Explaining RSS to Your Mother? Let Oprah Help!

Steve Ruble points to a cute explanation of RSS feeds.

…to make RSS much easier to understand, in Oprah speak, RSS stands for: I’m “Ready for Some Storiesâ€?. It is a way online for you to get a quick list of the latest story headlines from all your favorite websites and blogs all in one place.

The guide also explains RSS readers and live bookmarks. It’s a perfect explanation for anyone who’s never heard of RSS before.

Google Fights Belgian Ruling – Round 3

While Google has complied with part of a recent Belgian court ruling – removing news stories from Belgian publishers – it’s fighting the requirement to display the court ruling, in full, on its homepage.

“We can confirm that we have lodged an opposition [to the ruling],” said Caroline Coesemans, an attorney for Stibbe, a Brussels-based law firm representing the US Internet giant.

“We argued that posting the link on the home page in Belgium is unnecessary given how much publicity this court case and the judge’s decision have received,” Google spokeswoman Rachel Whetstone said.

It does seem a little petty of the judge to ask Google to post the ruling in its entirety. Surely a link to the ruling would suffice.

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Inc. 500 Survey Shows 82% of Companies Use Word of Mouth

WOMMA extracts the most used marketing practices from a Inc. 500 survey.

Word-of-mouth tops the list with 82%. Others include…

* Email marketing (58%)
* Web-based keyword purchases (51%)
* Print magazines (50%)
* Direct mail (46%)
* Web banner ads (35%)
* Print newspapers (24%)
* Television (9%)
* Billboards (6%)

Yahoo and Facebook Talking Again

Just last week we speculated whether Facebook had missed the boat – when it turned down a rumored $1.4 billion offer from Yahoo – and is now worth just $140 million by some estimates.

Well, the WSJ is reporting Yahoo is in talks with Facebook again, this time for as much as $1 billion. Let’s hope Facebook doesn’t look a gift horse in the mouth and TAKES THE MONEY!!!

Of course, any deal with Yahoo would surely kick Microsoft and LookSmart to the curb.

Google Releases Upgraded Enterprise Search Appliance

The Official Google Blog has word of an upgrade to the Google Search Appliance.

The GB-8008 now searches up to 30 million documents (if you need more, just let us know). And we’ve added date and number range search plus support for 16 languages.

You can also learn more at the enterprise blog.

Yahoo Sees Advertising Slowdown, Share Price Drops

A double whammy for Yahoo. Not only did the company announce it is seeing a slowdown in advertising spend in its two hottest sectors…

Chief Financial Officer Susan Decker told investors at a Goldman Sachs media conference that Yahoo has seen “a little bit of weakness in the last few weeks” in auto and financial services advertising.

“It’s a new trend. It’s been two to three weeks and we don’t know yet if it’s an indicator of a broader slowdown,” Decker later told reporters at the conference.

It was also greeted with a 13% drop in share price because of the news.


Wize.com Offers Online Shopping with Social Media Twist

Lee Odden offers an intro to one of his clients, Wize.com. The site offers users the normal comparison shopping environment, but throws in a social media aspect as well.

Wize.com consolidates expert and consumer-written reviews for over ten thousand consumer products and then sorts them by “Wize Rank�, a score between 0-100. The “Wize Rank� score is determined by the content of the consumer and expert product reviews and provides a quick metric for comparison.

I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve seen a “hot deal” only to do some research and find out the product is a lemon. I’ll be giving Wize.com some attention and see if it can help cut out some of that research time.