Free Tool for Latent Semantic Analysis

While at Fortune Interactive, it was always fun to show off the LSI/LSA components of SEMLogic and then tell people they could only use it by becoming a client. Now it looks like Quintura is offering a similar tool for free.

Eric Myers explains how the tool works and also throws-in a layman’s guide to latent semantic indexing as well – or what he calls “magic words”. ;-)

Google and Intuit Strike QuickBooks Deal

Google sends news that they have struck a new partnership deal with Intuit, which will see Google’s products integrated with QuickBooks 2007.

According to Google…

For the first time, small businesses can use QuickBooks to market themselves online by listing their businesses on Google Maps, creating and managing advertising campaigns with Google AdWords and posting their products for sale on Google through Google Base a free product listing service. Integrated into QuickBooks 2007, available this fall, QuickBooks customers will have the ability to attract new customers using Google, the worlds leading search engine.

The deal also sees QuickBooks bundling Google Desktop Search.

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Omniture Adds Social Media Optimization Tools

Social media optimization is barely a buzzword, but that hasn’t stopped Omniture from adding a SMO tracking tools to its latest release of its SiteCatalyst web analytics package.

SiteCatalyst tracks incoming links to see how a site’s content is spread, how fast it ages and stops generating inbound links, and what day and time is most likely to generate interest from blogs and social networks.

Sounds neat, if I ever get to the point that I can afford any of Omniture’s solutions, I’ll give it a test drive and let you know what I think. Anyone using it?

ClickZ has more details.

Sex Outsearched By Business Topics?

A new study suggests that sex is no longer the most searched topic on the web – being outsearched by business related queries.

In their mid-90s heyday, sex-related topics accounted for 17 per cent of web searches, but that figure has shrunk to an unsexy 3.8 per cent, Queensland University of Technology’s Professor Amanda Spinks said today.

But Prof Spinks said business and commerce-related topics, including buying and selling on the net, had outstripped sex to make 30 per cent of web searches.

The problem with the study is that they looked at search engines such as Alta Vista, and Excite. Last time I checked, you couldn’t find a whale on a flea’s back using those search engines, let alone porn – not that I check for porn on those sites…or any sites, actually…which doesn’t mean I go offline either…I’ll just be quiet now, shall I? ;-)

Cheat Sheet for Search Commands

Nathan points to a handy cheat-sheet of commands you can use at

Tips include:

geoloc: (insert code) – searches one geographic location:CA(Central America),EU(Europe),IA (India or Asia),NA(North America),OC(Oceania),SA (South America)

last: – last date modified; i.e., last:week, last:month, last:year

beforedate: – (insert specific date); i.e., search engines beforedate:19880318 (march 18, 1988)

after: – (insert specific date) afterdate:19880318

Google Adds Time Machine to Google Earth

CNET reports Google has added the “timescale” feature to the basic version of Google Earth.

If, like me, you thought it would allow you to go back in time and see when dinosaurs roamed the planet, you’ll be a little disappointed. ;-)

The article also includes details of some upgrades Microsoft made to Virtual Earth.

NBC Launches Own Online Video Network

While Google appears to be convincing cable networks to display their content via Google Video, NBC has decided it wants to control the entire process itself.

NBC Universal is launching nbbc (National BroadBand Company) to serve as an online video hub for digital video content for more than 200 affiliate TV stations and third-party partners such as CNET, Washington Post and Access Hollywood, according to a ClickZ report.

The idea is to host the video content in a single repository and allow affiliates and partners to distribute on their own Web sites via a customized video player. Content partners will maintain complete control over their video assets by selecting which participating sites can access their video. Advertising revenue will be split three ways between nbbc, content suppliers and Web publishers.