Google Earth Celebrates Birthday, Increases Resolution

Google Earth celebrates its first anniversary and announces increased resolution and global coverage.

…we increased our global coverage by about 4X. Google Earth now covers more than 20 percent of the landmass of the entire globe with high-resolution satellite imagery…When we say “high resolution,” we mean the good stuff: you can see cars, houses, buildings in more than 200 countries and territories.

MySpace Partners with Amazon?

I’m not a big follower of MySpace, but Mike M is and he just emailed me to let readers know that MySpace has added a new “MySpace Books” section, complete with lots of links back to

Further research suggests these links may have been active for a while, but I’m still curious as to whether this is a formal partnership or if MySpace simply signed-up as an affiliate.

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Ask Jeeves Co-Founder Joins Answerbag

I’d never heard of Answerbag before today’s news that Ask Jeeves co-founder, David Warthen, has joined the company.

A high-profile hire for the company, which has obviously helped put them on my – and other’s – radar. Answerbags appears to be betting on the “Yahoo Answers” model that has helped Yahoo increase it’s search traffic.

Big question; can Answerbag ever make it on its own? My guess is the company will make itself an attractive acquisition for some search engine.

Microsoft’s Robert Scoble Leaves to Join Start-up

Just in case you’ve not already heard the news rippling through the blogosphere, famed blogger, Robert Scoble, has announced he is leaving Microsoft, to become VP of Content for, a company providing video interviews of technology leaders.

Congratulations to Robert, especially as reports suggest he’ll be making a lot more money and getting a good stock plan.

Two interesting questions, that I am sure will be asked over the coming days.

1. Scoble was a huge asset to Microsoft and gave the company a more personal voice. How will Scoble’s departure impact the company?

2. Working for Microsoft, no doubt gave Scoble a huge platform from which to have his voice heard. Now that he has left the company for a start-up, will he carry the same clout?

BT Sees Google as Threat; Google Doesn’t Even See BT

Interesting comments from an exec at BT claiming Google is a threat that they must tackle.

“We see Google as our biggest threat,” said Ramji. “They don’t mean to, it’s almost incidental.”

He acknowledged that Google comes from a “different world” but is expanding fast to meet consumers’ needs.

Interestingly, analysts don’t know what the heck BT is talking about as they don’t see Google as a threat, and don’t even think Google sees BT as a competitor. Maybe BT just want’s some of the Google limelight.

BTW – does BT ever refer to itself as British Telecom anymore?

Searches Increase for Top 5 Search Engines

Forbes has details of market share for paid search. Lots of interesting data including…

Sponsored clicks were up 75%, year-over-year at Google, while MSN also showed impressive gains, up 66% quarter-over-quarter.

Google’s click-through rate fell to 11.4% from 11.8%, while Yahoo!’s rate fell to 11.2% from 11.4%.

The Perfect Web Anaylst?

Want to know what makes-up the perfect web analyst? Avinash has put together a list of key traits to look for in a web analytics specialist.