Video Ads Don’t Drive Clicks

If you’re thinking of testing out video ads, as they become more prevalent, you should prepare yourself for the lack of click-thrus.

AlwaysOn chatted to Greg Stuart, president of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, who cautioned video ads can increase brand awareness without click-thrus.

“…there’s absolutely no relationship between a click-through and a brand attitude change – it has nothing to do with it whatsoever. Consumers hear messages, they see messaging and they begin to shift their perceptions about that brand as a result of that, and that again leads to that change of behavior. So I would be very concerned if the broadband video industry started to measure click performance as some metric. It’s just not the right thing to do.”

Andy Beal Now Offering SEO Consulting Services

It’s not exactly a big secret, but I wanted to confirm that I have indeed set up shop as a consultant. While it was fun to explore different job opportunities, the draw of being an independent SEO consultant was too hard to resist.

What’s taken me by surprise is the interest in the business knowledge and experience I have to offer marketing agencies. It’s a blast to sit down with a search marketer and help them build a strategy for growing their business.

I’m also very much enjoying providing one-on-one SEO consulting to companies that have hit an impasse with their search campaign and need some TLC to get them back on track.

Anyway, if you’re interested, here’s the full line-up of consulting services I’m offering:

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Updated Online Reputation Monitoring Guide

One of the most popular posts ever on Marketing Pilgrim is our Online Reputation Monitoring Beginners Guide.

I wanted to let you know that the guide has just gone thru its third update and I’ve also added a spruced-up PDF version – for all of you who want to put it in front of your boss. ;-)

Danny Sullivan Keynoting PubCon

This will surely get tongues wagging, Danny Sullivan has announced he will be keynoting WebmasterWorld’s PubCon conference in Las Vegas – the same conference that competes with Search Engine Strategies.

Lots of denials that Danny’s joining up with Brett Tabke, but the two of them sure do seem to be getting along well. ;-)

Visualizing Visitors with Crazy Egg

Just the name of start-up Crazy Egg, warrants a blog post, but the company also offers a neat looking visitor tracking tool to boot!

Web analytics firms have been offering site overlays for a few years now and we’ve all seen those cool “eye-map” images. Crazy Egg offers a cool twist on both of those ideas with it’s “Heatmap” interface, which allows you to get a quick and easy snapshot of what works on your site and what doesn’t.

I’m off to try their free plan and see if the tool is as useful as it is pretty! ;-)

Hat-tip to Jonathan.

Miva Serves Up In-line Text Ads

Ad network Miva is adding a new pay-per-click ad – in-line text links that show pop-up ad whenever a user mouses over them.

The service is called Miva InLine, and is similar to the type of ads already offered by IntelliTXT. As ClickZ reports:

When a user mouses over an InLine ad, a floating ad appears, showing the top-bidded pay-per-click ad from Miva’s advertisers for that keyword. Later this year, InLine ads will also include advertiser logos. Ads are clearly labeled, with a link to more detailed descriptions of the source of the ads.

I have mixed feelings over these ads. As a reader, I often get annoyed when I think I’m clicking a link, but instead clicking an ad. However, I can see the appeal for publishers, looking to monetize their content.

Microsoft Launches Windows Live Search

CNET reports on Microsoft’s launch of Windows Live Search, which offers an improved user interface and more search features.

Live Search lets users hunt for news, images, video, blogs and RSS feeds through one search portal. The new features are intended to help simplify Internet searches, like the scoping bar on the top of the page that keeps the information from a previous search so the next search is done in the context of the first.

Microsoft is taking a leaf out of the book, by adding “related searches” to the right side of the screen. The feature utilizes the previous queries and results of other who performed the same search request.

The service is supposed to be out of beta, yet all of my search results came from Strange.