Not Making Money from Google AdSense? Sue Google!

What do you do if you upload Google AdSense to your site and don’t get an ROI? Here’s the plan..

1. Click on your own ads as many times as you can, after all, you need to make sure that the advertisers are still there. :-)
2. Keep clicking.
3. Have your AdSense account suspended for invalid clicks. This is a key component of the plan.
4. Sue Google for $250,000 for lost ad revenue!

How simple is that? ;-)

Think that’s crazy? Well, that’s exactly what one website owner did and JenSense has the full details.

Why Search Engine Marketers Should Embrace New Distribution Deals

Kevin Newcomb analyzes Google’s recent distribution deals and, with the help of the marketers he spoke to, concludes marketers are not wowed by the deals.

I beg to differ. Too many marketers look at how these distrubution deals will help increase “click” inventory, when they should be looking at the bigger picture. It’s not just about how many more clicks advertisers will receive from these deals – although that is important – but these deals allow search marketers to reach channels that were previously closed to them.

Google is, in effect, helping search marketers to increase their value and reach. The more diverse the distribution deals are, the more we can offer our clients. Traditional agencies have held a tight grip on radio, print and TV. If Google et al continue to sign-up traditional channel partners, search marketers will be able to bypass finicky agencies and provide real value, directly to their clients.

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Real Estate Marketing Shifting to Blogs?

ClickZ reports that real estate agents may be looking for a new home for their advertising budgets.

…it may come as no surprise to learn that real estate agents are reducing their print newspaper spends, as was reported yesterday by Classified Intelligence.

While Realtors are reducing their offline spend, the report shows there is no clear winner for online ad spend.

But I know the answer. Want to know where real estate agents are investing their online efforts? Blogging! Yep, I lose track of the number of new blogs that I see each day that relate to the real estate industry. But don’t just take my word for it, take a look at these charts…

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That problem has since been fixed.

Get Your Fall Issue of Search Marketing Standard

In case you’ve still not subscribed to the search industry’s excellent Search Marketing Standard magazine, you’re missing the Fall issue.

Microsoft to Offer Google Pack Alternative

BetaNews has details of Microsoft’s plans to offer a Google Pack alternative, complete with useful programs such as Windows Live Messenger and Live Mail Desktop.

Called Windows Live Essentials, the program also features a new application called Windows Live Dashboard. The Dashboard would show the user what Live programs are installed and what is available for download.

Microsoft Joins the Human Answers Arena

Microsoft has announced their own version of Google Answers and Yahoo AnswersWindows Live QnA.

According to ther Windows Live blog, some of the features include:

* A smooth interface that enables you to ask, answer and vote on a question.

* A free-form “tagging� system that allows you to attach your own keywords and phrases to your question to make it more discoverable by other users. With QnA, you tell us what the question is about, not the other way around!

* Integration with Windows Live Spaces via modules that show off questions you’ve asked and questions you’ve answered.

* See your score constantly increase on the Superstars page and earn reputation stars for consistently giving great answers.