Yahoo Passed on Opportunity to Buy Google

The New York Post digs deeper into the interview with Yahoo’s Terry Semel and reveals how the CEO had an opportunity to buy Google.

Semel…met with Google’s two young founders for dinner and talk turned to a possible deal between the two Internet companies.

The pair said their company, which was just getting off the ground, was worth $1 billion – but added they didn’t want to sell.

Semel checked in with them a week or so later. They told him Google still wasn’t for sale – and that the price had jumped to $3 billion.

“And I said, well you still have the same business you had two weeks ago, right? Which adds up to nothing,” Semel said. “So obviously we couldn’t and didn’t buy the company.”

Screen Shots of Google Notebook

Michael Arrington has secured some screen shots of Google’s soon to be launched Google Desktop.

Notebook looks like it is designed to be a flat out competitor, allowing you to gather content from around the web, add metadata like categories and, if you like, publish the information.

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9% of Search Ads Lead to Dangerous Sites

Kevin Delaney uncovers a new study, being released today by McAfee, which claims 3% of organic results and 9% of paid search results lead to dangerous web content.

Based on average usage patterns, SiteAdvisor estimates that a consumer will click through to an unsafe site from a search engine once every 15 days. For some popular queries, the results are even more risky: 57% of sites included in results for “free screensavers” across the major search engines expose consumers to risks or nuisances, according to SiteAdvisor. Other seemingly safe searches, such as “birthday cards” and “care bears,” yield Google results with about 15% of the sites qualifying as risky.

Five Years and Lots of Cash

While Yahoo! is saying there’s no chance of Microsoft buying into their search business, Microsoft says it will take five years to catch them and Google.

With Google’s innovation practices and philosophy, in my opinion, it’s going to take more than time and money to win in their space.

Yahoo Tells Microsoft They Have No Chance

Wow, talk about a smackdown. is reporting Terry Semel, chairman and chief executive of Yahoo, said Microsoft may as well give-up their quest for search market share.

“My impartial advice to Microsoft is that you have no chance,�? Mr Semel said. “The search business has been formed.�?

And Semel’s not one bit interested in helping Microsoft battle Google either.

“[We discussed] search, and Microsoft co-owning some of our search. I will not sell a piece of search – it is like selling your right arm while keeping your left; it does not make any sense.�?

That crashing sound you hear, is a chair being thrown across an office in Redmond. :-)

Via Barry.

UPDATE: Here’s the video of the interview.

Think Partnership CEO and Chairman Resigning

This was certainly a shock to read.

What does it mean for THK and the host of companies under it? I really don’t know. The release is extremely vague but, as expected from THK, well crafted. I could guess at a whole host of negative responses to this news and an equal number of positive ones. I guess we’ll learn more in the coming days.

In the meantime, Garrett French is about as close to this as you can get, so we’ll let him share his thoughts.

I’ve been with MSI for almost 2 years now and watched with excitement as THK acquired companies with whom MSI had clear synergies. From my position in the MSI rank and file – I’m not privy to THK info – I’ve yet to see lasting and significant relations between our sister companies….

Estimate Traffic & Cost on Google AdWords

Jennifer links to a new standalone keyword tool from Google AdWords, which allows you to get traffic and cost info without having to login to your AdWords account. Cool!