Searches Increase for Top 5 Search Engines

Forbes has details of market share for paid search. Lots of interesting data including…

Sponsored clicks were up 75%, year-over-year at Google, while MSN also showed impressive gains, up 66% quarter-over-quarter.

Google’s click-through rate fell to 11.4% from 11.8%, while Yahoo!’s rate fell to 11.2% from 11.4%.

The Perfect Web Anaylst?

Want to know what makes-up the perfect web analyst? Avinash has put together a list of key traits to look for in a web analytics specialist.

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Google Confirms Committment to China

Reuters reviews comments by Google co-founder Sergey Brin which suggest Google is committed to making work.

Chinese Internet service providers take steps to ensure that the uncensored site does not work as intended, Brin said. The censored site would presumably not be slowed by Chinese blocking tactics.

“We sort of committed to try out this path and we are still actually trying to get it to work,” Brin said.

Google Names Most Popular Videos

David Krane reports Google has introduced Google Video “Movers & Shakers“, a look at the most popular videos.

Google Listening to Your Every Move

TechCrunch reports on a research product at Google which allows the company to use your computer microphone to “listen” to the TV shows you are watching and then serve targeted internet ads.

Ok, how many of you are creeped out about Google listening-in on your lives and how the heck are they gonna convince us that we’d be better off if we let them snoop?

I know it’s just a research project, but why?

Think Partnership Deal with IceRocket is Off

Scott Mitchell, interim CEO for Think Partnership (THK) just announced that the letter of intent to acquire IceRocket has expired and the company will not be moving forward with the deal.

No details were given as to why the deal collapsed.

UPDATE: IceRocket’s Blake Rhodes emailed me to let me know that, while the LOI is dead, the two companies are still working together.

“We are currently working with some of the THK companies and will continue to. We are also exploring other things. Scott and I talk often. The LOI has expired but we continue our discussions and think we can do a lot together,” said Rhodes in his email.

Net Neutrality Backed by Google, Amazon, eBay and Many Others

The issue of “Net Neutrality” comes to a boil over the next week as phone and cable companies push Congress to allow them to set up preferred internet networks, while big internet businesses, including Google, are fighting back.