Google Adds Dayparting to AdWords

Google has today officially launched dayparting for AdWords, or as they call it “ad scheduling”.

The new feature allows advertisers to automatically adjust their bids, pause and resume campaigns, all based on the time of day or the day of the week.

It’s certainly a feature that advertisers have been requesting for a long time and it’s great to see Google rolling out such a valuable update.

Watch for AdWords advertisers realizing how much they can fine-tune their campaigns. If they know they reach a greater audience during lunch breaks, they can ramp up bids between 12-1 eastern, then again, when the west-coast takes lunch. If they know their TV commercials will run during the evening news, they can set their ads to capture anyone heading to the net. The possibilities are endless!

Official Google Analytics Blog

Our friends over at Google Analytics have decided it’s time to jump-in to the blogosphere and start having their voice heard. So now, you’ll be able to go there for the official word, here for the unofficial word, and I’ll be here to add my normal unsolicited 2 cents. ;-)

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SunRocket Takes Responsibility for Everyday Hogwash

Just got off the phone with SunRocket’s Director of Public Relations, Brian Lustig. It was an interesting conversation, with Lustig telling me that while SunRocket accepts they are ultimately responsible for the “Everyday Hogwash” campaign failure, they feel GMD Studios (who organized the contest) didn’t exactly run the campaign how they had hoped.

Lustig tells me that GMD Studios claimed that they had experienced issues with their voicemail, incoming and outgoing email and that’s why the SunRocket contest apparently collapsed with neither the judges of entrants getting paid. He called GMD Studios “very unprofessional”.

Anyway, good news for Everyday Hogwash judges and entrants. Lustig tells me that all judges will get paid in the next few days and, if they are willing, will be asked to select a grand prize winner for the contest. The winner will get the $5,000 prize money, and the other 11 finalists will also receive something to help get rid of what Lustig calls the “bad taste”.

MySpace Looking for a Search Partner

MySpace has realized it needs a better search engine function and is out looking for a potential partner.

PubSub Explains Why Bankruptcy Is Likely

You have to feel for Bob Wyman, founder of PubSub. He uses his blog to explain how some minor shareholders are using blocking tactics to prevent the company from merging or raising money.

What has prevented us moving forward is a battle with a group of minority shareholders, some of whom claim to be lead by our ex-CEO Salim Ismail and are, in any case, primarily his “friends and family.” This group is using very unusual clauses in our Shareholder’s agreements to block mergers or financings. We’ve found it difficult to determine their motives, however, some have said that they believe that it is in their interest to drive the company into bankruptcy so that they can buy our software and start a new company.

Online Advertising Spend to Reach $20 Billion This Year

MVox has some interesting data from TNS Media Intelligence:

…Online ad spending will make-up 125 of all U.S. measured media in 2006.

…total online ad spend, including search marketing, will reach $20 billion by end of year.

Google Launches Picasa Web Albums

Just as predicted, Google has announced the launch of Picasa Web Albums. It’s one of those limited launches, so it’s first come, first served if you are interested.

At first glance, it looks very slick. Not only can you upload photos and share them for free (up to 250mb’s worth) but other Picasa users can download the images you share. What is really nice is that the web albums pre-fetch the images, so they load amazingly fast.

This is a great new feature for Picasa, and will likely increase my use of it immensely.