Yahoo’s Laura Lippay Discusses SEO With Lee Odden

Lee Odden has an entertaining interview with Laura Lippay, SEO Program Manager for Yahoo.

Here’s some snippets…

Lee – I see from your Y360 blog that you once worked in the circus. SEO seems like a circus sometimes. Are there any similarities?

Laura – You can say that the ever-changing search marketing world feels like a circus sometimes, but really…we’re talking dudes in spandex flying out of a cannon versus quiet brainiacs sitting behind a computer all day.

Lee – Do you get to use knowledge of Yahoo “secret sauce” in your job?

Laura – Unfortunately, I don’t get any secret sauce from the Search people. I have to get them drunk and hope to get secrets out of them just like everyone else.

New Google Patent Applications

If you’re the kind of person that drools over the details of Google’s patent filings, you’re going to love SEW’s look at dozen of their recent applications.

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Google Insiders Selling and Staying

Business Week explains that the stock sales by Google insiders are not causing alarm among investment analysts. The steady planned sale of insider shares is offset by Google’s great performance and retention of employees doing the selling.

Just how much have insiders made?

“The company went public, they’ve done fantastic, and now a bunch of them are getting rich.” In fact, the company’s top executives have earned more from their stock sales than the company has made in profits since it went public in August, 2004. They raked in $5.5 billion by unloading stock during the past 12 months, according to the data-monitoring service

Forget the Real Estate Bubble, What About Social Networks?

It’s a crazy world we live in, when a social network site I have never heard of before – Bebo – turns down a $552 million acquisition offer from BT just weeks after raising a meager $15 million.

Michael Arrington has the details

Bebo has been on fire recently, and now has more than 25 million registered users and 3 billion monthly page views. Myspace, for comparison, has 70+ million users and nearly 30 billion monthly page views.

Seems like a lot of companies have heard the news that MySpace is now the most popular web site in the U.S. and they want a piece of the pie while it’s still hot out the oven.

UPDATE: Both BT and Bebo say the rumor is untrue.

Social Search Gaining Traction

CNN looks at the smaller sibling of the search engine industry – social search.

Can humans compile more relevant search results than Google’s mighty algorithm? Prefound, Eurekster and StumbleUpon are among those that think people can compile better search results than computers.

Dallas Search Marketers Join Forces

I’ve always known the DFW area has a high number of search marketing firms. It seems they’ve created their own mini-alliance and started a blog.

It looks like they’ve covered all the bases with their “Subscribe” buttons! ;-)

Start a Blog, Get a Free House

Still not convinced that blogging brings rewards? How about a free house?

That’s exactly what blogger Kyle MacDonald managed to get by asking people to trade goods with him. He started off with a big red paperclip and, through a series of trades, ended-up with a house!

On that note, I have a slightly used post-it note and I’m looking to trade for a small Caribbean island, can anyone help? ;-)

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