Microsoft Launches Windows Live Spaces

Microsoft is the latest company to try and take on MySpace’s social network dominance. They’ve announced the launch of Windows Live Spaces a blogging and social networking site which will replace MSN Spaces.

Michael Arrington reveals two of its new features:

* a Friends Module that can be added to a space. Users then invite friends who will then appear on the site. Clicking on the messenger icon will initiate an IM session with that friend as well.

* gadgets can now be added to spaces with a single click.

The Spaces Team reveal more at their blog.

Yahoo Launches Corporate Blog

Yahoo may have many blogs already, but they’ve decided they also need a corporate blog.

How do you find the resources to build a blog when you’re a multi-billion dollar media company? You hire an intern, of course!

I’m a 20 year old intern hailing from Houston, Texas while attending Georgia Tech in Atlanta and built the whole site. I talk about that in more depth here. Says, Paul Stamatiou in an email.

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Google Analytics interview, profiles increase announced

Marketing researcher (UK) E-consultants just published an interesting interview with Brian Clifton, European head of web analytics at Google.

In the interview Brian talks about clearing the Google Analytics backlog (doors are now wide open), why Google Analytics was launched as a free service, concern about Google having access to conversion data relative to AdWords pricing, and availability of third-party consultants to help insure a successful configuration.

If you already have your Google Analytics account up and running you may be pleased to know that Google just increased the number of profiles you can use to track websites, sub-domains, or additional goals from 5 to 10.

-Timothy Seward
ROI Revolution

Google Sharing Revenue with News Sites?

A Mercury News story has everyone guessing whether Google will start paying the Associated Press for revenue generated from syndicating their news stories.

Recently completed deals, which include arrangements in which media organizations such as the Associated Press will be compensated on a pay-per-click basis, could herald a major shift in the relationship between the old media and new Internet gatekeepers.

“The people who own the content did a lot of work to generate the content,” Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said in an interview with the Mercury News. “We want them to get the majority of the revenue from advertising.”

There are alot of unanswered questions, but both GB and SEW are trying to track down the details.

Google Whispering Sweet-Nothings in MySpace’s Ear?

MySpace is looking for a search engine partner.

Google Video adds an easy option for posting videos to MySpace.

Coincidence or strategy? You decide.

Thanks to Mike Mora for the tip.

DaimlerChrysler Exec Joins Google

Google’s beefing-up its relationship with the auto industry by hiring one of their own.

Google has appointed Bonita Stewart as director of the automotive vertical at Google. Stewart is responsible for leading a national team that develops and manages Google’s relationships with automotive marketers.

Stewart joins Google from DaimlerChrysler where she was director of Chrysler Group Interactive Communications.

“I’m excited to bring my interactive experience with a major auto brand to Google,” said Bonita Stewart in a statement.

Matt Cutts Video Answers

Can’t wait to see Matt Cutts at next week’s SES show? Matt provides a fix in the form of three videos of himself answering various SEO questions.

* Session 1: Including qualities of a good site.
* Session 2: Including some SEO Myths.
* Session 3: Should you Optimize for Search Engines or for Users?