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My wife knew that I’d be hooked on the new reality TV show, Treasure Hunters, the moment they announced would be the official search engine of the show – team “Miss USA” was not an influence in any way, honey :-).

It was cool to see some of the contestants wearing the Ask “96″ t-shirts especially as it’s one of my favorite t-shirts. What does “96″ mean? Not wanting to steal Ask’s thunder, but this might help. ;-)

Yahoo Sued for Trademark Infringement on Google AdWords

CNET reports Yahoo and three others companies are being sued by dating site LoveCity is accusing Yahoo of trademark infringement by purchasing the keyword “lovecity” on Google.

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Interesting Word of Mouth Stats

eMarketer has a recap of recent studies on word-of-mouth marketing.

It’s interesting to see what marketers believe are the most important factors that get consumers talking about their products or services.

82.2% believe it’s the type of service received
70.3% believe how a product or service works

I wonder how these perceptions match-up to what the consumers themselves believe important.

We also learn that 66% of small companies monitor word-of-mouth on a regular basis, with large companies only doing so 33% of the time. Any surprise that it’s more likely to be a larger company that suffers at the hands of negative consumer media?

Google Testing Payment System, Avoids PayPal Comparison

I’m really curious as to why Google is so touchy when it comes to questions about whether their new payment processing system will challenge PayPal.

“It’s not like PayPal at all,” Schmidt said when asked about “GBuy”…”It makes no sense for us to go into businesses that are occupied by existing leaders,” he said. “We want to solve new problems in the payments space.”

Google contends the new service is designed to help marketers collect money and is not aimed at the consumer-to-consumer market occupied by PayPal.

Why not? Why is Google so afraid to compete with PayPal? Anyone have an idea?

Google’s Eric Schmidt Interview Video

Joanne Lipman, Condé Nast Portfolio editor-in-chief recently interviewed Google CEO, Eric Schmidt. View the video here.

Get Your Name Noticed on Google

Do you have more online profiles than you can remember? Would you like have a central profile that appears at the top of the search engines? Naymz maybe your new friend.

Naymz allows you to aggregate links to all of your personal online content (blogs, photos, social networking profiles, news articles, resumes, etc) onto one page and then have that page appear at or near the top of the paid results when someone searches for your first and last name.

According to Naymz co-founder Tom Drugan, “We are utilizing the AdWords API to automate the postings and we also display the ads on Yahoo, MSN and their respective distribution partners. We feel the time couldn’t be better for a product like this given the explosion of user generated content.”

Google Adds Dayparting to AdWords

Google has today officially launched dayparting for AdWords, or as they call it “ad scheduling”.

The new feature allows advertisers to automatically adjust their bids, pause and resume campaigns, all based on the time of day or the day of the week.

It’s certainly a feature that advertisers have been requesting for a long time and it’s great to see Google rolling out such a valuable update.

Watch for AdWords advertisers realizing how much they can fine-tune their campaigns. If they know they reach a greater audience during lunch breaks, they can ramp up bids between 12-1 eastern, then again, when the west-coast takes lunch. If they know their TV commercials will run during the evening news, they can set their ads to capture anyone heading to the net. The possibilities are endless!