Is Google Really Listening?

By Al Scillitani.

A few months ago, I wrote an article about Google’s Adwords new features and tools giving me a headache. I wrote,

“My head hurts. Almost everytime I log into an adwords account something has changed. How is a single adwords account owner supposed to keep up with all your changes? It is hard enough for a full team of specialists nevermind the small business owner that is maintaining their own adwords account. Just when I think I am all caught up, more news comes out about another new feature, tool, format, etc…�?

They responded by sending me headache medicine. This demonstrated to me that employees of Google 1. Have a sense of humor and 2. Were interested in their customers opinions. The problem is, it appears the Google employees knowledge is not making it up to the top executive team.

Bob and Weave Click Fraud Thieves

By Neal A . Rodriguez.

I clicked the “Edit times and bids” link in the “Edit Campaign Settings” page in the Google Adwords interface to experiment with dayparting, as click fraud kept exhausting my client’s PPC budget while leaving conversion results unchanged. Some days I opened Outlook and see only one to three inquiries that counted as conversions on my Adwords account; I would open up Adwords and find my campaign cost at or above the $100 daily budget. Mike Moran and Bill Hunt write about dayparting in Chapter 14 of their book, “Search Engine Marketing Inc.” I never used it, and barely anyone writes content on it when you Google dayparting, so I figured it may be one of the new secret ingredients in a PPC guru’s sauce that they don’t want the competition to know about.

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What Studio 60 Can Teach Us About Blogging

By Tom Schmitz.

Wishing upon a star: How the Internet is increasing the ability to make our dreams come true

By Eric Hebert.

Growing up in a rather lower-middle class household, it seemed obvious after graduating high school where I was headed. Go to college, get a good “job�? doing something mommy and daddy would be proud of, one that has nice benefits and such, and that’s about it. I wanted to produce and direct movies, but really, what were the chances of that happening? I knew right off the bat that after I got my film studies degree I’d probably jock some camera at the local ABC affiliate for a living, and that’s if I was lucky. My dream career seemed so out of reach.

Keeping your SEO Clients – How to NOT get your Contract Cancelled

By Taylor Pratt.

You’ve just landed the big contract. You have been waiting over a month to get this client to sign their contract, and now that they have you can begin your traditional SEO process. You know what I’m talking about. Keyword research, competitor research, building new content, the list goes on and on. All of these are vital to a successful SEO campaign.

So now you are 3 weeks into the project, and you are ready to send the client some recommendations. You start your e-mail off by telling the client everything they are going to need to change in order to achieve those desired high rankings. The java script menus, they have to go. We are going to have to do some URL rewriting, and what were you thinking using all of that flash?

The Psychology of SEO

By Rob Stevens.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is kind of a strange world. The entire practice is not much more than a series of web “best practices�? and some old wives’ tales about how to increase your search ranking. It’s full of acronyms and colorful personalities, but what it’s not is a book of rules; partly because the search engines are constantly changing, but also because people are fickle, and what’s popular one day could be gone the next.

In recent discussions about the kind of education someone in the SEO field should have, amongst all the talk of MBAs and on-the-job education, not once did anyone ever mention the one area that would probably be the most useful to a marketer focused on search engine results: Psychology. I’m not saying that companies need to start hiring people with doctorates to run their website, but a couple of classes in basic psychology (or even some textbooks) should give valuable insight into what makes people tick.

The SEO Article You Shouldn’t Read

By Nick Urbani.

This may not be what you want to hear, but your tricks, tips, and techniques do not matter. Even if you all like to sport your white hats, your ace-in-the-hole top-secret tactic is useless. Lets be honest with each other–its ok no one’s listening. Your newly discovered SEO trick isn’t really earth shattering or even ground breaking. Is there anything really new to SEO?

The long-term profitability of any individual SEO will always rely on the innovation of strategy. All of us could throw tactics and tricks at our clients, but a coherent, forward looking strategy is what it takes to win. To be the best you must have a strategy that avoids becoming obsolete by continuously creating the new.