Flickr Photos Now Showing in Yahoo Search Results

The Yahoo Search blog would like you all to know that you can now find Flickr photos via Yahoo Search.

Try searching for funny photos and you’ll find hilarious and wacky Flickr photos of animals, kids, and signs. Searching for things that people think are funny is a good example of a query where combining what the community knows (and tags) with what algorithms can compute can lead to better search results.

Three of the four images for “funny photos” are of cats. I guess the phrase “every dog has his day” is now obselete. Cats now rule cute photos! ;-)

NetSuite Matches’s Search Tools

Hot on the heels of’s new search marketing service, comes news that NetSuite has launched their own offering.

They’re clearly a tad upset that beat them to the punch…

“We obviously didn’t write this code overnight, and we have released announcements about our earlier versions of this technology last year.’s acquisition is an attempt to catch up with NetSuite in this space,â€? said the company.

Meow! ;-)

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VideoEgg Launching Ad Platform for Consumer Videos

Google and YouTube both have plans for monetizing video, now VideoEgg is getting in on the game. VideoEgg provides video hosting and streaming for those looking for an alternative to Google and YouTube.

The company’s serving 14 million streams a day and plans to give users the choice on how advertising is displayed.

VideoEgg is presently avoiding pre-roll ads in favor of post-rolls and permission-based video, which uses a small banner under the video box to ask users whether they care to see an ad or not.

Alwayson has more details, including a video interview with VideoEgg founder, Kevin Sladek. One question, why the heck is the video interview using Google Video and not VideoEgg??? ;-) Hires Former PayPal CTO has just announced the appointment of Chuck Geiger as Executive Vice President of Technology and Engineering.

According to the press release, Geiger brings 17 years of experience with leading technology companies, including recent executive-level positions at PayPal and eBay.

“Chuck has a great balance of technology, business, and mentorship abilities that will help’s technology groups scale domestically and internationally,â€? said Jim Lanzone, CEO of “With Chuck’s help and expertise, we hope to take our technology organization to the next level.â€?

Marketing Pilgrim’s Consulting Services in Action

As you may have noticed, I’m slowly moving forward as an internet marketing consultant. I’m still putting together outlines of the services I’m offering, but I’m already taking on clients.

One of the first – and nicest – clients for Marketing Pilgrim’s consulting services, is We Build Pages and CEO Jim Boykin.

Jim already has a great business, but he needed help making sure the company grows while taking care of its clients and employees. I’ll let Jim tell you what he thought of my services

So Andy spent the day with me yesterday learning about how I’ve been running We Build Pages and giving me some excellent advice on how I can grow my company, as well as how I can better serve my clients and my employees.

Making Money from Blogging

Did you know that Michael Arrington of TechCrunch is pulling in $60k a month from advertising on his blog? How about, Boing Boing? Did you know they’re on track to rake-in $1m this year?

Business 2.0 lifts the lid on how blogs are becoming big business and drawing in $40 million a year in advertising. A drop in the ocean, compared to other advertising mediums, but with online ad spending expected to increase by 50% in the next few years, and blogs become more popular, blog advertising spending is set for huge growth.

The article is lengthy but does a great job outlining where the money is going and which networks are doing well. John Battelle’s FM Publishing is included in the overview.

YouTube Starts Showing Paris Hilton Video Ads

It looks like YouTube is taking its first steps towards offering ads at the popular video sharing site.

According to ClickZ, the first ads include a plug for the film “Pulse” and Paris Hilton promoting her new album (imagine that, a Paris Hilton video where she keeps her clothes on!)

The placements are part of a new set of ad products the company has developed to entice marketing partners. These aim to inject ads into the community lifeblood of the site rather than isolate them from it, and come in two flavors: Participatory Video Ads (PVAs) and Brand Channels.

YouTube is not straying from the formula that has helped its success. Viewers are able to rate and comments on Paris Hilton ads. Keeping the community involved is key, if YouTube expects them to tolerate advertising.