MySpace Looking for a Search Partner

MySpace has realized it needs a better search engine function and is out looking for a potential partner.

PubSub Explains Why Bankruptcy Is Likely

You have to feel for Bob Wyman, founder of PubSub. He uses his blog to explain how some minor shareholders are using blocking tactics to prevent the company from merging or raising money.

What has prevented us moving forward is a battle with a group of minority shareholders, some of whom claim to be lead by our ex-CEO Salim Ismail and are, in any case, primarily his “friends and family.” This group is using very unusual clauses in our Shareholder’s agreements to block mergers or financings. We’ve found it difficult to determine their motives, however, some have said that they believe that it is in their interest to drive the company into bankruptcy so that they can buy our software and start a new company.

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Online Advertising Spend to Reach $20 Billion This Year

MVox has some interesting data from TNS Media Intelligence:

…Online ad spending will make-up 125 of all U.S. measured media in 2006.

…total online ad spend, including search marketing, will reach $20 billion by end of year.

Google Launches Picasa Web Albums

Just as predicted, Google has announced the launch of Picasa Web Albums. It’s one of those limited launches, so it’s first come, first served if you are interested.

At first glance, it looks very slick. Not only can you upload photos and share them for free (up to 250mb’s worth) but other Picasa users can download the images you share. What is really nice is that the web albums pre-fetch the images, so they load amazingly fast.

This is a great new feature for Picasa, and will likely increase my use of it immensely.

Taking Bets on Google’s Gbuy Turning Evil

Motley Fool is betting Google may become just a little evil, should it decide to allow internet gambling sites to use Gbuy (payment processing), when the service launches, as suspected, on June 28th.

PayPal doesn’t allow gambling sites, but Neteller does and it processed more than $7 billion in transactions in 2005.

Is that a high enough figure to tempt Google?

Baynote Improving Site Search

Rob Hof points to interesting new site search technology from Baynote. It uses the collective wisdom of others visiting your web site to improve site search and reduce the number of customer clicks.

I’ll see if I can get my hands on a trial account and let you know what I think.

Building a Blogging Business

StartupJournal takes a look at how one person started a part-time blog network, which grew into a mini media empire.

…his stable of blogs has grown to 14 with almost 750,000 visitors each month and more than 30 direct advertisers. The heaviest trafficked blogs can generate upward of $10,000 a month in revenue, while the less trafficked ones generate between $1,000 and $2,000 before expenses

It’s no wonder Om Malik has announced he is quiting Business 2.0 to start his own blog empire.