eBay Users Petition Google to Start Auction Site

Fed-up with recent rate hikes, a group of eBay users have gotten together to ask Google to end thier misery by launching a rival auction site.

We are ebay store owners who have been “dismissed” by ebay through extreme rate hikes. We are searching everywhere for a new “home” and google is the ONLY name on the internet which we feel would be totally trustworthy and woud actually get auction traffic and get it quickly. Let google know!!

AuctionBytes has more.

Leaked AOL Data Reveals One Man’s Embarrassing Problem

While the majority of you are trying to figure out how to collect useful data from AOL’s unfortunate data-dump, Niniane Wang is focusing on the really interesting stuff. :-)

Here’s the search string for one AOL user…

sexual positions 05-22 21:57:18 www.sexualpositionsfree.com/
sexual positions 05-22 21:57:18 www.askmen.com/
sexual positions 05-22 21:57:18 www.condoms.au.com/
premature ejaculation 05-22 22:20:23 www.webmd.com/

Poor guy, from “research” to “rapid end” in just 23 minutes!

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Online Advertising Continues Growth in U.K.

CNET has details of a new report from Ofcom, which claims online advertising raked in $2.48 billion in 2005.

The channel now beats radio, outdoor advertising and consumer magazines in market share. Online advertising now ranks as the fourth most popular medium. Ahead of it are newspapers, television and direct mail.

The situation was described Thursday as “almost unthinkable, going back two years” by the regulator’s chief operating officer, Ed Richards, who said the online-advertising market was now more than a third as big as the television market.

How long before it becomes the top channel? With more and more video moving online, the lines will certainly become blurred, but if we all switch our viewing habits to watching online, it will rapidly become the #1 channel for advertisers.

Social Media Sites Dominate Top Web Brands

Power to the people!

A new study (pdf) from Nielsen//NetRatings suggests half of the Top 10 fastest-growing internet brands are social media sites.

MySpace, Heavy.com and Flickr were among the list of movers and shakers.

Via ClickZ.

A New TechCrunch Empire?

Rob Hof has word that TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington has plans to create a network of 10-15 blogs on hot topics.

…he says he hopes to create a sort of “distributed CNET,” especially if a lot of other blogs in this increasingly crowded space hit the wall. “I’m hoping everything crashes,” he says. “Then I want to go buy all the big blogs.”

Well, if they’re as good as TechCrunch and the newlay launched CrunchGear, then he might just be the next blog mogul.

That gives me an idea…GadgetPilgrim…has a good sound to it, doesn’t it. ;-)

Marketing Pilgrim Gets Botox

Over the past few months, I’ve seen a lot of blogs undergo big facelifts. Unfortunately, here at Marketing Pilgrim, we don’t exactly have the budget for a full facelift, but we can afford some “blog-botox”.

It doesn’t quite get us to the “Web 2.0″, but at least lets us hang with the younger crowd. ;-)

If you find any glitches, please let me know.


Google Video Test New Interface; Porn?

TechCrunch has a couple of stories on Google Video.

The first shows a sneak peak of a new user interface that looks very similar to YouTube.

The top image is the old, the bottom is the new…

The second suggests that Google might be relaxing its stance on uploading porn.

…the restrictions on uploading “pornographic or obsceneâ€? material is now just a restriction on “obsceneâ€? material. They’ve also added a “mature and adultâ€? category…