Google Offers Dating With Google Romance

Google has today announced Google Romance, an online dating search service that utilizes Soulmate Search technology.

Users of Google Romance enjoy an all-expenses-paid romantic evening in exchange for viewing contextually relevant advertising throughout the course of the date.

“Our mission, as you might have heard, is to organize the world’s information,” said Jonathan Rosenberg, Google’s senior vice president, product management. “And let’s face it: in what area of life is the world’s information more disorganized than romance? We thought we could use our search technology to help you find that special someone, then send you on a date and use contextual ads to help you, ya know – close the deal.” Introduces RhymeRank

Ask announces the launch of RhymeRank. announced today the introduction of RhymeRank, an innovative search technology capable of producing related search results that rhyme with a searcher’s original query. The new product is located on the right-hand side of the Ask search results page, under the heading, “Rhyme Your Search.�

They were going to announce tomorrow, but they just couldn’t wait! ;-)

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New Google Talk Leaked

We don’t know if this is an intentional leak or not, but Google has launched a new version of Google Talk. You can now view buddy icons and change the theme of the chat window.

Via Nathan, who tips Philipp.

MSN Search Spoof for April Fools

Just in time for April Fools day, MSN has brought back their Search Spoof site. Now you can have fun by sending someone a search results page that offers a little tongue-in-cheek. ;-)

Scoble and Israel Not Impressing Amazon

Two assignments for you…

1. Read Shel Israel’s recap of his and Robert Scoble’s presention about blogging to
2. Now read Robert Scoble’s intepretation of the same presentation.

Done that? They both paint (in my opinion) the picture that Amazon simply doesn’t get blogging.

Shel’s comments sum it up,…”We got a great many questions challenging any contention that Amazon would benefit from blogging in any way”

Ok, now read Werner Vogels’, CTO for, version of events.

…they make the suggestion in their responses (at least Shel does) that Amazon doesn’t “get” blogging. They are wrong. Amazon is a long time pioneer in the space of involving their customers with our product. And we really listen to our customers; any Amazon employee who encounters an issue on a forum or weblog or at any other place is empowered to escalate those issues internally immediately until they get fixed. Customer feedback is essential for Amazon and we will use all effective means to get it.

RSS & Blog Marketing of Interest to Marketers

Rubel points to a an eMarketer report on where marketers plan to spend their “experimental” marketing budgets. It looks like RSS and corporate blogs are going to be hot this year!

Google Local Business Ads Launched

We had a few details ealier this week of Google plans to allow images and logos inside pop-up balloons on Google Local.

CNET confirms that Google has now rolled-out the service.

Marketers will be able to place photos and logos inside balloons that pop up on Google maps exactly where the merchants are located.

A handful of advertisers, including Barnes & Noble and Ralph Lauren, have purchased keywords such as “New York books” and “Ralph Lauren New York” and tested the new Local Business Ads system over the past few weeks, said Dominic Preuss, product manager for Google’s local advertising.

I’ll get you the link to Google, just as soon as I find the appropriate content. Strangely, a search for “google local business ads” on Google, reveals nothing, not even a sponsored link. Guys, need help with your PPC management? :-P