Search Competitors Gaining on Google

Big news! Google is dead, long live Google!

Well, some people are salivating at news from ComScore that suggests Google lost 1% of market share in July. No one competitor picked up that lone point, with competitors seeing just a small gain.

So, is this the start of the end? Will coming months see Google’s rivals eat away at the search engine’s market dominance?

Or, is this just a small bump in the road for Google? Kind of like a truck running over a possum; you kind of feel something, but shrug it off and continue trundling down the road anyway. ;-)

Free Google Wi-Fi? You Get What You Pay For!

I’ve seen more than one story this morning suggesting some people are criticizing Google’s free Wi-fi service in Mountain View, because it doesn’t offer live tech support.

For the love of Pete, people. It’s FREE! If you want whistle’s and bells, pay for it.

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Web Analytics Firm ClickTracks Acquired

Fellow Brit and ClickTracks CEO, John Marshall, emailed me with details that his company has been acquired by J.L. Halsey. J.L. Halsey other companies include Lyris, EmailLabs, and most recently, Hot Banana – a Web content management company.

In his email, Marshall, expresses his enthusiasm for the deal…

The arrangement provides investments and increased resources for acceleration of ClickTracks’ product development, marketing, sales and support capabilities, and it gives us a much larger addressable market for ClickTracks products.

He also explains how ClickTracks will operate as part of the group…

As part of this agreement, ClickTracks remains a corporation, and becomes an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of J.L. Halsey. So we get the best of
all worlds — independence and the resources to better serve our current and upcoming customers.

If You Can’t Google, Yahoo Instead!

While Google is busy using its vast legal army to prevent people from “googling”, Yahoo sends out an open invite for anyone that wants to “yahoo” instead.

I’m sure Google’s efforts are driven partly by the need to show they are actively “policing” their trademark, but you would think they’d be tickled to have their name replace “search” as the most common verb.

Washington Post Joins Paid Text Link Business

Steve Rubel (that’s Roo-bell folks) has details of a new Washington Post initiative to sell ads on blogs.

…WaPo is building a network of bloggers who want to participate in the program. Like BlogAds, advertisers can browse the network and find blogs to advertise on within their verticals. The bloggers and the Post split the ad dollars.

The Washington Post is also learning from the paid link brokers too…

…the bloggers who opt into the program don’t just earn dollars but also a rotating link to their site in a special Sponsored Blogroll box that sits right on the Washington Post home page.

Lee Odden Gets a Facelift?

When we gave Marketing Pilgrim a botox shot, we mentioned that we knew some other blogs where preparing for major facelifts.

Lee Odden’s excellent Online marketing Blog, has a fantastic new look.

Google Attracting Major Shareholders

There’s been talk recently that Google’s stock has been off it’s all time high and down this year. counters that investment funds are still big fans for Google.

During the second quarter, institutional shareholders bought 12 million more shares of Google than they sold, according to data from InsiderScore compiled from SEC filings.

Considering they’re betting millions of dollars on Google – whereas as most retail investors spend just a few thousand – I would imagine they’ve done their research. ;-)