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While you may have missed out on your chance to enter week 2 of our Search Engine Marketing Scholarship contest, today marks the start of week 3.

We expect week 3 to be a quiet week – with many procrastinators waiting until the final week (week 4) to submit their entry – so this could be a great opportunity for anyone looking to enter the $5,000 prize contest.

Please be sure to read all the rules and you have until 6pm Saturday October 21st to get your entry in.

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Search Engine Marketing Scholarship Contest Entries – October 16th

We’ve uploaded the second round of our SEM Scholarship Contest entries.

The following entries qualified for the week and we’ll track the traffic to each article over the next week. The most popular post of the week will secure the author one of four finalist positions for our grand prize giveaway.

Here’s the full list of article entries:

Estimating the Value of Search Engine Optimization

My Tips…

What Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans and SEO have in common?

Instant PPC Success for the Hometown Hero

The (Alleged) Miracle of Pay-Per-Click Marketing

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Week three, for submissions, opens today! If you feel inspired to submit your own article, you have until 6pm Saturday October 21st.

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Heading to Yahoo…

Light blogging until mid-week, as I’m spending a couple of days with Yahoo.

SEM Scholarship week 1 finalist and week 2 entries will be posted Monday.


Google Analytics Adds Google Checkout Tracking

Another new sign of Google looking to better integrate its services. Google Analytics will now track sales via Google Checkout.

…you can now use Google Analytics with Google Checkout. Simply add a JavaScript call and a hidden field to each page that displays the Google Checkout button and you’ll be able to see conversions and revenue metrics for your Checkout transactions.

More details on using GA to track Checkout, can be found here.

Estimating the Value of Search Engine Optimization

By Alex Cleanthous

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the holy grail of Internet marketing because of the allure of ‘free’ traffic.

There’s no doubt… achieving a number one ranking in Google or Yahoo for high traffic volume keyword phrases can be extremely profitable for any business.

Because of this, SEO may be the most competitive and difficult areas to achieve online success in. Think about it… there can really only be one website ranked number one in Google or Yahoo for each country!

But how much is a top ranking actually worth?

One way of estimating the value of a top ranking in Google or Yahoo is by calculating the cost of a top position for a particular keyword phrase in the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) engines.

My Tips…

By Paul Nagel

As I feel anyone reading this probably has a basic understanding of SEO I’ll skip the basics such as title tags, description tag (As it’s sometimes used by the search engines for the description in their listings, sprinkling your keywords throughout the article without overdoing it etc…

For me if you optimize for Google your not hurting yourself with the other two, MSN and Yahoo.

For those that feel on page optimization is a factor worth spending time on, using CSS to move the content to the top of the html will move the content you want the spiders to see up to the top of the page code wise.

What Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans and SEO have in common?

By Aaron Phillips

When used separately they are good, when used together they are even better! This article is how to achieve success with Press Releases using a technique that I have been using for almost two years.

The components include a well written press release + a special combination of keywords and Google Alerts (your new best friend).

What is Google Alerts? What it does is allow you to enter in keywords and subscribe to those keywords for email updates as Google finds news related to them.

Lot’s of people use this service and I have a secret ingredient that will increase the exposure of your Press Releases. At the bottom of each one of my press release I include a statement such as – “My company currently competes with Competitor A, Competitor B, Competitor C, ect…” Carefully selected and in moderation it will expose your press release directly to customers of your competition!