Blog Hole Ahead

What’s a “blog hole”, I hear you ask? It’s a big, gaping void of nothingness, which is exactly what you’ll find at this blog over the next few days. :-)

I’m heading out of town for a brief vacation, which in true Scoble style, means a vacation from the blog too. :-)

I’ll be back on Wednesday, but you may see Ben Wills pop-up here if a major news event happens, or if he just feels like sparring with Garrett some more.

U.K. Search Marketing Continues to Grow

SEW has details of a new E-consultancy guide to the search marketing industry in the UK.

The report, included in the E-consultancy Search Marketing Buyer’s Guide for 2006, says the U.K. market for search engine marketing will be worth an estimated £1.41 billion ($2.6 billion) by the end of 2006, translating into a 65% overall growth rate for both paid search and organic search engine optimization. This figure is up from £855 million ($1.7 billion) spent in the U.K. on search engine marketing in 2005.

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Yahoo and eBay Form Alliance

Hot off the press comes news that Yahoo and eBay are forming a partnership, designed to help both parties take on Google and Microsoft.

Text below is from the press release…


Search and Advertising:

Yahoo! will become the exclusive third-party provider of all graphical advertisements throughout the site, and sponsored search for complementary products on some search results pages in the U.S.

Yahoo! already provides a broad and deep array of essential services to an extremely engaged audience around the world. Through this partnership, Yahoo! can expand upon these strengths with the addition of’s high quality online inventory, offering advertising clients an optimal marketing experience.

Travel Search Engines Not Yet Cleared for Take-off

JupiterResearch has released some interesting data showing how people book vacations online.

Among the info, details that despite the hype, only 4% of online travelers say they use a travel search engine to plan or purchase a trip.

Google Forced to Shut Down Orkut Sites in Brazil

AP reports Google has agreed to shut down a number of Orkut communities in Brazil. Why? As we reported previously, Orkut is wildly popular with gangsters and thugs.

In recent years, news reports have linked drug dealing operations and organized fights between soccer fans to Orkut communities. One community allegedly advocated killing the president and planting a bomb in Congress and explained those thing might be done.

Six communities are being shuttered in total and it’s still unclear if Google will hand over user data.

AOL Plans Enhanced Search Experience for Broadband

CNET has cryptic details of AOL’s plans to offer an enhanced search engine service for users with broadband.

Time Warner’s AOL Internet unit wants to “evolve the entire experience (and) start from ground zero with what would be a good broadband experience that takes Google (technology) and adds on top of that,” he said. “In search, I do think there will be turns of the wheel.”

Any guesses?

Google Predicts India Will Become Largest Internet Market

While many companies are looking to China as the next growth market for online marketing, Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, predicts India will be the country to watch, according to The Times of India.

I tend to agree, lots of recent data suggests that India is growing at a fantastic rate with many big companies planting a footprint there.