Google Forced to Shut Down Orkut Sites in Brazil

AP reports Google has agreed to shut down a number of Orkut communities in Brazil. Why? As we reported previously, Orkut is wildly popular with gangsters and thugs.

In recent years, news reports have linked drug dealing operations and organized fights between soccer fans to Orkut communities. One community allegedly advocated killing the president and planting a bomb in Congress and explained those thing might be done.

Six communities are being shuttered in total and it’s still unclear if Google will hand over user data.

AOL Plans Enhanced Search Experience for Broadband

CNET has cryptic details of AOL’s plans to offer an enhanced search engine service for users with broadband.

Time Warner’s AOL Internet unit wants to “evolve the entire experience (and) start from ground zero with what would be a good broadband experience that takes Google (technology) and adds on top of that,” he said. “In search, I do think there will be turns of the wheel.”

Any guesses?

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Google Predicts India Will Become Largest Internet Market

While many companies are looking to China as the next growth market for online marketing, Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, predicts India will be the country to watch, according to The Times of India.

I tend to agree, lots of recent data suggests that India is growing at a fantastic rate with many big companies planting a footprint there.

Search Marketing Standard a Hit!

If you’ve not already subscribed to the newly launched Search Marketing Standard magazine, you should sign-up immediately.

There’s a lot of great search marketing advice already available online, and much of it requires either a paid subscription or the purchase of a report. SMS is only $10 per year, and for that money, you won’t find a better resource for keeping up to date on industry trends and news.

Plaxo Offering Free Phone Calls

I became a Plaxo fan back last fall when starting FI. I’ve really found it beneficial and like the free email signature they provide.

Today comes news that the company will be offering an interesting phone service to users.

Plaxo’s new Click to Call feature lets users make phone calls by clicking on a phone number in their Plaxo address book. A screen pops up asking the caller to confirm the numbers, and when that screen is clicked, the phone will ring. When the caller picks up, the system automatically initiates the call to the other person.

The calling function, available through a partnership with VoIP provider Jajah, does not require either party to have headphones, microphones or a high-quality broadband connection or extra VoIP software, said Plaxo Chief Executive Ben Golub.

Free Traffic to Your Blog, Thanks to the Associated Press

Technorati today announced a new partnership with the Associated Press that will help syndicate the thoughts of many bloggers.

When readers visit an AP member Web site that uses AP Hosted Custom News, they will see a module featuring the “Top Five Most Blogged About” AP articles right next to the article text, dynamically powered by Technorati.

Additionally, when readers click on an AP article, Technorati will deliver “Who’s Blogging About” that article. Now, if you have commentary about an AP story, you can get mentioned in that module simply by linking to that AP news URL…

So my blogging friends, look for AP stories, blog about them and sit back and wait for the traffic to come flooding trickling in! :-)

Calculate Your Link Worth

Patrick Gavin and the Text Link Ads team have launched a nifty link calculator that will help you estimate the value of links on your site.