New Google Services Coming?

Google Blogoscoped has screenshots of potential new Google services discovered by UK developer Tony Ruscoe.

Google Events, Google Guess and Google Real Estate Search are among the many new services that make the list.

Help!!! I have been banned or penalized in Yahoo

Every once in a while a new client will come to Fortune Interactive with a banned or penalized website in Yahoo. Here are the steps that need to be taken to get your site re-indexed. Just to give you a heads up, this process may appear short on paper, but actually takes a lot of work and it may take months for your site to start ranking again in Yahoo.


Why were you penalized? Read Yahoo’s editorial guidelines. Go through it line by line and check your site for anything and everything that could be causing the issue. Were you using another SEO company that was using improper practices that you may not know about? Did your web developer/designer feel it would be a good idea to add text the same color as your background? Do you have multiple sites with duplicate content or massive crosslinking issues? As the site owner, you may not even know these practices are going on.

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Two and a Half New Features for Google Talk

Techblog reports Google has added three new features to Google Talk, its instant messenger product.

A new file transfer option is now available, as is voicemail.

The third addition – is more whimsical, hence the 2 1/2 new features – it lets you show which music you are currently listening to.

Google Click Fraud Settlement Confirmed

MarketWatch brings word that an Arkansas state judge had give the final approval for the $90 million click fraud settlement.

By approving the settlement Thursday, Miller County Judge Joe Griffin effectively ends Google’s participation in the class-action lawsuit, which was filed by two Arkansas businesses and Internet advertisers Lane’s Gifts and Collectibles and Caulfield Investigations in February 2005.

But it won’t necessarily end the case, which has ballooned in scope into a class action and represents tens of thousands of Google advertisers. The settlement’s being contested in another lawsuit filed in California that’s still pending.

I’ll be at the Googleplex in a few weeks, I’ll let you know if I see champagne! ;-)

Via SEW.

Google Gets Transparent with Invalid Clicks

Google’s figured out a way to calm down the hype surrounding click fraud – let Adwords advertisers see for themselves which clicks Google has detected as invalid.

According to CNET, starting today Google will start revealing to advertisers the number of invalid clicks for their ads.

…advertisers will be able to see the number of invalid clicks Google found, as well as what percentage that represents of total clicks registered, said Shuman Ghosemajumder, business product manager for trust and safety at Google.

So, anyone know exactly what Google considers to be an “invalid click”? I’m sure they can identify multiple clicks from the same IP, but what about the more complex zombie networks?

Yahoo Adds Database Guru to Social Search Team

Reuters reports Yahoo has hired a top database expert to head-up a team studying social search.

Yahoo hired Raghu Ramakrishnan, 45, as vice president and Yahoo research fellow in charge of defining the strategy behind Yahoo’s “social search” system, based on his expertise in databases, data-mining and privacy-preserving technologies.

Google Traffic Maps for Mobile

Gizmodo has details of Google’s launch of Traffic Maps for Mobile.

This service provides detailed directions, integrated search results, easily movable maps, satellite imagery and real-time traffic for 30 major cities on your cellphone.

To access this service, simply point your cellphone browser to