Snakes on a Search Engine

Forget Snakes on a Plane, there’s a bigger problem at Google’s Mountain View offices.

Judging by software engineer, Niniane Wang’s blog, it looks like snakes attacked the campus and brought down Google’s servers!

Someone snapped a photo of the suspected snake and signs point to one culprit…

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Quick Fix: Yahoo Becomes Default Search Engine on Acer Computers

SEW reports

…Yahoo has partnered with Acer, the fourth largest PC manufacturer to set the default search engine to Yahoo Search on those machines.

Quick Fix: 21 SEO Tips from Google’s Matt Cutts

SEO Egghead has compiled 21 top SEO tips from Google engineer, Matt Cutts.

Quick Fix: Track Links from Wikipedia Articles

Add this to your reputation monitoring toolbox. Steve Rubel tells us

Wikipedia has quietly rolled out a special page that lets you unearth all of the pages that link to a particilar Web site or page. It even covers discussion and other miscellaneous pages that are embedded deep inside the site.

Quick Fix: Advertisers Want More Data from Cables Ads

ClickZ reports the rise of online advertising is causing marketers to demand better data from cable networks.

Many advertisers are pushing cable networks to provide more detailed demographic data about their viewers, to keep up with the level of data available for online ad buys.

Quick Fix: 18-26 Year Olds Read Blogs

Welcome to “Quick Fix” which translates to – “Andy is swamped and so he’s cheating a little by giving you just a quick post”. ;-)

Charlen Li encourages marketers to target “Generation Y”, who read blogs more often than others.

One key data point that stood out for me: 24% of Gen Yers read blogs, which is twice as often as the 12% of Gen Xers (ages 27-40) and three times the 7% of Young Boomers (ages 41-50) that read blogs.