his FM Publishing network is up to 200 sites.

Jail Time for Video Blogger

CNET has full details of the unfolding story of Josh Wolf, a video blogger who is prepard to go to prison instead of turning over some video footage he shot of a protest that turned violent.

Wolf, who said he has no plans to hand over the outtakes from a 2005 San Francisco demonstration against the G8 summit, initially had until Wednesday afternoon to return to the Federal Correctional Institute here, according to an order by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals revoking his bail Monday.