Google Adwords Video Ads Best Practices

Google adwords has released its Best Practices for their new video ads. These ads will appear in your content match results.

The real question is, is this the test before they start adding these video ads to the Google search results pages? If so, once they migrate to paid search video ads, what’s next?

People have been talking about actual “commercials” on the internet for a while, is this how it is all going to start?’s TV Ads Go From Primate to Genius

USA Today looks at how has increased its share of the search engine industry by rolling out clever TV ads.

It’s an interesting plan to go straight from dumb monkeys to the genius of Apostolos Gerasoulis. That’s how smart you can get folks, by switching to ;-)

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Pamela Parker Leaves ClickZ, Joins John Battelle

JBatt has announced he has enticed ClickZ’s Pamela Parker to join Federated Media as manager of author services.

Best of luck Pamela!

Report Released on Google’s Efforts Against Click Fraud

The Google blog has announced that the independent report on their click fraud prevention efforts – required as part of the settlement with Lanes Gifts – has now been published.

Three Days Left to Get Your Discount Pass to SES San Jose

If you’re in the search engine marketing industry, there’s really only one conference you need to attend, Search Engine Strategies San Jose – ok, technically there’s three a year, but you get our point.

It seems the show just keeps getting bigger and better with this year’s event featuring all of your favorite speakers.

You can catch my gig on Tuesday August 8th, when I’ll be discussing Online Reputation Monitoring and certainly don’t miss the 5th Annual Google Dance!

July 24th is the deadline to get the reduced conference pass pricing.

If You’re Not a 14-Year-Old Girl Writing About Your Cat, You Shouldn’t Be Blogging!

The Pew Internet & American Life Project released a new survey that looks at the landscape of the blogosphere.

The Washington Post has a nice summary of the stats, but also has this killer quote…

“The average blogger is a 14-year-old girl writing about her cat,” said Alexander Halavais, an assistant professor of interactive communications at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut.

Darn it, I’m not even average!

Guy Kawasaki supplied his thoughts on the study and links to the pdf of the findings.

Display Ads and Search a Winning Formula?

Kevin Newcomb (happy birthday Kevin!) has details of a new study from Atlas Institute that suggests running display ads (must be a fancy name for “banner ads”) can help improve the results from a search marketing campaign.

The study, which looked at 11 direct response advertisers, found a 22 percent lift in conversions when users were exposed to both search and display ads from the same advertiser

Ok, so us marketers are encouraged to consider display ads alongside search, but don’t go rushing out to buy those fancy skyscraper ads just yet. Here’s some things to note…